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Doing a lot of HDR still photos in one day for multiple apartments11988

Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Hi guys,

I may or most likely to get a job with a few apartments tours but the client is asking to do still photos for a few apartments plus pool, gym, bar areas.

Considering I am going to do AEB shoots(3 or 5) for combining them later at my office how do you usually figure out what shoots belong to what apartment?
It is not like we can rename files in a mirrorless camera. And even if we could name them it is just not easy to do on a camera screen, plus it is just going to take a lot of time to do it.

As idea I am thinking may be to take one pointless shoot with an apartment number at a start of each apartment and consider all shoots done between it and the next app number shoot as series of shoots that belong to one specific apartment.

Is there any better tactic?

Also what lens do you usually bring for jobs like this considering apartments are quite small?

I do not have any wide lens one apart from 6.5mm which s going to be too extreme. However my neighbour has some and I can borrow it from him. The camera is Sony a6000.
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Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
You’re on the right track. Just like breaking up bedrooms with a bathroom shot or a laundry area between rooms. Shoot the front door with the apt # or shoot a common area between units.

Sorting by details in explorer can sometimes help with sorting by time prior to opening each set in Lightroom to decide what to use for each unit.

You’ll get used to breaking them up after a few try’s.

You’ll be fine.
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3D Renderings
AEC Elevation Drawings
ArchimedStudio private msg quote post Address this user
Definitely shoot the apartment number before entering, that's all you need.

... and watch Rich Baum's youtube videos... he uses your camera on most RE shoots (Sony A6000). You'll find the lens you need there.

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Charleston, SC
JonJ private msg quote post Address this user
I like to use 2 memory cards when shooting multiple properties in a day. I will swap the memory card after each property. I also bring a laptop with me to merge my 5 bracketed images while I am traveling/shooting the next property.

This helps me in 2 ways.
1) I dont risk losing a full days worth of shoots if my card goes bad or is lost.
2) I have a workable HDR image on my laptop if the card goes bad and my merged image is ready for editing as soon as I get home.

Incidentally, this also helps to organize each property into it's own folder, so no chance of mixing up the properties.

Hope this helps!

P.S. I shoot with an Canon 80D using a 10mm-18mm lens (usually close to 10-11). Then merge in Photomatix.
P.P.S. 5 bracketed shots at -4,-2,0,+2,+4. I usually under expose by 1-2 stops.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
I will use multiple memory cards like @JonJ said, it does make it easier or I have used a note pad in a pinch write down details apt # take a picture of pad and details, business office or lounge so it gives you hard break for groups. I do this in-between each unit or dedicated space.
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Hurtphotography private msg quote post Address this user
There are a few ways to do this for each apartment. As mentioned shoot the apartment number on way in, some dividing shot between apartments (like an exterior building) or shoot the same room first in each apartment. For example if I start shooting in the kitchen in the first I will always start with the kitchen in the others. This way when I'm going through as soon as I see a kitchen I know that's where the new apartment starts.

For different communities I will use new cards for each. If you don't have enough to do each one on a new card I would shoot something last like their monument sign as a divider. Also you can usually look at your time stamps to divide each property. Since you are shooting brackets you will have a large time gap moving from one property to another as well.

For lenses I usually bring 3 and 2 bodies just in case. For lenses I use a tokina 11-16 (or canon 10-18) for the wide inside shots. I have a 17-50 2.8 sigma for mid range, like buildings across a lake, pools from outside their gates shot from a balcony or over hedges, etc. Also use this lens inside for tight shots of couches, special features in apartments, etc. Finally I bring my 70-200, I use this for exterior details, sometimes interior details as well if I can get far enough away. But it works great showing walking paths, playgrounds, etc. Since it's a big zoom it compresses things so it makes benches look closer to lakes.
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Cincinnati, OH
leonherbert private msg quote post Address this user
@Wingman When you finish a property take a photograph of your hand, you can even write on it if you want. Then when you sort the photographs by timestamp you will know which groups belong together.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you guys. Even though multiple cards may be easier to manage but it is a job for 7 apartments and a lot of public areas and I do not have so many cards.

And thanks a lot on the tips with lens. I am short of any wide lens and I have a feeling that it will be my main lens considering that properties are quite small. I will ask my friend to lend me 10-18mm or something close to it.
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