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Video: Matterport brings 3D capture to the iPhone!!11788

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Thanks for posting.

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Wow!!! So what does that mean for people that spent money buying Matterport Cameras and other 360 Cameras? And where does that leave us as 360 Photographers and our Services?
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Question of the Day: Matterport Capture App a Threat/Opportunity for MSPs?

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It seems that more and more AI (artificial intelligence) is taking over peoples jobs... They say within the next 20 years around 40% of all jobs will be gone because of AI and/or other types of Automation.
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Marketing: The art of adding sparkle and creating excitement.

I had a bid request today for listing photos, drone photography, and oh yea one of those 3D tour things... budget $75. I looked up the address and noticed it was listed. Call the listing agent and gave them a heads up. The requester thought it was a 4,000 s/f house. Listing was for $1.5MM and a 9,000 s/f property. The photos in the listing were taken with an iPad or some other device. Poor composition, out of focus. My point is that whoever is trying to scoop the listing has no idea what they are selling.... and what it should cost to market. Not messing with them trying to explain that the services required are $1k for good photography, aerial photography, and a Matterport tour. They clearly don't get it if they think it's $75 for all of the above.

I spoke to the agent's assistant and then left a voicemail for their marketing person. I let them know I'd be happy to work with them to showcase that property with a best in class 3D virtual tour, quality listing photos, and quality aerial photos. Not holding my breath that they will see the light, but maybe... just maybe. People who aren't hungry don't appreciate your fresh, hot and tasty food. Don't waste time trying to convince them otherwise until they are hungry again.

My point here is that if someone with a $1.5MM listing thinks that crappy photos are okay then there will be a space for a crappy 3D tour done with an iPhone. Maybe they can add PPV and make it a virtual roller coaster as no two panos will be at the same height? Regardless, there will still be a market for people who "get it" and want it done right.
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