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Which tour platforms include a measurement tool?11596

Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
I know Matterport has a measurement tool, but I'm under the impression that a few of the 360° tour systems do as well. Please let me know.

Certainly MP (or GeoCV) would be more accurate due to the IR sensor's point cloud data, but I'm interested in them all, though less accurate.

Thank you.
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Kitchener, Canada
Alex_iGuide private msg quote post Address this user
3D point cloud captured by a 3D scanner is turned into a 3D model by computing a triangular 3D mesh, where size of triangles can be quite big at large distances away from the camera or due to optical occlusion by furniture. Triangles size limits the fidelity of the 3D model and accuracy of any 3D measurements that are made using that model. Inspect a dollhouse to see the fidelity of the mesh: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=9PaGcwVm6tK&play=1&sr=.04,.51&ss=60

3D tours that do not create 3D point cloud or mesh in the process, but use 360 images obtained from a calibrated lens can use triangulation to a selected pixel in the image and are not limited by size of a mesh. Calibrated lens and parallax-free stitching are important for such 360 image measurements as is accurate knowledge of camera positions with respect to each other or to walls.

This is what iGUIDE uses to now allow measurements in 3D space (in addition to 2D measurements on a floor plan that we always had). These 3D measurements are possible even though the raw data from iGUIDE camera has only 2D laser point cloud and calibrated 360 images. Measurements can be done either in a vertical plane from one pano or in 3D space from two panos.

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