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I need help choosing a 3D Virtual Tour Platform for by Real Estate Listings11389

ExmouthGroup private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone!

I am a realtor in Ontario Canada looking to bring 3D virtual tours and floor plans into our business for our listings.

I recently purchased a second hand (in perfect condition) Insta360 One. Thinking that I would sign up with a Matterport account but when I tried found out that Matterport does not support Insta360 One but will only support Insta360 One X.

I am looking for help choosing a platform that I can use with similarity to Matterport where I can take the pics with the Insta360 One and then stitch them together into a virtual 3D tour of a residential home as well as map out a floor plan of the home. There is a strong likelihood that I will never use the video feature as I have a DJI Mavic Pro2 Zoom for that.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hello @ExmouthGroup

Thank you for joining the WGAN Forum and for posting your question (and the context).

Deciding which 3D/360 virtual tour software/platform can be challenging, given that there are more than 130 3D/360 virtual tour software/platforms.

It’s super-helpful to know that you are a real estate agent seeking 3D virtual tours and floor plans for your listings. That helps narrow down the pool of potential platforms.

There is a difference between 3D virtual tours and 360 virtual tours.

Since you specifically mentioned 3D - and seeking a 3D tour solution that looks like Matterport - and floor plan creation (and works with your Insta360 One), I would recommend that you consider:

Metareal Stage (@gareth) WGAN Forum posts: Metareal | WGAN-TV Training U: Intro to Metareal Stage 3D Virtual Tour Platform (Free)

If you decide to broaden your search to include 360 virtual tour platforms, I would add for your consideration:

Asteroom (@EricTsai) WGAN Forum posts: Asteroom
EyeSpy360 (Andrew Nicholls and Michael Valentine @EyeSpy360) WGAN Forum posts: EyeSpy360
Nodalview (@ThomasNodalview) WGAN Forum posts: Nodalview

Since you are a real estate agent, I could imagine that you are also interested in Single Property Websites for your virtual tours. Here are some Single Property Websites that are compatible with the above.

Rela (@mikeland) WGAN Forum posts: Rela
Show & Tour (Josh Mais @sherpa_media) WGAN Forum posts: Show & Tour
WP3D Models WordPress Plugin (Ross Peterson @rpetersn) WGAN Forum posts: WP3D Models

Here are some Special Offers for WGAN Forum Members for the above:


Single Property Website (iFrame or Native)

WP3D Models WordPress Plugin

I do recommend that you upgrade to the Insta360 One X from the Insta360 One. The workflow will be identical and you will be way happier with the imagine quality.


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ArchimedStudio private msg quote post Address this user

You should check out Metareal ( Gareth (CEO) did a presentation with Dan a few days ago.

Here's the link to the video and transcript :

I'm building my first tour right now, and it's very promising.

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Kitchener, Canada
Alex_iGuide private msg quote post Address this user
It will be hard to get reliable and hassle-free floor plans out of a 360 camera. Since you mentioned you need floor plans, why not consider using one of the many iGUIDE Operators in Ontario:

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
iGuide 3D Tour courtesy of iGuide.

(Metareal 3D Tour courtesy of WeChalet/Le Vertendre

WGAN-TV Intro to Metareal Stage 3D Virtual Tour Platform #1313-How To Add Elements To The Tour And Floorplan Demo Preview

WGAN-TV Intro to Metareal Stage 3D Virtual Tour Platform #1312-How The Panorama View Works For Measuring Distances

WGAN-TV Intro to Metareal Stage 3D Virtual Tour Platform #1314-How The Floorplan Looks Along With The 3D Model


Since you specified that you would like to use the Insta360 One camera, I did not discuss engaging a Service Provider as an option. As @Alex_iGuide points out, you can engage a an iGuide Service Provider to create 3D 24/7 Open House Virtual Tours for you. An iGuide Tour is a 3D Tour: much like Matterport. You can see examples of iGuide 3D Tours here Plus, more about iGuide Floor Plans here.

You can also Find a Matterport Service Provider on the WGAN Find a Matterport Pro Map here.

Back to Metareal Floor Plans

Metareal uses an innovative approach to creating 2D Floor Plans. In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1313, above), Metareal Founder and CEO @gareth Morgan demos and discusses with me how to calibrate measurements for a 2D Floor Plan (starting at :46). Spoiler alert: 1) measure the height from the floor to your Insta360 One camera lens AND a few known objects in the space, such as a dresser. For an added "measure" include a measuring stick in one 360 image that will be used to measure, but not show up in the Tour.

Also, keep in mind that you can either have Metareal create the 3D tour and floor plans; or, you can do it yourself.

Two Free Metareal Stage Special Offers for WGAN Forum Members

In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1,323 below), I describe the two free Metareal Stage special offers for WGAN Forum Members.

1. One (1) month of Metareal Stage Premium free for all WGAN Forum Members! Just Private Message me (@DanSmigrod) with your Metareal username after signing-up on Metareal to get the WGAN Forum Member promo code. Then send Metareal a chat message (through with your WGAN Forum Member promo code, and Metareal will upgrade your Metareal Stage account for free. A Metareal Stage Premium subscription will let you explore everything Metareal Stage has to offer for 30 days.

2. If you’re one of the first 50 WGAN Forum Members to activate the WGAN Forum Member promo code (please see above), you will also get five (5) free Metareal Stage tours (max 25 panoramas) created from your photos by the Metareal Stage production service, so you don’t have to build your tours yourself.

This bonus also includes a free High-Quality Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) compliant Metareal Stage floor plan.


@Alex_iGuide Here is the entire WGAN-TV Live at 5 show with Gareth:

WGAN-TV Training U: Intro to Metareal Stage 3D Virtual Tour Platform (Free)

After reviewing how the Metareal Virtual Tour 3D and 2D floor plans creation process, do you still have concerns about how Metareal creates a dimensionally accurate 2D floor plan from 360º photos?


Stay healthy,


WGAN-TV Intro to Metareal Stage 3D Virtual Tour Platform #1323-Offer For WGAN-TV Members
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Kitchener, Canada
Alex_iGuide private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod Thanks Dan, for expanding the topic. I met Gareth at the GSV Summit in London last fall and he showed me the Metareal platform. I can say that Metareal is a very flexible and great platform that allows you to make the maximum use of 360º images and extract a lot of different information from them.

The short answer to the question about accuracy of measurements done using only images is that it depends on how much time you are willing to invest and the hardware you use. Before the advent of 3D scanning, photogrammetry was used in the automotive industry to measure to sub-millimeter accuracy. That involved taking a lot of strategically placed images and using high-resolution calibrated cameras and a reference bar to set the scale, of course.

I had someone tell me that they calibrated the lens in Insta360 and could extract floor plans from 360º images with 2% accuracy. Matterport cites 4-8% from 360º cameras, Cubicasa 5% from video, but posts on this forum mentioned 10% for it, if I am not mistaken. iGUIDE's IMS-5 camera using a Lidar has a 0.5% error or uncertainty. Remember that % error in linear measurements (in floor plans) results in twice the % error in computed square footage. For reference, BOMA standards or Alberta RMS require max 2% error in square footage, so most 3D tour tech would exceed that. I wrote a white paper comparing various 3D tour technologies few months ago and it includes accuracy considerations for each of the ones I reviewed:
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Gareth gets around! I visited with him at the 2019 Google Street View Summit in London too.

What's different about Metareal meets 360º photos meets floor plans meets dimensionally accurate is that you can calibrate the floor plans with known measurements. Plus, Metareal will create the 3D model and 2D floor plan for their customers if they do not want to use the DIY option.


When you place your order for floor plans with Metareal, you will be asked for the camera lens hight measured to the floor. In the notes section, include your logo and a couple of measures of furniture - like a dresser - so they can calibrate the measurements. Clear as mud?

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