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EyeSpy360 Tour by We Get Around Atlanta Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod

EyeSpy360 Tour by We Get Around Atlanta Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod

Hi All,

Are you thinking about getting started with a 3D/360 virtual tour hosting platforms like one of these from WGAN Members[/b]?

Asteroom (@EricTsai) WGAN Forum posts: Asteroom
Cupix (@scott_cupix) WGAN Forum posts: Cupix
EyeSpy360 (Andrew Nicholls and Michael Valentine @EyeSpy360) WGAN Forum posts: EyeSpy360
Metareal Stage (@gareth) WGAN Forum posts: Metareal
Nodalview (@ThomasNodalview) WGAN Forum posts: Nodalview
Panoskin Custom Builder (Tom Chomiak and Wojciech Kalembasa @Panoskin) WGAN Forum posts: panoskin
ThreeSixty Tours (Ross Peterson @rpetersn) WGAN Forum posts: ThreeSixty Tours

Before you decided to buy a 360 1-click camera - or engage a Pro - would you like to create a tour first.

WGAN Forum Members can get the free use of the 360º photos that were used to create the two EyeSpy360 Tours above. Simple Private Message me with the subject line:
Free Use of 360 Photo Spheres

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Free WGAN-TV Training U courses for nearly all of the platforms above here:

WGAN-TV Training U includes 50+ Courses: 45+ Courses are Free

By the way, I shot the 360º photo spheres above using the Labpano Pilot One 360º camera. I used the CAPTUR3D platform to do the photo retouching @ $1 per image (no minimum).



P.S. Here are Single Property Website from WGAN Members that can be used with the platforms above:

Single Property Website (iFrame or Native)

3DVR (@AngusNorriss) WGAN Forum posts: 3DVR
Rela (@mikeland) WGAN Forum posts: Rela
Show & Tour (Josh Mais @sherpa_media) WGAN Forum posts: Show & Tour
WP3D Models WordPress Plugin (Ross Peterson @rpetersn) WGAN Forum posts: WP3D Models