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Here in an excellent round-up of how Matterport digital twins help empower business transactions during the Coronavirus. Below are some of the highlights. I encourage you to read the entire Matterport blog post here.

While no one wants to be exploitive of COVID-19, reminder that you - a Matterport Service Provider - solve a real, immediate problem for real estate agents and their home seller clients (and for home buyers). You are helping people as well in other verticals such as construction (AEC), hotel and hospitality; insurance and renovation and more.

From the Matterport Blog (19 March 2020) How PropTech is Helping to Keep Business Going During the Coronavirus Outbreak

"As COVID-19 continues to spread, our customers are telling us how their investment in [the Matterport] platform has helped them keep their businesses going," says the Matterport blog post.

"Arup regularly sends engineers and designers to job sites to assess and verify construction progress and discuss next steps with the client and contractors. Now using Matterport, Arup can also engage with stakeholders virtually with the same richness of experience as an in-person site visit. Teams can walk through, view, and accurately measure all areas of the digital twin - like ceiling heights, outlet locations, or size of elements - and use Mattertags to embed notes, links, videos, or photos to collaborate," says the Matterport blog post. '“Instead of sending engineers and designers to the site, one local team member digitally captures the space in 3D and shares the digital twin with the entire team in order to keep the project moving forward.”'

"Realtors for Keller Williams across the country already have a leg up. They capture Matterport digital twins of their listings, enabling them to share 3D tours of properties with prospective buyers located anywhere in the world. An accurate representation of the property serves as a 24/7 open house, making it accessible when an in-person showing isn’t possible - especially now with the COVID-19 outbreak," says the Matterport blog post.

"“A Matterport digital twin is an in-person showing. If it’s in the room you can see it – nothing is hidden. With the exception of actually putting footsteps on physical floors, you are walking through the house," says the Matterport blog post quoting Bill Lawton, MAPS Leadership Coach and Realtor at Keller Williams.

"Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin, believes 3D tours “can sell homes just as effectively without an open house.” The technology-powered real estate brokerage uses Matterport to capture digital twins of every home it lists so buyers can explore every nook and cranny of a home for sale at any time," says the Matterport blog post.

Source: Matterport Blog