WGAN-TV RELA Booking System and Billing Platform for Matterport Pros #1240-How Pricing Rules Work with RELA CEO Mike Land

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In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1240, above) RELA CEO Mike Land shows and to use the RELA Platform (a "Swiss-Army knife" platform for Single Property Websites, Pricing, Booking, Billing and a lot more) for robust discount codes such as:

✓ one-time use discount code
✓ one-time use discount code with expiration date
✓ one-time use discount code that is unique to a specific client
✓ multi-use discount codes with an expiration date
✓ multi-se discount codes limited to first X number of uses
✓ discount codes limited to specific services (e.g. Matterport only)
✓ non-transferable discount codes
✓ seasonal discount codes
✓ discount codes that apply to legacy/sweetheart clients
✓ discount code for a fixed amount
✓ discount code based on a percentage off

Your thoughts?

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Transcript (video above)

Another cool feature that we've got here is what we call pricing rules.

And this is a feature that came out of our beta test around, a lot of photographers, when they first got their start, made a sweetheart deal with maybe one of their first big clients and said, you know what, we'll do this for 20% off of, or 100 bucks, right. And five years later, they're still a great client, consistent, they're doing every listing with you, and you still want to honor that pricing, you can set that in these pricing rules here.

And so you can assign an agent from your list here. And then you can assign the products that they're going to get those discounts on.

And so you can put as many products in here as you want. And you can change what type of discount it's going to be, so if you wanted to do percentage off, if you want to do a fixed price or a dollar amount off, you can do that there. So a nice feature to have.

- That's an awesome feature, Because I suspect there are many, many photographers who are feeling stuck, they have a public rate card, about half of, my impression is, about half of all photographers have public rate cards, they have a public rate card, they want to increase their pricing, but they're concerned about their existing clients seeing that pricing.

You've essentially taken that out of the equation by enabling the appropriate pricing to be displayed to that early on customer.

- [Mike] Right.

- So that would give the photographer the opportunity to have actually multiple rate cards depending on the client. So it might be, hey, these are all my clients that signed up in 2019, but our new pricing starting January 1, 2020, we actually had a price increase.

But now I have an easy way to manage the price increase that's going to be displayed to any new client. And then any previous client that may have either been a discount off of a certain price or a fixed amount by product, is that correct?

- [Mike] Yup.

- Fixed amount by product, it gives the photographer the flexibility of having a different scenario. So I could imagine, oh, this is an agent, they do four listings a year.

Well, I want to maybe treat them a little bit differently than somebody who's doing 12 listings a year or somebody that's doing, that's a brokerage and they're doing 100 listings a year. So if I'm working on the brokerage and I've cut a special deal with them, I can manage all of these prices unique to their account.

- [Mike] Correct.

- You've given a lot of thought to this.

- Yeah. I mean, that was, one of our first beta testers is a big photography company, they've been around forever. I mean, that was, they said, we have to have this, I mean, we have these customers that we got our start with and they've helped us grow our business to what it is now, a nationwide company. We have to honor that pricing.

And so we said okay, that seems really reasonable and a pretty cool feature that I don't think a lot of other platforms have.

And so let's put it in there. And so we were already working on the packaging and discounts at the time, so we were able to squeeze that one in.

In the upcoming feature update, which we already have planned for the next two weeks, we'll also add the ability to enable general discount codes on products or the entire set of services too, so you can set a discount code that they can enter into the order form, you can set expiration dates on that. You can determine which products it applies to and all of that stuff, so pretty much this same interface.

- Help me out with discount codes, Because there are so many different permutations of codes. So let me see if I can just rattle off in my mind. Here's a code, anybody could use it.

- [Mike] Yup.

- Here's a code, anybody can use it, but it expires on March 1st.

- [Mike] Right.

- Here's a code that's limited to the next 10 people that use it by March 1st.

- Yup, it's, yeah, it'll be the full robust discount code--

- Here's a code, it can only be used once.

- [Mike] Yup.

- Here's a code that can be used once and I can name what that code name is, and it can only be used once but it's got to be used by March 1st.

- Yeah, there you go. Yeah.

- Am I missing any permutation?

- We'll likely have the ability to assign discount codes to specific customers. So in the case where you don't want to set up a full pricing rule for that to apply each time, you could set a one time discount code for a new customer and--

- Ah, so if I give the code to Jane, she can't share it with John.

- Right. And that would only apply to her account, yup.

- [Dan] Awesome.

- Yeah. And then the timing one is great too, the expiration of discount codes, you can do seasonal promotion codes and things like that.

- So quantity of codes, timing of codes, naming of codes, partitions of codes.

- Yeah. All the codes.

- Okay, and that's, today is Thursday, February 20th 2020. So you're expecting this next update to arrive...

- Early to mid-March.

- [Dan] Okay.

- Yeah. All right, so that's the products and the packaging and pricing.

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