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Help please! Oculus Go problem with Matterport11026

CharlesHH private msg quote post Address this user
Everything was working ok a couple of hours ago.

Started using Oculus Go again.

Using the browser.

If I go to a bookmarked space or go to my Spaces and click on the arrow, the model appears for a moment and then I get a whoops not available message.

Rebooted phone, switched Oculus Go off.

Really annoying because when I switched it on earlier (for the first time in weeks) everything was fine and worked perfectly.

Any advice appreciated as I am due to demo VR tomorrow.

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CelisNet private msg quote post Address this user
Matterport isn't working on the oculus go browser at the moment. They don't know when it's going to be fixed. It is terrible that they can't give us a timeline for that fix. Been waiting on them about two months now. I hope they read this.

You can try on the firefox browser on the Oculus Go, it works but it is super slow.

You are killing me Matterport service! Lots of clients (whom I'm urged to buy the Oculus Go) are waiting for this fix.
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Kumar private msg quote post Address this user
you can simply/better download the tours to matterport vr app on oculus go.
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Thalore private msg quote post Address this user
Is there a guide somewhere on how to download the tour onto the GO or QUEST?
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Kumar private msg quote post Address this user
this should help.

1. install mp vr app on oculus go
2. browse couple of tours - make sure you download and explore them (at least 5 spots in each
3. Quit the app completely.
4. Connect your oculus go to pc - allow access on oculus go
5. locate the file recents.json (folder - Androiddatacom.matterport.vrshowcasefilesDownloadedModelsroot)
6. Edit the .json file. You have to replace the space sid (space id) that is of the model you just explored that of with the one you want.
7. You can keep adding more of such models by adding more definitions under {"Name":"Name of your interest","Sid":"newIDhere"}
8. Replace the updated recents.json into oculus go and launch the app in oculus go.
9. Under "Recents" tab you will see new models (your own) ready to be explored.
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