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Matterport Classic vs Active Licensing11014

Lower Hutt, New Zealand
HomePlanNZ private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all, I can't spot a recent post on this, looking for other's feedback and experience with the advent of Matterport's 'active' licensing coming into play from May 2019.

We have an Enterprise Classic plan, with small annual quantities as we signed up one month before Active came in (phew!). We pay a $19.20USD processing fee, then $2.40USD annual hosting fee per model. If we were to move to a 500 Enterprise Active plan (the smallest), there is no processing fee but hosting equates to $2.40USD per month. This means that for us, after being live/active for 8 months, it's cheaper for a model to be on Classic. For models that you want active for years, Classic is massively cheaper.

I support the Active pricing model as it's brilliant for companies creating models for short term, high turnover use - for example real estate agencies. The costings are also OK for high-use models such as venue virtual tours, with clients prepared to pay higher ongoing costs. I also understand the strategy of running multiple plans, to get the best of both pricing models. Just keep in mind Matterport's T&Cs and their ability to cancel a licensing agreement at any time....

We have been trying hard to engage Matterport in a sensible conversation, on retaining a Classic-style pricing option for low use, but always active models with a life of 1-3 years (the majority of our customer base). Matterport seems completely focused on making the option 'stay as your are, or move to Active licensing).

Matterport currently states you can stay on your Classic plan 'indefinitely' ( But Matterport also has a history of changing the ballgame without notice - e.g. the cost of Matterpaks, Classic vs Active licensing, and coming soon - new charges for SDK+API users (that's also us!).

We are investigating building a front end that utilises Matterport's API and treats 'active' as 'concurrent'. Models default to inactive, user clicks a button that makes their model active, returns to inactive at end of session or after a preset period. This could potentially allow us to have (e.g.) 10,000 models but only run a 500 active license, saving a lot of money! BUT give the 'ballgame' comment above, we are hesitant to invest in this type of solution - it might be cheaper/easier to start looking for Matterport alternatives. It all feels very hard!

I have a suspicion that Matterport are trying to manage their processing load exposure, which they purchase from a third party - i.e. better to have lots of models inactive, than have lots of models active while not being used. But I haven't had this confirmed.

I'm interested to know other's experience managing this transition, conversations had with Matterport, anyone had success in tweaking their Classic plan post-May 2019? Rationale from Matterport as to why everything must eventually go to Active licensing? Any any tips and tricks to share?

Just trying to understand what we are dealing with so we can mitigate risks to our business model accordingly. Look forward to your views.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

I know that this does not answer your questions, but is this related WGAN Forum discussion helpful as you think through your options?

360 Camera Processing Fees for Matterport Classic Cloud Plans

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izoneguy private msg quote post Address this user
After dumping Matterport last June, I still had one active model and now the clients want to bring it back on-line. I told them they would need to pay $69 per month and a $38 processing fee because it is over 100 scans. Of course they balked at that price. LOL I have no interest in bringing back the dead to life. Does anyone here "host" single Matterports for a fee?
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
@homeplannz I suggest doing the math to see if its worth keeping your classic plan for hosting models and the new plan for processing. The basic "new" plan is $69 USD which only lets you keep 25 models which clearly isn't enough. But if you process under that plan you can then transfer the models to your old plan. Depending what old plan you had you were allowed 100, 200 or 300 spaces and then there's an "over account limit" fee which I believe is $19/mo for every 50 models in excess of your limit. This amounts to just under $5/year per model hosting. You just have to figure out if its worth paying the $69 for new plan plus whatever amount for classic plan to have both.

@izoneguy Matterport can restore a model, so it wouldn't cost $38 to reprocess. I would suggest transferring the model to someone else's account and have your former client pay the new MSP to host it (heck, I'd do it for $5/month)... but I don't know how you'd transfer if you've already closed shop.
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Expertise private msg quote post Address this user
Izoneguy can't transfer it, but Matterport could move it to your acct with written permission from Izoneguy
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