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Transcript: WGAN-TV EyeSpy360 Virtual Tour Platform Demo for Photographers11010

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
WGAN-TV EyeSpy360 Virtual Tour Platform for Photographers with EyeSpy360 Founder and CEO Andrew Nicholls. (Wednesday, 5 February 2020)

Transcript Below for Video Above

Transcript: WGAN-TV EyeSpy360 Virtual Tour Platform Demo for Photographers

Hi All,

What if you could shoot a virtual tour in 30 minutes so that you could offer it at an affordable Add On price for lower priced homes? And, imagine that real estate agents and buyers could do live video chats within the virtual tour. Plus, you could shoot the virtual tour with any 360º camera and the tour has your branding/your agent's branding - not the platform's branding.

That's EyeSpy360™ virtual tour platform.

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Wednesday, 5 February 2020 (5 pm EST | -5 GMT), my guest was @EyeSpy360 Founder and CEO Andrew Nicholls.

Andrew demoed EyeSpy360 from the perspective of:

✓ potential home buyers
✓ real estate agent
✓ photographer

EyeSpy360 Virtual Tour Highlights

✓ Often take less than 30 minutes to shoot
✓ An affordable Add On for lower priced homes
✓ Agents and buyers can do live video chats within the virtual tour
✓ Shoot with any 360º camera
✓ Your Branding/Your Agent's Branding

Demo From Potential Buyers Perspective

EyeSpyPLAY™ – narrated virtual tour
✓ Floor Plan
✓ 3D Model
✓ Labels
✓ Hotspots
✓ Thumbnails

Demo from an Agents Perspective

EyeSpyLIVE™ (three options: to potential buyers; potential buyers to family and friends; inbound)
✓ Analytics
✓ Social sharing

How to Create EyeSpy360 Tour

✓ Labels
✓ Hotspots
✓ White-label
✓ Branding for photographer and real estate agents
✓ 2D stills
✓ Floor plans
✓ Embed code
✓ Archive
✓ Training resources

EyeSpy360 Special Offer for WGAN Forum Members

EyeSpy360 virtual tour platform has special pricing for We Get Around Network Forum Members that join (free) the EyeSpy360 Photography Network, now through Saturday, 29 February 2020.

Free! 1st EyeSpy360 virtual tour
✓ Free! 1st month EyeSpy360 hosting
✓ $9.95 per month hosting (unlimited tours) + $19.95 per virtual tour
✓ potential leads (free)
@EyeSpy360 Special Offer for WGAN Forum Members




Transcript: (Video Above)

- Hi all I'm Dan Smirgod, founder of the We Get Around Network Forum. Today is Wednesday, February 5th 2020. And you're watching WGAN-TV Live at 5. Our show today is EyeSpy360 virtual tour platform, a demo for photographers. And hey Andrew, good to see you.

- Good to see you too Dan. How are you?

- I'm doing great. Glad you're on the show today. We have Andrew Nicholls. He is the founder and CEO of EyeSpy360 based in London. Andrew, tell us about your platform.

- So we, as you said EyeSpy360. I'm going to probably come on to tell you more about the history a little bit more about the company further on. I think probably what's a good starting point is let me actually show you the platform show you the features, show you what it actually does as well.

- That sounds great. So ideally when you do your demo, so if you go ahead and share screen if you do your demo. Let's start out showing from someone who's planning to buy a house what their experience looks like first, then perhaps you can take us into the real estate agents perspective and then into the photographer's perspective.

- Absolutely, so as you can see on the screen, this is a 360 virtual tour. So the way that we approach it from I guess, we're looking at it from the buyer's perspective, this is something that, as you're probably all aware, is accessible on pretty much most devices.

It's all browser based. There's no apps to download, whether you're a photographer, whether you're a buyer, etc. Everything is browser based, so it will work on mobile devices, it will work on desktops, laptops, it will work on virtual reality headset, smart TVs, etc.

So, as you can see, very simply, you have here, the ability to just move around and tour, move around and tour move from place to place and generally just look around the property. Now one thing you can probably notice as well, there are a few little things hovering around in the screen here, which might be kind of new to you. So I'm just going to go through those in a little more detail as well.

So post having a look around the property, what you have here is a 3D model.

So again, probably most of you that are using some alternative platforms, have an idea of what this is about. If I click on that, what that will do, that's going to bring up the 3D model, as you can see here as well.

It's just hazed out the upper level, because I'm just looking at the ground level, but I can pick to look at all of them like so. And if I just zoom in here as well, one thing you can notice is that you've got the measurements as well, which is something that our platform automatically creates as well.

So from the perspective of the buyer, they're getting a good overview of kind of the layout and flow of the rooms, the measurements, etc, as well. So we can use those to navigate. So if I just click on that space, it takes me straight into the property as well.

So let me just close that down now. What you also get is a floor plan. So that's something that's created. Now, visually, this is something which is in development at the moment. So I think superficially it's going to change its look, if I just zoom in on that one, then you can see again it's the measurements. And we're going to be adding the ability which you can do to put furniture, etc, into that particular floor plan--

- Excuse me, Andrew, before you move off of that, was that an interactive map that you could click anywhere on one of those circle, and then apply into?

- Absolutely. So very similar to the 3D model. So if we click on those, it will take us into that room as well. So if I just go on to this room, as well, so, it moves around basically, on that, so--

- Forgive me, I missed on your 3D model, but that was true as well within that 3D model.

- Yeah, absolutely, so you can click on the floor plan it'll take you from room to room like so.

- Maybe you could take us into that that 3D model again.

- Absolutely so let me just load that up. So you've got the 3D model. Again, we're just looking at the lower floor. We can zoom in, we can move around. If I want to go into the back living room, I can click on that, and that takes us into that space.

- Okay, great.

- So again, you've got multiple ways of being able to navigate around the property as well. So the virtual tour itself the 3D model, and the actual floor plan. Now coupled with that, what we also have are two features that allow, so from a buyers perspective they are on a property portal.

Looking around its 11 o'clock at night, the agents are not available, for example. So what this allows a buyer to be able to do, or an agent is to create a pre-recorded tour.

So the actual buyer has the opportunity to listen to the agent talking about the property and effectively taking them around.

So again, just to give you a demo of that, that works in two different ways. You have hopefully you can see here, I'm just hovering on a button that says Play Pre-Recorded Tour that's actually mimicked up here on this call to action button.

Now this changes dynamically, which I'm going to come on to in a second with our next feature and that will make sense. So if click on Play Guided Tour.

What you can see here, I've actually turned the sound off for this right now. So we haven't got interruptions with someone talking.

But what you can see there's some movement going on in the property which has been pre-recorded, and you can narrate over that.

So you've got the ability to talk to the buyer and tell them what they're actually buying into, there might be some unique features about the property, there might be some also, very relevant and pertinent information they want to hear about. So this is also although it appears to be like a YouTube video. This is proprietary technology that we've built in house.

I can actually stop that just by clicking the screen. And it's still a 360 virtual tour that I can move around. Click play, and that effectively, the video will continue as well and move me around. So although you're being directed to some extent around the property, you can also stop it at any point in time and look around at your own pace.

So that's what we call EyeSpyPLAY. That's the feature that we have now let me--

- Before you move off of that, if you could just maybe play for a second with the audio. I'm not sure you have it set up on your computer for us to hear the audio, but perhaps we could just hear 10 seconds of the narration.

- Yeah, so let me actually just go to the website because I've turned that off in the back-end. So let me just actually log into. This is a demo tool that we have on our website, which is available for anyone to look at, again if I click on Play Pre-Recorded Tour.

- [Voiceover] Hello, and welcome to Miram house, with majestic columns and intricate stonework Miram house is the pinnacle of luxury living, offering the best of both worlds. Miram house is set in a countryside location.

- So you can fast forward through that as well.

- [Voiceover] Using clean lines and neutral tones, blended with warm and luxurious wall coverings each apart--

- So that's an example of how that works as well. And as I said, you can fast forward and rewind throughout that as well.

- Great, so it's a 24/7 open house narrated tour. So whether there's at anytime during the day somebody could walk through the house and have someone actually narrate the tour.

- Exactly, exactly, so we're going to have to talk about the agents at another point. But it's a good opportunity for the agents still to be able to up-sell 24/7 basically.

Now the other feature that we have, which is kind of a big main feature for us, it's something called EyeSpyLIVE. And this is something that's usually beneficial to the buyer, all parties, in fact, but specifically for the buyer.

So what I'm gonna do, I'm going to show you how it works. And it works in two different ways. It's called EyeSpyLIVE, I'm going to show you in a second, but the simplest way of explaining it is if you imagine Skype or Facetime embedded inside a virtual tool that allows a person to show one or multiple people one or multiple properties from anywhere in the world on any device. So it can be initiated in two different ways. This call to action here, and I'm going to come on and show this in a second.

I can show you very quickly in the dashboard when you're logged into our platform. We're going to come on to the second. This is the control panel for live, so I might go--

- Bear with us just for a second, because I think we were first showing it from the buyer's perspective. But you've switched for the moment to show from the photographer's perspective, the back-end.

- Yeah so--

- If you could stay on the front-end, if you would.

- Fine.

- So that we can just see how, from a buyer's perspective, what their experience is and then you could show us the magic of how that's created okay.

- So this call to action will change. This is obviously for the buyer, this will change to say, "I'm Available For a Call Right Now." And you can click on that to call if someone's online. The other way that an agent, sorry, a buyer can actually look around the property.

If an agent sends them a link, and they could send that via WhatsApp text message, etc. Then it allows the agent and the buyer to communicate together. So let me just show you let me show a live demo of this. I'm just going to actually send this to my colleague. So we click on the Shared Viewing button.

That's going to start a session. I'm just going to actually turn my video off just for a second here okay. Because I'm using my video right now, hold on two seconds.

- Yeah so this is a little bit of a challenge because they'll be doing WGAN-TV Live at 5, we use the Zoom platform. And so his microphone is actually being used right now for our live show. While he's trying to do this demo, so obviously a potential buyer is not trying to multitask with two different video chats.

- I've just actually turned something off on my computer, which will make this work. So I'm just going to actually send that to my colleague. So once they actually click on that, and you'll see in a second--

- Excuse me, Andrew, I'm the buyer, where did I get that link?

- So your agent would have sent you that?

- Okay.

- So the agent would have sent that. So hopefully Michael, my colleague is actually, going to click on the link.

- So you have your colleague standing by Michael Valentine, the Chief Operating Officer of EyeSpy360. Also in London, you happen to be at the office, he's at home. And hopefully his, kids aren't tugging at him right at the moment that you're--

- I hope so because he's taken a little longer than I expected. So hopefully he is just clicking on that. Okay, fine, so here we go. So what you can see here you can see in me in the bottom right here, and you can see Michael sitting in what looks like a Formula One car seat in the top left.

Now, if we had other buyers, as I said, you can invite other buyers in here, they would show just below Michael.

So you'd have multiple people here as well. So what this enables us to do is as I move around in this tour from room-to-room, and I'm just going to go back outside again, just for one specific purpose, if I just go back outside, this will be mimicked in real time on Michael's computer as well. So he'll be able to see that. So just to show you if I actually I'm just holding my hands up now Michael is now controlling that as well. So it can be passed, the control can be passed over.

And we can open information labels, which again, I'm going to come on to explain. These information labels can have different types of content.

And Michael can open that up so we can share which content that's actually being integrated into the actual tour as well. So like I was saying, I can be showing Michael this tour, he may absolutely love it. He wants to actually bring in his other half to show as well, so what--

- And can you hear Michael? If he has questions, he can have a chat with you by voice?

- Absolutely so we've turned that off for now, but we will be talking to each other. If I'm showing well, Michael, I can see his face. Does he like it? Does he not like it? He can tell me what he likes and doesn't like about it. So there's a communication channel between the two of you now.

- If I wanted to, and I'm just pretending to be a buyer here. If I thought this is great property, I want to show my wife, she's not available right now, I can click on Add Person. And depending on what device you want, so on my computer is identified,

I've got Skype, and I've got email and Telegram on my computer. I can then send this link to someone on any computer on any device. When they click on it, they will appear here. Now if I want to open that on my mobile, it'll probably showed that I've got WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, etc.

So its device dependent, it will show different methods and mediums to send that link to as well. So I'm just going to close that down.

But I'm going to come on to the benefits and what we're seeing in the market and the feedback from this particular feature right now, but it's very, very powerful in many different ways across different genres. And I'm going to come on to that because this virtual tour that this can relate to in many different ways.

- So this is EyeSpyLIVE. Before you go off of EyeSpyLIVE, I'm still a little confused about how you passed that control of who can control the mouse. Can either of you just kind of seize the computer?

- Yeah, so just to show you so I'm controlling that now I'm moving around. Now, if I let go of control and I wait three seconds, Michael can now take control of that. And if I try and move it shows that my screens locked. So that's how you can do it. So it might be that Michael's looking around. He says, "I don't want a full tour of the property.

I've just got some questions about specific rooms." So he can take me there and he can control the tour as well. Or if I'm doing say one too many, so I can have five or six or 10 different people in this session doing kind of a virtual Open House, I would want to control it myself. I don't want 10 people trying to take over so that allows me to block them and me control of the viewing, essentially and take them around.

- Okay, great, thank you.

- Pleasure so right, thank you very much, Michael. You can go back to your kids. Let me close that down.

- Great and so you initiated the, you have the option, to say, hey, I want to add someone to the tour by going to the icon at the bottom. That looks like things coming out of that head. I'm in the extension section on your--

- Yeah I'm just closing there's some beeping coming from it. So I'll just close that down.

- Yeah, so I'm looking at the bottom icon to the right of the play button.

- Yup Shared Viewing.

- And that's the Shared Viewing. If you just one more time for us, if you could click on Shared Viewing.

- I click on that that starts the session that pulls up the unique links every single time, I click on Shared Viewing, it creates a unique link.

So if 10 people had access to this tour, for example, they would click on that link and it'll create a unique link for them every time. So let's look at it again from the buyer.

So you've shown me the property. I've looked around I think that's great. Or let's use my wife who's a probably a better example. She's looked at a property--

- Excuse me Andrew how about we take it off screen share at the moment?

- Okay, let me stop that fine.

- And let's see if we can see you.

- Yeah there you go, I'm back.

- Great.

- So what that means is my wife's been shown a property, she likes it, she wants to see what her friends think, because my opinion is probably irrelevant.

So she wants to show her friends and see what they think. because she has access to that tour, she can therefore create her own Shared Viewing, send that link to one or two of her friends and walk around the property with her friends as well.

So from a buyers perspective, its a great tool to be able to ask, if you're asking, if you're buying a property from the bank of mom and dad, for example, and you want their opinion, and they're living across the other side of the country, or university halls, or for whatever reason, you want to bring other people in that and get their opinion it allows you to do that as well, just separately from, the photographer or the agent for example.

So we're finding and it's a great way to and again, we'll come on to this from the agent side, with the ability to brand it which is a good way of obviously being able to push your branding outs as well to various people.

- So just for clarification, the agent could do initiate one call too many. The potential buyer could initiate one call too many.

- Correct.

- And there could be yet other people that are having a chat about the property that are unrelated to you and your wife chatting about it.

So I could be outside of your conversation, having a conversation with my wife about buying that property. And even though we're looking at the same tour, we're not bumping into each other in terms of conversation.

- Exactly that.

- Okay, cool.

- So, from the kind of the buyer's perspective, there's quite a number of features there that really allowed them to--

- Could you take us back into the tour because I think there was still some other features to show that you hadn't showed.

- Absolutely, so let's just go back in there. Let me just go back so can you can see my screen okay.

- Yeah.

- OK, so right so we're back in the in the tour as well. So you've got the ability just to essentially have all that sort of information.

So you've got again thumbnails, basic stuff, but very useful to the ability to actually navigate through if you want to go straight to landing from here as well, you can do that but just going back to the information labels I wanted to show you. So let's just scroll back around.

So again, these are similar to probably what people see with MatterTags and Matterport for example, as well but it allows you to add pretty much in all different types of content in there and really just kind of up-sell certain elements.

So for example here we've got just summary information and again, you can tweak this and you can add graphics etc, as well. You can add maps so people can look around the surrounding area. you could add Street View, so again, you can see the property there but we can walk around and see what's the neighborhood like.

What the other houses are like around this area. You can add video. So and this instance, Let me just turn that down. There's drone footage of London so you can add. And again, that'll stay in place when you're moving around the tour as well.

If we click on the screen that will just close that down. So you could add video, you can add images, you can add 360 video, you can add maps, you can add Street View, you can add text, you can link documents, you can create links to other websites, etc.

Now one of the other things that we can do with this particular platform, and this is kind of quite relevant, maybe not solely for residential or commercial, but for some other virtuals, is that you can link those information labels to a back-end database or actually just import information through an iFrame, for example into those information labels. So, we've got a client, for example--

- Excuse me if you're not showing me something, let's take it off the screen share.

- Okay, fine, so let's just stop that there.

- Great, thank you.

- Hello, so the example being with that we've got a client that uses this for their store. And what they want to do is have the ability for people to be able to look at 3D models and actually have a click to buy option within the information label. So we've created a function for them to do that. And that's linked to their Salesforce database.

So if they update information about that product or pictures about that product, and or, for example, they change the price that's instantly updated on the information labels as well, just from changing something in the backend on their Salesforce database. So it can link to all different types of databases, you can pull, as I said, 3D models, and you can implement iFrames in that. So it's really dependent on what the end user wants to put into that information label. We kind of open that up for various different types of pieces.

- So Andrew, you showed us what it looks like from a buyer's perspective. You've showed us an example for a real estate agent, an estate agent using the platform before we show the the backend for a photographer, how about bringing us back up to the big picture about EyeSpy360, maybe a little bit more about the company, your background, your team, some of the interesting things that you all are working on with this platform.

- Okay, so we started the company in 2016. And what we did we started the company by having a look around the existing platforms, and how could we make it cheaper? So more affordable? How can we make it faster? How can we make it simpler? And the premise I guess, was, even still, very, very recently, it's still very much the case.

But even more so four years ago, virtual tours were being used as kind of at the top end of the market. The top 5, 10% of the market.

There was a big, big opportunity for us to enter that market that wasn't being serviced. And we thought, how can we provide a platform that allows people at a much smaller price, in a simpler fashion be able to actually accommodate that market.

So we went ahead and built what was essentially a DIY platform, which still to this day, you can use it as a DIY platform. What I mean by that is you can uptake photos with any 360 camera. So again, I'm going to come on to that you can upload into the platform, and then you create your own tour, you create your own 3D model, you create your own floor plan.

We've kind of moved away from that to more of an automated process. And I'm going to be explaining that but that is still there if you want to use that. And some people love doing it. Some people like spending their evenings just putting stuff together.

But since that point, we've seen a lot of interest. Obviously, as you said, before, we're based in England. Organically, we started seeing a lot of demand pretty much all over the world. And we now have customers in about 76 countries around the world.

Our fastest growing market by far is North America followed by South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australasia as well.

So there's a huge demand as you're probably well aware within internet work anywhere globally, this sort of product. So since that we are working with from small one man band in this all the way to large entities.

We have a very well known fast food chain, in the States that use our platform for inspections for example. Where the head office doesn't want to start sending out lots of people to all the different branches, to look around so they use us for health and safety inspections.

As you're probably well aware and I think you promoted it on We Get Around Network, we've also just signed with eXp Realty. So we now have an exclusive partnership with them globally in the different countries they're launching in.

We're talking to various large commercial and residential entities around the world as well and also some quite unique areas that... sorry, you go ahead.

- Yes, please expand on eXp360 Tours, it's really a major announcement. It's super significant. And it and it really does relate to the We Get Around Network Community of professional photographers. So let's go a little bit slower and a little bit deeper dive into what that strategic marketing alliance.

- Yeah, I mean it's a strategic partnership in a way.

We've been working with the eXp before we formally announced partnership for about a year and they were trialing testing our platform testing it against others.

They looked at the feedback they were getting, there was certainly a preference towards our platform. And I think a lot of it was just kind of the ease of use of the platform, the affordability.

And also there's one aspect I'm gonna come on to in a second, which has kinda played quite a big part in that. But LIVE certainly was a big, big aspect.

- EyeSpyLIVE?

- EyeSpyLIVE the ability to do live viewings. And I think, if you look at what eXp Realty as a business is, it's about agents in groups or individually working remotely within a virtual world. So something like LIVE was very synergistic with that sort of, that some genres and brokerage.

So they were very, very interested in that. So we've now formulated that into an official partnership where we work with them in the States, Canada, Australia, in the UK, and probably gonna be there in the other markets, which I can't go into right now, but there's going to be more markets that people are going to be operating it as well.

So what does that mean for the WGAN Network as well is that you have again, and this is kinda mimicked in the rest of, our client portfolio is that you get a percentage of people that are still happy to go out and create the tours themselves, and take the pictures themselves using whether it's a RICOH Theta, whether its an Insta360 One X, whether it's a VR kit, which allows you to use your mobile phone, and a host of other.

There's probably about 50, 60 different cameras could be more now, as you probably are well aware of. So you can use pretty much any of those cameras with our platform, as well. So the camera cannot stick in that respect, but there are a large proportion of people that want to just outsource it and say, "You know what, I want my 2D stills.

I want my floor plans. I want my drone footage and I want my 360 tours." So we are formalizing through WGAN and other networks as well. But we're formalizing a photography network of people that can enable that to happen as well.

And we're going to be promoting that internally within the eXp through different channels and mediums that we have access to, as well. So there's a big opportunity in the US and a big opportunity globally, not just specifically for eXp but across all of our client base for us to start pushing more business, to these photography networks that exist as well.

And allow them to monetize it in a way where they can probably actually make more profit, and put more money in their own pocket.

And a lot of that, and again, I'm going to come on to this later on, but a lot of that has to do with the speed of actually creating the tour, the speed of capturing the images as well, etc.

So, again, I'm going to come on to that in a bit. So it's a really exciting opportunity eXp Realty and I think it's probably its what it does is really kinda made a mark in the sand because it's probably the first time a brokerage of that size that said, "we're backing the 360, virtual tours, and what they're enabling."

And I think a lot of the conversation we've had with those guys a lot of conversation we've had with a lot of businesses elsewhere is that and I'm a believer in this, that it might take 10 years, but I do think 360 tours eventually will supersede standard 2D stills as well.

Some people will probably argue against that. I personally just think, and I used this a few years ago. If a picture paints 1000 words, then a 360 tour paints a million, it just gives you lots more information.

And the millennials that generation expect lots of information, they expect transparency, and I think they don't wanna have the wool pulled over their eyes anymore. So I think 360 virtual tours are a great asset to them in many ways as well. So its really a great testament as we're going back to what I was saying that eXp Realty are backing 360 virtual tours, and we're getting a huge amount of great feedback from people internally that are using them.

And the feedback they're getting from their customers is really spurring them to do it more and more and more. There's some great testimonials we've had which I actually want to share the upcoming weeks onto the WGAN Network.

So the Photography Network can see what the feedback is and what people are getting. So yeah, there's certain aspects I can't talk about, but it's a it's a great opportunity for us as a business. I think it's a great opportunity for the virtual tour industry as a whole as well to get that sort of backing. And I'm hoping that ultimately a lot of the bigger brokerages in the US and globally are gonna start seeing that now.

- And congratulations on the eXp Realty. I think that really speaks volumes to EyeSpy360 that you've been able to create the eXp360 Tours brand powered by EyeSpy360.

And as you mentioned, our audience We Get Around Network Forum Community is super excited about the potential business that you will be generating because as you mentioned that not every eXp Realtor or real estate agent or broker wants to shoot their own tours.

They want to be able to outsource and not only do they want to outsource the eXp360 Tours, but they want photos and videos and other digital assets that a professional real estate photographer community creates. So eXp Realty awesome. You started to mention there were some other opportunities, large deals.

- Yeah, so there's quite a lot of other things we're working on, many of which I can't mention. Some of which generically I can mention is that we've already integrated with some property portals in Europe. So they've essentially kind of white-labeled away our platform so when you use it on their portal, it's actually EyeSpy360 powering that.

We're in discussions with probably around 10 to 15 other portals right now around the world in different places. So, again, what I'm definitely seeing over the last 12 months, as opposed to over the last four years.

The last four years has been kind of early adopters tech savvy types. What we're seeing in the last 12 months is its now being taken seriously by a lot of the kind of the existing multinationals that operate in the kind of residential and commercial space as well.

And the the portals themselves the property portals. We see that with Zillow, you've got Zillow tours, etc as well. But there's a plethora of portals all around the world and we're quite heavily involved in that particular space.

And there's some really interesting conversations going on, on that basis. And I guess, additionally the benefit to the WGAN Network off the back of that is, again, there's gonna be agents that think "great, love this, but I don't want to do it, I want to outsource it to photography, partner to do that."

So hopefully, once these deals are in place, we can start promoting that more and more through the WGAN Network and people can just really there's gonna be more opportunities globally for people. And you're well aware from the map, you've got people all over the world. So hopefully we're going to start pushing more, leads back to these guys as well.

- Yes, and what I would suggest to those that are watching WGAN-TV if you're not yet a Forum member, it's free and EyeSpy360 as they need photographers to shoot EyeSpy360 Tours, if they don't already have a photographer in their network they'll be posting those EyeSpy360 photographers wanted notices in the We Get Around Network Forum and if you know how to use a 360 camera, any 360 camera then it is super easy and super fast to create an EyeSpy360 tour.

Andrew is going to show us how that works. But again if you're watching WGAN-TV on our Podcast, or on YouTube, on Vimeo or on our WGAN-TV Training Academy, whatever it is, if you haven't yet joined the We Get Around Network Forum ... so that you'll see those notices you'll get an alert when those Help Wanted notices are posted.

- Actually

- Andrew, is that a good segue to say Well, how do I create these tours?

- Exactly so let me share my screen again for this. So, okay, let's go back.

- You mentioned that I wanna say any 360 camera again today Wednesday, February 5, 2020. At our count, I believe there are literally about 50 different 360 one click cameras just yet another one announced from RICOH. today the RICOH Theta SC2 for business at $300.

You must be super excited every time there's yet another camera announcement, the quality seems to get better, and the price keeps coming down. And that's just going to make 360 tours that much more ubiquitous and fulfill your vision of the world of listings moving to 360 tours rather than perhaps the 2D photos.

- Yeah, I think absolutely the ubiquitous nature of what we're trying to achieve with the cameras as well, it will make it as you said, it's going to just put in the hands of everyone, making it a lot easier to do that as well, again, whether these cameras get better whether they get cheaper, they're still gonna be needed for the photographer.

So, I don't think ultimately, it's about putting it all in the hands of the agents. The agents have got their own business to do they want to focus on sales, they don't want to focus on photography and taking images and composition and stuff like that, however easy as a 360 cameras is to use. But what it does mean is that, every single year, we're seeing the quality of the images get better and better and better. And that's the most important thing.

Second aspect as we'll just kind of deviate very slightly, is because it's becoming easier.

And because it's becoming more affordable. It means there's more tours being created, and therefore the consumers, the customers of the agents, are getting to see tours, and that's the one thing I think that's the most important thing is that there's a huge ecosystem here portals, 360, tour providers, agents, all the third party services that operate within that space.

It's about working in a kind of symbiotic relationship, to make sure that the end users, the people that are going to benefit from these tours, those buyers get to see these tours the sellers get to see the tours, see the benefits of them. And I think that's the most important thing is all working together to actually achieve that goal as well.

- Yeah, I think at some point too that, the more buyers that are exposed to seeing 360 tours, when they become homeowners and they're ready to sell their home. They're going to expect that the real estate agent use a 360 tour. Hopefully EyeSpy360 Tour to help market their house.

- Yeah, absolutely, and the LIVE feature as well. I was going to just mention that now as well. One of the things that we see with that is--

- I'm sorry, let's take us off screen share yeah.

- I'll go back to that. But with LIVE what we are seeing as well and it's hugely beneficial to everyone. It's beneficial to the agent. It's beneficial to the seller and it's beneficial to the buyer because everyone's saving time.

I'm sure we've all been in a position where you've looked at a property you go to see it and for whatever is smaller than you'd think you get kind of your perception is not right. And especially in a territory like the States it can take you an hour to drive to see a property maybe longer and you get there and say "I don't like it."

The agents wasted their time, the buyers wasted their time, the sale has been interrupted again and I know, I'm sure its probably very similar in the US as it is in UK but when someone wants to come around and view your property is always after work.

I've got young families always it's always when I'm trying to put kids to bed or they wanna come around at the weekend and do an open house and similar when I want to go out and spend time with my family. So the sellers are really bought when they're seeing this technology.

They're really buying it because they're saying, the sales kind of pitch to them is that we're still going be doing the same, if not more tours, more viewings, but when we actually do the physical viewings, its kind of more of a rubber stamp second attempt, because we've already pre-qualified and that's the important word here we pre-qualified the customer ready for you.

So they're not being interrupted as much they're really buying into it. So, it as a great tool to actually capture the imagination of the seller as well.

And the buyers are enjoying it because I can be sitting at my office here or I could be sitting anywhere in the world, I could be on holidays sitting by the pool, someone showed me five or six properties. I can qualify those myself to see which ones I want. And the agent can qualify me. It is a great, great tool in that respect.

- Yes, so as you take us through a demo, or you talk a little bit about from a photographer's, standpoint for creating tours. Keep in mind we have, I would say three kinds of viewers. So we have those that are viewing that are somehow someway they are thinking about either 3D or 360 tours.

They've stumbled on one or two or three of the 130, 3D, 360 virtual tour platforms. They stumbled on one or two or three of the 50 plus cameras for creating these tours it's a bit overwhelming.

And then the experienced let's say Matterport Service Providers, they have a Matterport camera, they're shooting Matterport, and why they should be interested in EyeSpy360. And they should and why. But let's start out with I'm a newbie, I'm a professional real estate photographer. I've been following this space for a while. and I'm ready to pull the trigger and buy into a platform and a camera.

- Yep, fine.

- How hard is it to create a EyeSpy360 Tour?

- Easy, so let me let me show you. Let me share my screen. So this is the back end of our platform. So what you have here, this is the TOURS tab. So on this tab, these are all the different tours that we have. These are all the different types of properties.

I'm just going to actually walk you through these different tabs and show you what they do as well. I'm gonna just come on to an answer directly the question. So you have the Reports tab that will show you generic information about that actual particular property that you're looking at.

It might be visits per property, shows you where your traffic's coming from, as well for this particular tours, views over time, views in geography.

So again, if I click on that particular map of the US, I can drill down, I'll be able to see the US and I can see more information. So that's kind of more about allowing you to kind of be more targeted with your marketing spend as well.

Agents, this is where you would add colleagues etc as well. You can manage those accounts. Now every time just again, this relates back to LIVE. When you have an agent sign up to this, if you get a call coming in from LIVE as in, someone clicks the call to action button in the window that we showed you before and they want to call through, it will ring on everyone that's logged into that device, and it's up to them to choose.

So they can turn themselves off or online with this function here. So they're either online or they're offline. If they're offline, they won't get a call coming in. If they're online, they will. And I'll explain how that relates and benefits the photographer as well in a second.

The Settings tab is where you can upload. So again, one of the things that's quite important here, as well is that with our platform, you can put your own branding, or your clients branding into the tour. So there's three ways you can do that.

You can see you've logo here, which says EyeSpy360 that you can change that's not set in stone, so that can be anyone's logo.

And also the nadir image at the bottom here as well. You can see that's interchangeable too. Thirdly, the vanity URL up here where it says you can see EyeSpy360, that can also change as well to the clients URL.

So again, you can personalize the tours. And that's done very simply by uploading the nadir image here, you can change the hotspots here or you can create your own and upload your own hotspots. And the company logo which we saw on the top right, again, you can change that to whatever you want.

- And let me just take a moment there. So for clarification, the branding can be different for each tour?

- Correct.

- So I can have a different URL 123 Main Street and then a piece of your generic website, then the tour number. So first is I can have custom...

I can have either the photographers branding, or the real estate agents branding or both. So that's kind of a mix and match of those three items. And on that logo that's in the top right, is that hyperlinked? Do I have an opportunity to bring someone to the real estate agents website?

- Yup let me show you. whatever you put here in the websites that's hyperlink through the logo. So again, you can push that back to people as well.

And the company name, what you add in here is reflected in the URL. but then you can post so there's a lot of personalization options here as well.

Now, what you can also do, so as a photographer, I'm gonna just translate this to, photographer at the moment. If you're working with multiple clients, as well, which is probably most the time. What you don't want to do is go into here and basically, so I've just created tour for client A, and I've got client B, he's got different branding.

I don't necessarily want to go back in here and change the nadir image and change the hotspot image and change the company logo, and change the website and change the company name every single time we do that. So we built a very simply a way of doing that where you can add multiple branding profiles. So if I click on Branding Profiles, you can see what you see here we got the eXp. I can add a new profile by clicking on that, let's call that for example WGAN.

And what that allows us to do, we can upload our nadir image, we can change the hotspot, we can add the company logo, we can change the vanity URL, and we can add the hyperlink there as well. I'm just gonna close that. So what you can do, you can add various ones along here, where I'm sure you have multiple brands in there.

Now how that works, and I'm just gonna go back to TOURS. So what you can see here, you have tags along here. Now what the tags allow you to do and you can tag those or whatever you want.

I can put sales in there, for example, and when I add that you go to Filter so I can click on that and filter between sales. Let's just go back to Wall now the branding profiles, and reason I'm showing you that is if I wanted to use eXp, as you can see, as I start typing that, it comes out the eXp I click on that that tour is now tagged as eXp's branding. So when that tour is published, it will have eXp's branding on there.

So if I just go back to Settings and go to Branding, you can see we've got T-Mobile in there as well. That's just a random example. We're not doing anything with T-Mobile anyway.

But if I go back to Branding Profiles, sorry if I just go back to TOURS here, this one, I can put it as T-Mobile. So that was now tagged, and that will be published with T-mobile's branding. So it's a quick way of tagging basically independent tours to reflect the branding that that client would want on that particular tour as well.

- And I noticed as you're going through this, I keep seeing Tutorials pop up. So if I'm stuck someplace, I imagine right where I'm stuck. That tutorial is related to this content.

- Exactly. So it's specific for that page you're on. So if I click on, you've got this tutorial here, which that just basically runs a very simple How do I get started, but it's a Help button here.

If I click on Help, that will actually bring up content that relates to what I can do on that particular page with videos, tutorials on every aspect of that. So if I click through into let's just go to SETTINGS for example, and click on Help, that will show basically what we can do on that page as well. So branding, so there's help throughout the whole of the platform basically. Now going back to how we actually create the tours as well.

So as I said before, we have a DIY element to the platform, but that's something I'm probably gonna talk about at a later date as well. But the way that we do it pretty much most of the time and specifically for the great deal we have in place for the WGAN Network is you go and take photos with let's say RICOH Theta Z1. Those images are copied over to your mobile phone.

Because this is browser based, you could log in to your account on your mobile phone as well through the browser it doesn't necessarily have to be on your desktop. But all you do to create a tour is, once you've taken those images, you click Add Tour and again, go back, this all can be done on mobile phone. Let's say we're creating a tour called WGAN.

We click Add Tour that takes us into this page. And what we do, we click upload or just drag and drop the images into this particular file here. Now if I just go into a tour here, let's just use this one. So I've uploaded these images.

Now, what it does, this is quite unique to us. It's the way that you go about creating the DIY element. But it creates a doughnut shaped image of the tour. So if I click on that, it's not the best image this but what you can see is that takes us into the 360 tour. Now, that aside once you've taken the photos you've uploaded them and that's all you need to do.

You don't need to name them, you don't need to do anything. It just positions all these images that you have, whether it's one, 30, 50. And then you click on the TAAS button here, which is Tour-as-a-Service. And depending on the service that you're on, so with this, it's 19.95.

But it's showing that obviously in pounds right now, because I'm in the UK, but all you do is you upload that you put in the tripod heights. So that's one thing we need to know for the 3D model, but that's all you do. So you need to measure basically the tripod, to know the height of that, and then we're adding more but you put in which camera you're using. And you click on the PayPal button--

- Just for clarification, if your camera's not on that list, you can still indicate how how tall that camera is.

- Yeah, correct you can just add that from--

- Measuring from the base of the camera to the center of the lens.

- Yeah, so you can add your own dimensions in there as well. But if there's a camera that's not on there, again, if someone was to email us that we'd add it within 24 hours anyway.

- And there is a promo code on the screen. So we'll be talking more about the promo code that goes there for We Get Around Network Forum Members.

- Exactly.

- Okay and that price will be, since I'm in the United States, it's actually going to show up as $19.75?

- Correct so that is all you do. So you upload the photos, click the TAAS button, put the promo code in, if you can, and we'll come on to that. You put the tripod height in, drop down what camera you're using, make the payment and that's it.

Within 24 hours. It's normally within three to six hours, but we say upto 24 hours. Within 24 hours, you will get an email with the completed tour.

Everything's connected together. The rooms are labeled, you get the 3D model, the floor plan and the measurements. And that's all so everything I showed you before it's all constructed for you. That's sent back you get a branded tour and a non-branded tour that people can use for the MLS as well.

So you'll get two links that are sent back to you, ready for you to add information labels if you want, ready for you to add a Pre-Recorded Tour if you wish as well, but it's basically ready to go.

So again, just to reiterate, all you really need to do is go round a property, take the photos, upload them, press the TAAS button, make the payments, and then everything is created for you, within that period. So there's very little work to do. Now, going back because I think,--

- Could you take us off your screen share unless you were going to show us something else, Can you take us off screen share? Did you want to go into the Details button or no?

- There's a few things I'm gonna come on to in a second. We'll go back to that. But what I wanted to talk about was actually image capture, because that's one of the things I said to you before when we started the business, we wanted to make it quick.

So one of the things that's really important to us and it's why we've gone down a certain type of route is the experience of both the photographer, whether it's the agent was whether it's a pro, and also the end user being the person that's sitting there on a property portal looking around multiple properties, as well.

So what we've done, we've gone down the route of taking pretty much one photo per room, if there's a much larger room, you might need to take multiple pictures.

So the point in that is you need to if you've got your average size property, and you probably, if you're using your RICOH camera, they take two to three seconds to take a picture they're quick, really quick, is that you put the camera in the middle of the room, take one photo, go to the next room, take another photo, it means you're in and out of that property very, very quickly.

Meaning you can get on to the next job quickly, and start putting more money in your pocket as well. Now, why that's important for the end user as well. And this is a lot of feedback we've had from customers so far, and customers have moved from some of our competitors to our platform, based on customer feedback, is and let me put this in perspective.

I'm someone who's looking to buy a property. I'm on a property portal. And what, what is a 360 virtual tour it is exactly the same category as photos on the basis it's a filter.

It's a filter for me to look, do I like the look of this? Do I want to go and physically see it? Now if I want if I'm on a... I was doing it before this.

My wife's not that we're moving but she thinks we're moving and she's looking around on the Rightmove, which is the equivalent of like Zillow in the UK. She's going through picking at properties like this one, two, three, four, five, six, looking at loads of them.

And the feedback we've had from people is they want the 360 virtual tour to be quick. They want to go around, into the property.

Do I like the look of it? And again, the feedback was standing in one position Where you've taken that one photo and looking around the room like this and turning my head is enough to think, do I like the look of the room? Yes, I do. Fine I'll go to the next room and have a look at that one. So they want to be able to go through the tour very, very quickly.

And if they like it, they'll basically hotlist it, if they don't like it, they'll move on to the next one. So that's why we've gone down this route.

And it's proved beneficial for both parties as I've said as well. So you can go in and out of the property really, really quickly. Now, moving on from that as well.

So if I just actually go to let me just share my screen again with you two seconds, just to put this into some context for you as well. So if we go around this property, as I said, if we're in the let's go through to the kitchen. Me standing in one position and being able to look around this is enough information for me to assess do I like the look of it.

And we know there's some other, platforms out there where you take multiple photos, which, takes time its time consuming to do that as well.

But this is enough for me to get a gauge. I don't necessarily need to walk around this room to look at it again, from different angles. This for me is enough. And again, that's something that you've got to bear in mind, because we're talking about the consumers.

Once a consumer start engaging with this it becomes more prolific as well. So that's the important thing to think about. When you're creating these tours and advising people on what sort of platforms you use, and what sort of tours should you use, you've got to be thinking about the end user as well, not just about the image quality.

Because yes, there's a lot of great platforms out there, some brilliant images some great quality tours out there. But what actually is going to work in real life and I think that's quite important thing to think about, as well. So let me just stop sharing that and coming back.

So, the capture side is massively important for us as well. Now, what we've done as well, what we wanted to do, and I'm just gonna come on to price and I guess this is, relative to photographers as well is that we've got this specific deal in place for the WGAN Network --

- Even before you get into that, I'd like to share some of my thoughts. I've shot three tours. And my reaction is that it's super easy it's super fast it's easy peasy to create an EyeSpy360 Tour. I kind of want to divide this in my mind because my reaction I shot three Senior Living apartments and it really is super fast to shoot 'cause I have a 360 one click camera with HDR.

I put the cameras in the middle of each room. I think I had eight spaces in a room that was less than five minutes to shoot the images. I brought the camera back uploaded from the camera to the platform, hit the the Tour-as-a-Service button the T-a-a-S button.

I think one tour I didn't get to until late in the evening. So sometime when I woke up it was ready. And I think there was one tour that maybe I submitted it two or four o'clock in the afternoon, and within a few hours, it was ready. So that was really kind of exciting for me that it was same day getting back the tour. And so it's fast. So what does all that mean to me?

So when I think about as a photographer talking to a real estate agent, 'cause everything that you've shared right now, if anybody asked me, I would just say, "Oh, it's magic." Because it's not about the technology. It's not about all the bells and whistles. It's really about helping a real estate agent. Imagine winning more and bigger premium listings more often.

- Absolutely.

- And you can have that.

- Absolutely.

- And that's using our photography service to create a tour like this. Let me show you. Now imagine and then keep telling stories. So the translation, I would say is if you're just starting out and you're trying to say "oh my gosh its 130 platforms" whereby I begin EyeSpy360 is an easy-peasy platform to get started.

It uses any 360 camera so if you think about which platform or platforms that you might be interested in, just make sure you pick a camera that works on some other platforms that may not support a different camera.

So you know for example, if you're interested in Zillow 3D Home, you probably need a RICOH THETA Z1 or V or maybe an Insta360 ONE X.

But if you use a different camera you may run into a challenge where you wanna be able to do EyeSpy360 and Zillow 3D Home, or maybe and maybe considering Matterport so you might wanna say, oh, when I pick a camera, it may not be so much about the camera because the cameras really are coming down so much in price and the quality is getting better.

It's which platforms can you use that camera with? The good news is with EyeSpy360, you can use any 360 camera.

So just keep in mind which platform that you as an audience member trying to decide which platform, make sure you pick a camera.

And the good news is it'll work with EyeSpy360. So it's a relatively low risk. You don't have to have a proprietary camera that works with EyeSpy360. Again, any of 50 plus 360 cameras works with EyeSpy360. And then I wanted to just comment as a Matterport service provider. I don't see this as EyeSpy360 being competitive I see it as being complimentary.

And what I mean by that is, you may be talking to an agent that has a half a million dollar house or a million dollar house and they've seen Matterport and they're happy with that solution. But as a photographer, you may not be able to use Matterport for an agent that has a $250,000 listing.

There's just not enough commission in it to pay you for the time that it may take you to do that property. So the fact that you could use an EyeSpy360 Tour that if you're talking about eight rooms, you're talking about living room, maybe two bedrooms, a kitchen, an entrance, a couple shots outside. You may be talking about eight, 10, 15 at most I guess, you probably can actually shoot an EyeSpy360 Tour in five to 10 minutes.

And I did that with apartments, the senior living apartments. And frankly, I think just as I do and Andrew I think you know, this when I did my first EyeSpy360 Tour at our office I shot it incorrectly I thought it was like Matterport and you shoot every eight feet or something.

And it was just like overkill and it created so the point is, it's taking me a little bit to just learn to think differently One 360 image in each of the rooms and if you can shoot a property in five to 10 minutes, then you can offer a EyeSpy360 Tour as an add on at an affordable price point.

That's what I really wanted to share with you can offer EyeSpy360 Tours as as an add on at an affordable price.

And so you're not replacing Matterport, you're just adding to your toolkit another solution.

And I think the good news is when you start looking at the pricing that we've put together for the We Get Around Network Forum Community, it's totally affordable for a Matterport Pro, who may already have bought a RICOH THETA V or a RICOH Theta Z1 or an Insta360 ONE X that they are using that in conjunction with Matterport either in conjunction with the Matterport Pro1, Pro2 3D camera to do shots.

And so you may already have a 360 camera that you could use with EyeSpy360.

- Absolutely so I think it's a really good point as well. I think going back to what we're saying before we've built the platform, wanting to and try and accommodate that 90% of the market that weren't being accommodated at the time.

And it is a very easy way just to go and shoot upload the photos from your mobile phone, go to the next property, forget about anything else you need to do in the tours to send back to you.

And a great example of that is a company quite recently actually, that said, they've been trying to do virtual tours. They're in an area of England that, you have lesser income areas, low income areas, should I say as well, the properties aren't necessarily substantial.

They're quite cheaper properties ranging between say 50 to 100,000 pounds, that sort of range. And they said they've been dying to do virtual tours, but that just its not been economical for them.

And they said with this solution allows them to do tours on that level of property and you see that everywhere as well. It's very similar to what we're seeing in Asia, where, new markets where they're not charging 6, 7% commissions and might be half a percent commission and what they're taking home is a lot less but they still want to provide this sort of level of marketing. So its a hugely valid point.

- Oh, so just to amplify what you said, and what you really thought about four years ago is some of the initial tour solutions really only addressed the top piece of the pyramid, that it had to be a pricey property in order to be able to afford what a service provider would charge.

And so let's just say that's like 90, 10. And so that only addressed the top 10% of the market, the really the much bigger market, or 90% of the properties that couldn't afford to have a tour from another company. So let's say Matterport, and if that's the case, well, how do you as a photographer, as a professional real estate photographer, offer a 360 solution, a virtual tour solution for the 90% of the market that can't afford the other solution.

And because generally it's going to be based on well how much time does it take you to deliver to create the solution, if you can shoot it in literally in five or 10 minutes, and then the tour is created in your behalf, there's not a lot of time, and therefore you can actually get to an affordable price point to offer it as an optional extra add on.

- Yeah, and it's just opening up new markets, to photographers, that weren't there. Well they were there, but they couldn't deliver on them. And that's what we're seeing globally, right now in different markets, especially where we're seeing, as I said, going back to what we're seeing in Asia. Because they're dying for this sort of technology, but it's gotta be at a price point that works its gotta be elastic enough of their market. And that's what we are seeing right now, as well.

- Which leads us to to the special pricing that you've put together for the We Get Around Network Forum Community.

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- Yeah, so what we've done so this is something we feel, again, there's various reasons why we've done this, but we are a subscription based model.

That's how we operate. Now, we've been doing some quite heavy data analysis with our competitors, looking at how they price things out what that looks like, over a period of time, depending on different volume, etc, as well.

And a lot of the time when we're speaking to people, what comes up time and time again, is that with certain others platforms, where they operate in a certain price their price points are such that if you are doing lots and lots of properties, or especially if you're doing tours that have longevity, i.e. restaurants, bars, hotels where they want them there for kind of forever. The hosting costs start adding up quite substantially.

And, I was having a conversation with a photography network, actually in the UK last week. And they said, that's one of the big issues at the moment. And come to Christmas time, November, December, January, February, they're not that busy. There's not that much demand going around, but they're still having to pay quite substantial hosting costs.

And it's who did they send it out and you're paying for that ultimately, and they're having to absorb it, which actually reduces their profit overall over that whole year period.

So some of the stuff we've been looking at, we thought, let's change our pricing slightly to make it work for people. And I think that's quite important.

So I'm gonna come into the pricing in a second, but the analysis that we did, we looked at, some of the other tour providers and whether you're doing 10, 50 it starts really at 10, but you're looking at 10, 50, 100, 300, 500 anywhere up to 5,000 tours.

Using this price plan, you can literally anywhere up from three months to six months, especially maybe up to the 12 month period for longer properties, you literally there's a saving of anywhere between 3 and $10,000 a year that you could put back into your own pocket as opposed to giving to the tour providing company.

So that's a substantial amount of money. That's a few holidays, whatever, that's redecorating your home, whatever you want to do, but that's something really should be serious consideration, as well. So going back to what we've looked at, we thought we need keep hosting down.

When you're busy, fine, it's irrelevant when you're not busy, it still needs to be irrelevant. So the price plan that we put together is $9.99 a month and this is something we've got in place and it's live until the 29th of February.

For now, we might extend that we'll see what the take up is right now. But the offer is $9.99 per month and if you take that right now before the 29th of Feb 2020 we will guarantee that for life doesn't matter if you end up having a million tours, you will only pay $9.99 a month.

On top of that you paid $19.75 per listing and what that actually gives you that includes us doing everything for you. So again, going back to what I was saying, all you do is take the pictures, upload them, we then create the tour, label it, we send you back, the 3D model, the tour, the floor plan, with the measurements, that includes up to 25, 360 pictures. And if you need to go over that I think it's just something like 79 cents, I think per additional, let me just check for that here yeah 79 cents per additional 360 image over 25.

But I think a lot of them probably fall into that bracket, we kind of average it out. So what that means is that 19.75 gives you unlimited access to all the features. So if you wanted to actually offer that tour say to the agents to say fine, you've now got access You can use live, you can use play, you can pre record it, you can add information labels, that's all included in that cost, as well. And that's just a one time cost per listing as well.

So if you've got a really busy, let's say, for example, March, and you're doing 10, tours, that's the equivalent to $195, basically, you pay for that March, if the next few months, you're not doing anything, you don't get any other tours you're creating, you're still only paying $9.99 for those two months, which is giving you basically covering hosting costs and covering the cost of those features. So we've done that.

And the feedback we've had from the people that have looked at that so far signed up is it's great because it gives them more control over their pockets, essentially what they're spending how they spend it.

But that's not to say that you can't monetize it in any way, shape, or form. It might be that, as a photographer, we haven't got anything set in stone. You want to turn around and say, "You know what, it's got my branding on there, but if you want your branding, we could charge you an extra $10 or $20 a tour" they can charge whatever they want, but we're trying to minimize their outgoings and what they're paying on a monthly basis to make it just more relative more affordable for the markets that they're operating in.

Especially if they want to do more restaurants, bars, hotels, they haven't got that creeping cost that's going up and up and up over a period of time. So we've done that. And the feedback seems to be quite positive so far. So it should be interesting to see what the uptake is. And also, we've always been a very customer centric business.

We, thrive on trying to provide customer service, we thrive on being there, as long as we're not asleep, we will pick the phone up, we've got chat, we've got email, we got telephone, we got everything, we will pick the phone up, we will talk through, we will do what we want, but everything we have done so far within the business, the features, everything we built has been based on customer feedback.

So, and again, remember this, I think we were having a conversation about year and a half ago saying you need to have a feature to allow multiple branding, brands as well. So that's something we were listening to and we built.

So the feedback, we're gonna get from your network from their customers is really important for us to hear as well. So that relates back to the branding, I want to know is this working for people? Is it not working for people? I would be amazed if it's not. We really need to hear back about how this is working is this allowing to capture that other 90% of the market? And I firmly believe based on what we've done elsewhere in the world it will. And I believe this is a great price point for people as well.

- Terrific and actually there's a little bit more, let me share screen here just for a second here. So if you come here on the We Get Around Network Forum, again, if you're watching on one of our other channels if you come here you click on EyeSpy360.

It will go into the EyeSpy360 Photography Network that shows the special offer for WGAN Members. Again, it's totally free to be a WGAN Forum Member so just come to join, you get 50 plus membership benefits just for joining.

Plus, you're eligible for this special offer from EyeSpy360 for We Get Around Network Forum Members. So as Andrew shared it's $9.99 monthly.

The first month is free, each tour, which he referenced as a property listing for a real estate agent, but again, that could be for a restaurant it's $19.75 per tour per listing. That's a one time charge. And you also get the first one free, and as Andrew mentioned it's up to 25 panoramas per tour per listing. It's 79 cents for each additional panorama after that.

There's some extra info here to explain and takes you through all the info. There's a special promo code here for WGAN Forum Members. That's what's going to create the magic. So write that code down, hit JOIN NOW, and you'll be good. So again, if you go to the EyeSpy360 website, you won't see this special pricing. So again, come to and simply click on EyeSpy360, in order to see the EyeSpy360 Photography Network.

I think one thing that you also may not have mentioned in context to that, again, is when you do join, you're automatically part of the EyeSpy360 Photography Network. So you're keeping track of potential photographers to reach out to when there're opportunities in their market

- Yeah, exactly, so, there's no, downside to joining because we're giving you the opportunity to basically try our platform out totally for free, go out, monetize it, create a tour for someone, do it for free, make some money out of it, whatever you want to do, but we're very confident in our products, confident in the fact that how we can help you, field out a new market, and, monetize that market as well.

So, try it out for free. See what you think as well. And that's why we're doing that and any questions even if someone has any problems, etc, we will help them we'll try and do whatever we can as well. Sorry, go ahead,

- Excuse me its really important to mention here this special offer from EyeSpy360 for WGAN Forum members is through Saturday, February 29, 2020.

So I urge you to sign up, take advantage of it. You'll also protect yourself in terms of going forward that that pricing of $9.99 a month will not increase on you.

As long as you join by February 29th it's possible that you may be watching this show recorded at sometime after that I still encourage you to come back check out the We Get Around Network Forum and see if EyeSpy360 still has a special this offer or some other offer that's available but I would encourage you to take advantage of it sooner than later.

I think as a Matterport Service Provider that bought a camera in July of 2014 I think it's probably worth noting that I pay $1500 a year for my Matterport hosting and I have just shy of 300 models.

If I was paying monthly, I believe it would have been $149 a month, but I pay annually. So it's actually $1,500. So but if I just say if it was $149 it's like, really $149 versus $10 a month really, is it that big a difference? And so for those that are Matterport Service Providers that bought in way early, this is a super easy decision to look at the pricing and say, I'm paying on whatever.

In fact, whatever pricing plan, they're on the $10 a month is going to look attractive. And if you're new, then you really got to do if you if you check out some of the platforms that you might be interested in. Think about imagine that you're going to be successful doing 360 virtual tours, and you're going to be doing 50 or 100 a year.

And what does the math look like if you're paying hosting charges that are much higher, versus simply paying à la carte for each tour that you create. So I Andrew, I think you've done that like this amazing job of figuring out how do you minimize the risk for a photographer 'cause as you said, you could get into three months that are slow.

And for $10 a month, you can have unlimited number of tours hosted and you're not incurring any charges. If you're not busy shooting, then you're not incurring the just shy of $20 per listing, because you're not creating any more listings.

- I mean worst case scenario, what you spend before if you're not doing any work during that period, that $9.99 is a couple of Starbucks coffees, for example. That's giving you access to network so as we expand, you're gonna get work pushed to you anyway. Yeah, so we hope you can't promise that.

- Can't promise but--

- That's your vision is that when you sign deals like you have with eXp Realty, that there is going to be a significant percentage of real estate agency eXp Agents that actually want a Service Provider and so part of what your grand vision here is to how can you aggregate enough 360 photographers EyeSpy360 in particular, so that you can service the needs of your other marketing channels when they are not Do It Yourself, solution people.

- Yeah, exactly.

- What question have I not asked you that I should ask you?

- What am I going to bed possibly?

- Andrew, thank you for being a guest on the show. I know It's a little bit after six o'clock eastern time here that would be 11.15 pm your time, you got kids. And thank you, you've been so gracious with your time to be honest.

- That's a pleasure, I don't think there's anything really outstanding what I want to do because I can talk for hours about the business and all different aspects of it. And hopefully we try to compress a lot in to this time scale.

So hopefully, there's gonna be another opportunity to do another window as well. But we do put a lot of information out on our YouTube channel, etc as well. So but if you know if anyone is listening has any questions, I haven't answered maybe everything or you got any question marks and please feel free to post something on the WGAN Network or get in contact and we'll do whatever we can to help.

- Yeah, do post your questions on the We Get Around Network Forum. Andrew, his team is very responsive in terms of answering questions.

And frankly, I'm using the platform and so maybe I already know the answer and so while he's off sleeping in London, I'm still awake answering your question or other members of the other community. So in any event, Andrew thanks for being a guest on the show.

- Thanks for having me Dan.

- Yeah, we've been visiting with Andrew Nicholls He is the founder and CEO of EyeSpy360, based in London, we had a cameo appearance from Michael Valentine Chief Operating Officer of EyeSpy360 during that EyeSpyLIVE demo, thank you all for for tuning in. For Andrew in London.

I'm Dan Smigrod Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum and you've been watching WGAN-TV Live at 5.

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