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WGAN-TV MPEmbed-an Overlay for Matterport Showcase with FounderDeveloper Chris Hickman-Short Story #409- Custom Image Filters

Hi All,

A WGAN Member writes:

"... new to Matterport using the [Ricoh Theta] Z1, how can you edit in Lightroom? I shot a sample tour yesterday and it’s really blown out and I’d love to be able to post process it, but how can l?

In this WGAN-TV Short Story (above, #409) MPEmbed Developer Chris Hickman (@Metroplex360) explains how to use MPEmbed sliders to enhance the color of the entire Matterport Tour - or just specific 360ºs (panoramas) within the Tour by adjusting:

✓ brightness
✓ saturation
✓ contrast
✓ white balance
✓ hue
✓ greyscale

While it would be nice if we could use Lightlight; at least there is an option for color correction with MPEmbed.

How are you using MPEmbed to improve Matterport Tour colors?

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