The new measurement tool I find to 1 step forward and at least 3 back.

Maybe I am missing something, but in floor-plan view, we use to be able to start and end a measurement and then start another one without using the mouse to click on add. Now you have to hit ESC, Click add, and then start your next measurement. This adds a lot of unnecessary steps.

Also the big annoying magnification circle that is right in the middle of the line which shows the measurement is annoying and should be able to be disabled. I can see this being useful in some situations but not so much in floor plan view.

lastly they should add double click option in floor plan view that will quickly snap to walls so that we can get room dimensions. This camera collects so much information it should have no problem snapping walls and not objects while in FP view.

Anyone have any workarounds or suggestions to help would be great. I do admit I don't keep up with every announcement made so I may have missed something.