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Does anyone know any provider of satellite panoramic images?10574

Pau private msg quote post Address this user

It seems that https://www.satellitepanoramas.com no longer exists. Does anyone know of any other provider of satellite panoramic images?

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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

SatellitePanoramas.com is no longer offering its service.

Here is a DIY Satellite Panoramas workflow from this WGAN Forum discussion from two years ago.

Is this helpful?



Originally Posted by @whereareweat
Hey Dan, first post so … 😃, not 100% sure which thread to post this to, as there seems to be a few floating around aerial imaging. This seems the best given the originator was about SatellitePanoramas, and I think what I did was just a manual process to their solution, maybe?

Firstly your post was super helpful in knowing where to start on this.

So here's the example

Kudos to the https://threesixty.tours/ simples, upload and you're done. (the fact you’ve made http://photo-sphere-viewer.js.org sooooo easy is awesome and as you can see I’ve not really used any of the markers/MP stuff etc at all, but I totally get what's available to me. My goal was to generate a 360.

So as a previous member states it was pretty straight forward once you get started. And really my only existing cost was my ACC subscription, as I was using the trial of PTGui - hence the watermark on the 360 (but that is an inexpensive purchase in the whole scheme of things, and its one and done) and the free subscription to https://threesixty.tours/, mange to test in 5 attempts .

So Lessons learned for me,

1. Photoshop was shockingly bad trying to render spherically - so after multiple attempts I just gave up and went with PTGui, no surprise I suppose

2. The KML can be loaded directly into the browser version of google earth and was easy to navigate through the 29 images you need to create, a little time consuming, minutes not hours. I'm sure I can automate that piece.

3. Steps I took were

1. Find lat long, move the marker back though so to get a better circle of images around the location you want, trial and error
2. http://loh.fr/panokml.php - create the KML file -> I run this code locally now
3. Load into https://earth.google.com/web/ -> bookmarks -> “import KML file” - you may need to enable KML import in settings
4. Voila - 29 location points, double click on each and take a screen shot
5. PTGui import / Photoshop - camera raw; back and forth to tweak
6. Create panorama
7. Upload to https://threesixty.tours/

4. I personally found this tutorial helpful, it walked through some of the PTGUI aspects - fyi paid subscription on Lynda.com (or through premium linked in)
- "https://www.lynda.com/course-tutorials/Learning-Aerial-Photography-Drones/574708-2.html”
- The Tutorial made me remember I needed to add a proper sky as google earth doesn’t give you one of those 😃 stars, but no clouds

5. My PS skills are not great so the lighting doesn’t really blend, but was quick and dirty to see if this was indeed doable quickly, but some cool tricks could be applied for very little investment (time mainly)

6. Obviously hugely constrained by google, populated areas obviously work best, again lots of trial and error playing around with the altitude.

I found it fun to play around with anyway. All your points resonated to a large degree, fun times ahead...

Have a good weekend.
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Pau private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Dan for your quick response.

My interest in satellite panoramic images is for commercial purposes. I know the technique for panning from Google Earth, but from what I have read they cannot be used for commercial purposes. Do you know of any provider?

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Cincinnati, OH
leonherbert private msg quote post Address this user
@Pau https://eos.com/blog/top-high-resolution-satellite-imagery-providers/
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Pau private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks @leonherbert for the information. I have sent some emails, to see if I am lucky and I receive a good response. I will tell you.

Do you not know any company that offers 360º panoramic satellite imagery for commercial use?

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Cincinnati, OH
leonherbert private msg quote post Address this user
@Pau No I don't but what are you looking for specifically? Are we talking drone height or satellite height?

I create 360's from drone height photography. What specifically are you trying to achieve?
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Pau private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @leonherbert

I am looking for a provider of 360º satellite panoramic images for commercial use in the style of the following samples:

With the intention of creating projects like this

If you know how to get a provider of these types of scenarios, I would be deeply grateful. I know the Google Earth panoramic technique, but from what I have read, they cannot be used for commercial purposes.
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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Any vendors that provide 360º satellite panoramas?


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