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Lawsuit against matterport10406

Belfast U.K.
3dshowcaseuk private msg quote post Address this user
I see on the Facebook feed there is talk of a lawsuit by @GeorgeK against matterport but I am struggling to understand what this is for

I never was great with legal jargon, can anyone elaborate?

Here is the link provided

clickable text
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Garnetwest private msg quote post Address this user
The matter has been delayed until Dec 13th...Matterport has new General Counsel who needs to get up to speed on the case.
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Belfast U.K.
3dshowcaseuk private msg quote post Address this user
What is the case about?
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jasondavidpage private msg quote post Address this user
I read through the paperwork and didn't see the actual complaint. I wonder if this is what he's suing about.
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Bon Secour, AL
Chemistrydoc private msg quote post Address this user
I see he filed it as a potential class action suit - that's got to have some trial lawyers salivating.

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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
Below is the actual filing by the Attorneys for the class action suit. The way I understand it in order to file a class action suit in a State they need to name one resident of that State in question so they named George. If the suit is upheld by the courts then all residents of California would benefit from the suit. Another document states damages in excess of $25,000 so I'm not sure what the Attorneys final ask are. But according to documents listed by the link provided above by @3dshowcaseuk Matterport have ask for a delay in the case. The who case revolves on Matterport not registering as a “seller assisted marketing plan” (“SAMP”)which in the case of California is something companies are suppose to do if they promote them selves as offering leads to individuals or companies who purchase their products. Thanks to @3dshowcaseuk for spotting this. I hope that WGR will keep this topic updated as it proceeds as I find it interesting that a group of Attorneys feel they have a case here and wonder if it will be something that may have an impact in other States going forward.

Piaintz'ff’s Statement
Plaintiff GEORGE KENNER. responded to solicitation and advertisement for
“business opportunity” relating t0 the use of 3D camera imaging fionfi multiple solicitations fi‘om
Defendant. After purchase of Defendant’s product and service plan, Piaintiff found that Defendant
engaged in business as “seller assisted marketing plan” (“SAMP”) entity for several years, at no
time did it comply with California’s unique statutory requirement to register with the California Office 0f Aflomgy General (“GAG”) as required by California Civil Code sections 1812.200, er
seq., known as the Seller Assisted Marketing Plan Act (“SAMP Act”). In fact, after several
inquiries, as of July 9, 2019, Plaintiff KENNER discovered and confirmed with the California OAG that Defendants never registered or made effort t0 comply with the SAMP Act or any 0f its
disclosure requirements.
Plaintiff brings this class action on behalf 0f persons residing in the State of California who purchased certain cameras and service plan sold and provided by Defendant for
Defendant’s violation 0f the SAMP Act, as well as California’s Unfair Competition Law
(“UCL”), Business Professions Code sections 17200, et séq., and California’s False
Advertising Law (“FAL”), Business Professions Code sections 17500, et seq.
Plaintiff is unaware of any specific contract provisions that affect the case or may assist
in resolution of any significant issue in the case.
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justinv private msg quote post Address this user
Why would they change attorneys 4 months into this? That doesn't make any sense to me.
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jellofan private msg quote post Address this user
for those who care, case portal:
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Changesin3d private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by 3dshowcaseuk
I see on the Facebook feed there is talk of a lawsuit by @GeorgeK against matterport but I am struggling to understand what this is for

I went an looked for the Facebook feed and as close as I could find Chris P who I believe is an ambassador is the one that broke this story, he also states that Chris Bell and Jonathan Buckley are gone. I think the term chris used is "let go." Maybe he is acting as the new P.R. guy, but it seems odd that he would want to draw attention to this case. I hope Dan can confirm the changes in marketing and get Chris to come on an do an interview.
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San Francisco
Jwbuckl private msg quote post Address this user
@Changesin3d The reports of my Matterport demise are greatly exaggerated. As the fulltime hired team comes up to speed including the new social media manager Mia, my consulting team will be transitioning out. Just not right now.

Chris P does not speak for Matterport as previously stated in another thread.
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Changesin3d private msg quote post Address this user
@GarySnyder I went looking for that lawsuit and found that there is another one, and it has to do with "contract" I took the company name on the filing, who is appears to be a plaintiff and it looks like he is an MSP... I can not find the page that address the reason for that lawsuit. (maybe you can)

I am also wondering if you ever heard from Chris Petracco relative to the reason he feels it was important to announce / warn all the other partners of the law suit. There has to be a reason he wants to warn us. How does could this lawsuit effect us the "Partners." Maybe Mr. Buckley can ask Chris to explain why he felt he should warn us all.

[Screen Grab Removed by Dan Smigrod at Copyright Holder's Request.]
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71304 11 11
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