Video: GoPro MAX Comparison w/ GoPro Fusion, Vuze XR, Insta360 ONE X & Titan in 5.6K 360° | Video courtesy of CreatorUp (26 October 2019)

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From 360º Camera Subject Matter Expert CreatorUp YouTube Channel:

GoPro MAX vs GoPro Fusion vs Insta360 ONE X vs Vuze XR vs Insta360 Titan in this 5.6K 360 VR video. Most of the reviews out there treat the brand new GoPro MAX as a 2D Action Camera - but it is not. This is a 360 filmmaking tool and should be reviewed and compared in 360 VR inside VR Headset like Oculus Go or Oculus Quest. This video, we will exam the EAC Projection of the GoPro MAX and find out how much better than GoPro Fusion. We will answer the question: if you are a 360 filmmaker who owns GoPro Fusion or Insta360 ONE X already, should you upgrade to GoPro MAX?

0:00 - introduction
1:30 - GoPro MAX 360 footage
4:15 - GoPro MAX strengthens and weaknesses in 360 VR
5:58 - GoPro Fusion 360 footage
8:11 - Insta360 ONE X 360 footage
9:32 - Insta360 ONE X HDR 360 video footage
10:00 - Vuze XR 360 footage
10:37 - Insta360 Titan vs GoPro MAX


Source: CreatorUp YouTube Channel

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