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Inman (27 September 2019) Sotheby’s adds new exclusive, luxury decor to virtual staging app

"Sotheby’s International Realty announced on Friday an update to Curate, the brokerage’s roOomy-powered augmented reality staging app. With the update, Sotheby’s agents can virtually stage listings with exclusive furniture and decor from Perigold, Wayfair.com’s luxury brand."

"With the partnership, Perigold has provided options for the bedroom and dining, living, and recreation rooms. To virtually stage a listing, agents must open the Curate app and choose the Perigold collection. From there, they’ll be asked to scan the floor with their phone’s camera to get the room’s dimensions."

"Once they’ve scanned the entire floor and confirmed the layout, Perigold’s furniture and decor will populate the room. If a buyer likes any of the furniture or decor, they can purchase it through links to Perigold on the Curate app or through Sotheby’s “shop-a-room” function on their global website."

Source: Inman

The above may help you pitch virtual staging to your residential real estate clients.



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