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Question of the Day: Critque This Matterport 3D Tour: $40,500,000 Listing10207

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Matterport 3D Tour of Residence 950: a $40,500,000 listing in San Francisco by Joel Goodrich with Coldwell Banker and Josh Altman with Douglas Elliman.

Hi All,

WGAN Question of the Day for Saturday, 28 September 2019:

What would you have done differently scanning Residence 950?

Matterport provided me with this Matterport 3D Tour of Residence 950: $40,500,000 listing in San Francisco by Joel Goodrich with Coldwell Banker and Josh Altman with Douglas Elliman.

You can learn a lot by critiquing a Matterport 3D Tour shot by someone else. A bonus that you are touring every inch of a $40,500,000 listing (when you are ready to downsize).

What would you have done differently scanning Residence 950?


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lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user
I like it though the tour did initially lock up on my on my 27" 5k iMac (loaded fine on the external site)

I like the day & night shots ~ It would be awesome if Matterport could integrate a way to toggle between the day and night shots for these areas

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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
A great scan with a poor presentation.

The guided tour (walkthrough) is horrible.

And I would recommend to use MPEmbed to hide those Mattertags from walkthrough and probably also from dollhouse.

I don't like the camera in the mirror e.g. here clickable text

And most of the Mattertag informations are not entertaining, you could better use MPEmbeds text or voice annotations in the panos.

And I would probably build a RelaHQ site with the tour, retouched snapshots and maybe also with drone footage and a video header.
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3DVirtuallyThere private msg quote post Address this user
I'd like to know how big is this wonderful beauty! Love the use of the tags.

How many scan points, how long did it take?
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3DVirtuallyThere private msg quote post Address this user
What camera's were used? The Walkthrough is very clean compared to mine have glitchy transitions.

Theta Z for the outside?
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izoneguy private msg quote post Address this user
Can any homeless people see you while you are swimming in the pool?
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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
I also think it's an awesome property, scanned thoroughly, but presented poorly. The walkthrough left me wondering what the property was really like. No excuse for soo many cameras in mirrors either.
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Penebel IDN
WayanMatt private msg quote post Address this user
How many Scans ?
probably more than 200 ? ...
Has it been stitched ? (thing Matterport refuses now ? ... probably as it has been use during RJ pittman conferences)
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Club Member
Brooklyn, New York
SpencerLasky private msg quote post Address this user
Was this done internally by realtor and employee's or was it an outside provider and if so what was the fee for such work? That is critical, in NYC I saw a provider offering .10cents a foot That works out to be 120.00 per 1200 ft space - not sustainable!

The property is amazing however wow, I wish I could consider that place I think it would make me happy
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lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user
@WayanMatt I have done several large projects in the 600 scan position range without needing anything stitched.
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San Francisco
Jwbuckl private msg quote post Address this user
@WayanMatt Not sure how many scan points but I will try and find out the total. It appears well more than 200 at first blush. No, I do not believe stitching was used. As long as you have a powerful iPad, there are consistent reports like @lilnitsch above who are able to capture far greater than 200 scans per model without issue.

@Spencerlasky Matterport worked with an MSP on this model. I am not sure of the fee or likely at liberty to disclose the MSP's business if I did. Sorry.

I do know that three separate cameras were used for the model: the Pro2, the BLK360 (outdoors) and the iPhone smartphone capture app (for the garage). A (~20) tripod was used to capture rooftops.
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Bon Secour, Alabama
Chemistrydoc private msg quote post Address this user
Not to beat a dead horse, but having such an unprofessional presentation really diminishes the tech at play here. Couldn't they find an MSP who could keep the camera not only out of mirrors, but out of glass reflections, etc? Some of the scan sequences seem a bit random as well.

It's a stunning property, and it's a great example of using different cameras in the same model, but the actual scanning....not so much.

Maybe I'm just jealous that I don't own a BLK360....(lol)

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San Francisco
Jwbuckl private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod I left these project facts in another thread but thought I would leave them here too.

- Approximately 300 scan points (there were about 400 but were de-duped)
- No stitching
- Three cameras used: BLK360, Pro2 and iPhone with an alpha version of the HSC app (for the garage)
- 20' tripod used for exterior roof shots
- MSP = Bill Robinson of Capture It 3D out of Oakland, CA, Matty Award Winner in 2017
- Garage scan performed by Matterport with the iPhone
- Captured over several days/times thus the ability to show light variations outside
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BillRobinson private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the feedback as it is always helpful to get input from other professionals.

I did the scanning, but not the presentation.

Mirrors - When I first started scanning 7 years ago with the Beta 'egg' scanner, I had to cover all mirrors with white paper before scanning a property. The early software couldn't handle a mirror. So my 'relationship' may come from another point of view. Also, my background prior to MP was interior design, not photography. So I approach it with an eye toward client perspective in viewing focal points, standing at focal points, and trying to follow the natural traffic pattern flows. I basically ignore mirrors in regards to scanner reflections. My philosophy is if it is seen in one mirror or reflection, then the viewer is going to see it. The only complaints I have had are from 2 agents (still with me), other MSP's, photographers and marketing people. I let my clients know the reflection will be in mirrors, glass, picture glass, shadows and their clients will see a piece of high-tech equipment they've never seen before. I do a good number of very high-end, multi-million dollar properties/penthouses each year and have not received any mirror complaints.

Rather than spend my time on dodging mirrors and placing vases, I do exterior step-outs on 90% of my residential scans. Usually including the front porch/yard, back yard, balconies, overhangs, etc. With mirrors, I really don't think it matters at all to the end user/consumer. And they all appreciate the exterior scan points.

Basically, while I respect everyone's varying opinions about this topic, I believe the mirror concerns are overblown. And I certainly don't want a manual, photoshop approach to removing them.

Having said all that, if a client wanted no/few mirrors, I'd accommodate, but add to my standard fee.

Scans - there are 447 aligned scan points, with a total of 488 scans. Most non-alignments were due to sunlight. I also deleted some scans. A Pro2 was used for the interior and 75% of the exterior. I used the BLK360 to bridge across the open lawn, some key data points and elevated on the extended tripod. MP used an iPhone to capture the garage for the demo, but the Pro2 captured it for the Space.

Mixing the Pro2 and BLK went smoothly overall, with a few minor hiccups with the BLK.

Time - The scan was done over two days. I don't have an exact amount of time it took, but to say 9-10 hours of scan time would be close.

Could have gone quicker except for having to re-scan a couple rooms, veranda on the first day due to movement of sliding glass doors, etc; other photographers on site all of first day, along with other guests coming and going.
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74361 14 14
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