Matterport 3D Tour by We Get Around Network Photographer Dan Smigrod

Hi All,

When you "walk around" this Matterport 3D Tour (above), you may - or may not notice - that the camera height is:

✓ just above the bed
✓ just below the bedroom mirror
✓ just below the bathroom sink
✓ the vertical remain vertical while walking
✓ the room looks bigger than it is (because of the height of the camera

I suspect that many Matterport Pros are shooting with the camera at eye level - or slightly lower.

If you like my example above, what's holding you back from lowering the camera height?



P.S. I lower the height of the camera even more in the bathtub for "bathtub view"

P.P.S. When the ceiling are high, I would make the camera higher. For example, for 10 foot ceilings, I would put the camera height at five feet (no higher).