Yesterday KR Pano announced version 1.2 - and a companion to that is Everpano 3D.
Everpano 3D uses depth maps and in conjuction with a pano you can get a walking feel.

This is a sample page showing what is possible - the demo was shot with a Z1.
You can play with the controls to get a feel for what you can do,

Depthmap-Tour of the 'Little Temple of Abu Simbel'
A full-featured demo tour using depthmaps. It demonstrates how to view a pano dynamically from new perspectives, e.g. to show wall friezes undistorted. Additionally the depthmaps allow nice 3D-transitions. The tour offers automatic- and manually-generated hotspots for navigation. The depthmaps were generated by the everpano 3D tool, the tour itself manually designed and coded. A little helper tool for finding 3D viewpoint and hotspot positions is also included.