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One of the 20+ Matterport job openings include:

Customer Marketing Manager - Social Media Manager
(San Francisco or Sunnyvale)

Matterport is a 3D immersive media SaaS company that makes it easy for anyone to quickly and inexpensively create digital 3D models of any physical space. Our 3D immersive media platform is used across many industries to improve how people make decisions about properties.

It improves the way people experience and visualize physical spaces making it fun and practical for users to move through real world spaces as if they were there. We are the world leader in the category we invented, having built digital twins of over 2 million properties so far!

Beginning in residential real estate, where 8% of all homes sold in the US last year had a Matterport 3D tour, the company has changed how people experience physical spaces. Our product offering is selling exponentially in new markets: apartment and vacation rentals, hotels, event venues, insurance, retail environments, as well as in architecture, engineering, and construction.

With funding from a group of stellar VCs and investors, we are changing the way we all see the world!

Matterport is looking for an enthusiastic Marketing Manager to manage professional profiles & Social Media. The qualified candidate will provide skilled, high-touch monitoring, moderating, and setting of policy for all Matterport professional and social media worldwide. This position is at the forefront of our growth strategy and reaches a large audience worldwide.

The ideal candidate will enhance our brand and build strong online communities through social media platforms. The successful candidate will also be required to collect and review audience data to develop more effective campaigns and integrate with our paid search and social strategies. This role will be responsible for developing and administering social media content that is designed to engage users and create a community that fosters an enduring online relationship between customers and the company.


✓ Responsible for monitoring, moderating, and setting policy for all Matterport professional and social media activity worldwide.
✓ Build rapport with customers to increase renewals, referrals, and cross-sell and upsell opportunities throughout customer journey.
✓ Responsible for customer communication programs, such as regular contests, promotions, awards programs and GTM feature launches that are integral to all Marcomm, PR, and customer-centric community activities (ie social promotion meetups, customer webinars, and blogs).
✓ Connecting with customers to ensure continued education and success throughout the relationship lifecycle so they will become raving influencers of MP.
✓ Single point of contact for managing Matterport's official brand presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.
✓ Develop a customer lifecycle campaign program and work with marketing operations to implement.
✓ Create special marketing content for account management/customer success to help at-risk customers with training.
✓ Target happy customers for upsell, cross-sell, and advocacy opportunities
✓ Interfaces regularly with our PR firms in New York and London around official communications and corporate marketing.
✓ Works closely with freelance and contract consultants on writing, curation and model seeding (ie strategic MP scans and videos to feed Instagram, Pinterest), etc.
✓ Updates all feeds with relevant new material daily.
✓ Coordinates with Performance Marketing to align messaging and ad spend optimizations with earned media on social.


✓ Experience creating and executing social marketing campaigns and programs that drive customer engagement and advocacy.
✓ Previous Customer Service, Account Management and Social Media experience.
✓ Technical knowledge of the latest digital marketing tools and channels, including Customer Relationship Management platforms and marketing automation platforms.
✓ Ability to write effective copy is a necessity; graphic design capabilities are a plus
✓ Familiarity with B2B marketing, lead generation, and sales processes.
✓ Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on communications, marketing, and business.

Matterport has created a new technology frontier at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. Our hardware and software solutions allow people to scan, explore, reshape, and share digital 3D models of real-world environments. Integrating heavily with VR and augmented reality, this technology changes the way people experience, learn, and interact with the real world.

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