There are plenty of strategies you can implement, but this one, in my opinion, is effortless.
No many people realize that it's simple to get noticed.
Let say you have a contract to scan a property; you go through your checklist: camera, tripod, battery charged, iPad charged, business card, etc.
You get into your car and drive to the property, stopped by the gas station, the tank is full, grab a bottle of water and continue. You arrived at the property, scan and you finished the job within 2 hours then you keep your day busy going to different places.
Let me ask you something... what did you wear?
Yes! Clothing, what are you wearing?
Just dress accordingly for the occasion, wear your brand to maximize exposition something like this (view example).
I don't know you guys, but anytime I see a brand that I don't recognize I immediately google it, you never know where your next client is going to be.

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