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Early Results of WGAN Pricing Study of Nearly 200 USA Matterport Pros10020

Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

December 2019 | Planned Publication Date

Hi All,

If you are just starting out as a Matterport Service Provider, among the first questions that you are likely asking is, "How much can I charge for Matterport 3D Tours?"

If you are already a Matterport Service Provider, among the likely questions that you are asking is, "Can I charge more for Matterport 3D Tours?" Or, "What are other Matterport Service Providers charging for Matterport 3D Tours?"

Based on preliminary data collection - and benchmarking - of nearly 200 Matterport Service Provider in the United States with publicly available rate cards that will be used to create the December 2019 release of the WGAN Benchmark Pricing Study of Matterport Service Providers in the United States, Matterport Service Providers charge the following for do a residential Matterport 3D Tour:

✓ up to 1,000 SQ FT $0.20
✓ up to 2,000 SQ FT $0.12
✓ up to 3,500 SQ FT $0.09
✓ up to 5,000 SQ FT $0.08

Preliminary data - and benchmarking - of the same group shows:

✓ 6% charge extra for up to 3 months of hosting a residential Matterport Tour
✓ 7% charge extra for up to 6 months of hosting a residential Matterport Tour
✓ 16% charge extra for up to 12 months of hosting a residential Matterport Tour

A related WGAN Forum discussion:

3 Reasons why Matterport Service Providers must start charging Hosting Fees

WGAN did not do a deep dive into if the following is included in the scanning price or handled as an Add On:

✓ creating a Highlight Reel
✓ Trimming the model (on the iPad)
✓ Providing Analytics
✓ Providing a Single Property Website

This means that a real estate agent that asks three different Matterport Pros for pricing, may trying to compare quotes that are Apples to Oranges rather than Apples to Apples (and not know).

For prospects that are shopping around, you may be best to price Highlight Reel (and other services) separately (simply not include it in your quote). It may also be possible to shift some of the scanning charges to Hosting, Maintenance and Support of the Matterport model.

WGAN did chart and benchmark pricing for the following, which will be discussed in a future, separately posted topic to the WGAN Forum:

✓ Matterport auto-generated videos
✓ 2D schematic floor plans
✓ MatterPak
✓ scanning commercial spaces
✓ creating SnapShots
✓ creating MatterTags
✓ the SnapShots that Matterport automatically generates
✓ Bundles

Are you surprised by how much Matterport Service Providers are charging for scanning residential properties for Matterport 3D Tours?


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Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Source: Webinar: Actionable Insights from Matterport’s Top Service Partners (Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Hi All,

Interesting to see how Matterport study of MSP pricing slide (above) compares to the early results of the WGAN Benchmark Pricing Study of nearly 200 Matterport Pros in the United States that have public rate cards. (See my previous post above)

Your thoughts?


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