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MP For Home Builders & Construction6512

Snap private msg quote post Address this user
Could anyone give me a list of compelling reasons for Home Builders and Contractors to use MP?

So far I’ve got:

- 3D record of electrical and plumbing framework
- progress reports for clients
- point cloud data for CAD or Revit work (what kind of work?)

Anything else? Thank you in advance!
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GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
Sales. Many people are out of town and love 3D
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CalumBennett private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Snap, I am a structural engineer and bought the camera for this purpose, main benefit is you can import the OBJ into sketchup or CAD then start carving up the existing model to make any new openings or demolitions to the existing structure, and then add any new building to the model. The benefit, is that you can check everything fits, and one scan doesn't mean you have to keep on going back to the property to re-measure. Client absolutely loved it and they can also look around their property in VR using apps like Kubity etc afterwards. Check out my youtube video for an example of how to do it and what the end product looks like
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
To show the build quality under the drywall
Frame location
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Snap private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you @GlennTremain @CalumBennett and @Jamie for the feedback, much appreciate it
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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
My Home builders have Online Sales Agents who can share the model with clients while they chat online.

New home agents who are allowed to sell in other communities can share a model at their home site and get the buyer to fall in love with a home in another community. Instead of feeling like an auto dealership where the buyer will stumble onto the next home builder a block away.

Families may be involved in the transaction who may live far away. Tours allow that member to view the home while overseas or too far away.
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Mimax_Solutions_Ltd private msg quote post Address this user
We use the Matterport obj to show customers how new products look in a building before they are manufactured, this also helps builders/manufacturers to visualize any problems or clashes with other services before its too late... potentially saving thousands of £££

that being said... The accuracy of the OBJ depends on a lot of variables so all measurements from the obj should be checked on site....

for example I scanned the building below with Matterport for reference and visualization purposes, then measured critical elements required for manufacturing (stairs/doors) with a Flexijet which records 3D points but only where you ask it. This gives you a lot cleaner file to work with and is extremely accurate.

we then design the stairs to the flexijet file and drop the new stairs in to the obj for visualizations.The matterport measurements were between 40/80mm on the level of each flight of stairs.This difference is slightly larger than usual due to access problems between floors when scanning with Matterport, I had to hold the tripod on a ladder when scanning for alignment between floors.. (you can see the top of my head on some of the scans)

All files are a work in progress......

The below is the 3D scan used for production from the Flexijet, it looks messy but all points are selected by the operator so only the information required is recorded.

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Mimax_Solutions_Ltd private msg quote post Address this user
thought I would add another clip to show how you can fly-though the matterport obj with added 3D objects to show clients..

not a finished file, camera angles/speed/lighting need to be sorted and the stairs are to have walnut treads/handrail...

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Snap private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks so much @VLTV and Mimax_Solutions_Ltd really appreciate the input
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