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Time to scan- iPhone or iPad for Matterport Expertise 9 27 daysWingman (1297): If they had had it first it would have more logic in it. However they have released it as it is and they are ruining impressions from their own product. And on top of that they have created a lot of problems for their own providers. It all could be avoided. They could just get their pro services aligned and done quickly. Why chasing extra revenue from small users with IoS devices when they can start doing what they promised to their...
Who's including Zillow 3D tours with your services? realeshots 10 3 monthsrealeshots (137): Correct, so your info does not show up on the Zillow tour, the listing agent does. I just did not know if you needed to attribute the tour somehow to the listing agent, but it goes with the property, not the agent. Thanks!
Inman: "Need a virtual tour solution now? Here are our top picks" DanSmigrod 4 4 monthsEricTsai (52): Thanks for sharing Dan! We are honored to be featured on Inman again as we continue to ramp up our operation here in the US.
New! Zillow 3D Homeā„¢ + Ricoh Theta Z1 for multi-family rental listings DanSmigrod 2 8 monthslilnitsch (1226): With the last update Zillow's 3D tour app started asking if the tour was a rental or residential re-sale. In addition to this feature Zillow also, has made some pretty major improvements to the automatic linking of the 360 imagery making backend editing nearly non-existent. Overall (whether you like Zillow or not), their tool set is getting better every day. Zillow boosts properties with a Zillow 3D tour &/or Video walk through so, it...
How to Add a Matterport 3D Tour to a Zillow Listing DanSmigrod 3 8 monthsDanSmigrod (21980): @Home3D Yes. Next time Zillow executives are on WGAN-TV Live at 5, I will ask them ... Thanks in advance for your WGAN-TV reports from the 2019 Commercial UAV Expo Americas this week. Please tag: uavexpo19 Best, Dan
Marketing strategies for selling zillow 3D Home Tours - I need help. Mungo 2 9 monthsChemistrydoc (1264): @Mungo Good job in finding a niche! I've had incredible resonance with my clients with the Zillow 3D Home - NOT because of the beautiful photography (it's not), but because of the advantages that it achieves. You need to sell it as a marketing boost / enhancer. Let them know that for 1 week, they have preferred search placement, the home gets extra email blast treatment, etc. Get the exact facts from your Zillow contact and pitch those...
Zillow 3D Home Tour using the Theta Z1 TomLeinbaugh 4 1 yearTomLeinbaugh (6): The Zillow app automatically adds many of the navigational arrows between spaces, but I added some myself later. While taking photos you are given a choice of area/room labels from a list in the app, which you can change later when editing the tour.
Is anyone impressed by the Zillow 3D Tour? eggardner 16 1 yearVTLV (2061): @eggardner - Glad you are able to see some room to be impressed still. I personally do not have an Iphone X, so I am not sure about clarity. I can tell you that the stitching program using phones in Zillow can give stitching errors in just about every tour. I use a theta V and have learned that home designs, windows and time of day have a lot to do with the lighting and our ability to great a picture. We can't control the pink dot when we get...