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Threads tagged with 'Tip'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Tips Needed: How can we eliminate "top scatter"? Networker 3 3 monthsProperty3dNZ (610): There is no way to remove it at this stage - any property you scan with high ceilings, skylights etc will generate something similar. This is not a new issue and I have been asking since June 25th, 2015 for there to be a fix with this (I can remember exactly where I was standing in a cafe I was scanning when MP called me and we discussed this in depth lol). I raised it again earlier this week with Dee hoping they might be able to do a sly fix up...
Who knew ? leonherbert 4 5 monthsleonherbert (148): @Walkabout that was the extra step I was talking about :)
Compositing for Interiors HarlanHambright 3 5 monthsrzphotoman (637): @HarlanHambright Nice work and thanks for not only sharing but showing us how to do it.
Re-processed model gets different floor plan sbl110 3 5 monthssbl110 (208): Hi Marcia, In my case, I was also trying to scan a very large two-level deck. That didn't go so well. I used 360 shots and added them in to the auto tour instead. Still, because I copied the model and re-submitted, it had to start from scratch. It took around 14 hours to process. Good thing the bulk of that was overnight. It's sad that after four years of operations, feedback and development you would think that they would at least have...
Free URL Shortener Tool: Your Brand DanSmigrod 2 6 monthsMetroplex360 (8410): Google make me so sad sometimes. They sunset some of my favorite things ... Discontinued_Google_services iGoogle Homepage - Was my start page for the web! (I now use Taskade as a task-mastering on each new tab experience .. still liked iGoogle) Google Reader - Was how I digested the web! (Feedly is my new viewer and I don't like it as much) Google Glasses (I saw huge potential here) Google...
Squarespace & Matterport link Ghagendorf 2 7 monthsDanSmigrod (16357): @Ghagendorf Step-by-Step instructions about how to embed a Matterport 3D tour within a SquareSpace website in this WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ SquareSpace & Matterport (Heading to the office now. I may be slow to reply, if you write back.) Best, Dan P.S. It's easy-peasy!
Let's Add 360 Views to Street View! Metroplex360 10 7 monthsCharetteImaging (25): GoThru has been a savior for me, especially when it comes to “fixing” the extra connections between panos after uploading from MP to GSV. WELL worth the $2 per tour!
Tips on a Matterport Scan of a Large Space DanSmigrod 3 7 monthsangusnorriss (169): Good post - i’m about embark on an epic scan. Been reading and learning. Anyone shot aircraft so you can see wing not just fuselage? I want an ‘all-angle-fly-in’ at height of approx 100ft. I need to see the whole plane. If I scan any lower and get no wings of the plane I just get a hotdog dollshouse with a cockpit!. The MSP edition of the 747. Think I need to hire a prop tower on wheels and strap a camera to it. Advice appreciated....
MatterTag: Generating a URL for a photo? Queen_City_3D 6 7 monthsGlennTremain (1393): its the web equivalent of looking for your reading glasses when its on top of your head. I do that all the time
How to Find Google Street View Short Code DanSmigrod 2 8 monthsMetroplex360 (8410): @DanSmigrod -- BTW, if your forum author wants to adapt any of my free Wordpress Plugin to make this even easier, he's welcome as it's open source. There's a great bit that allows you to find your tour using search or a map that I adapted from another author (with permission / blessing). Might be a worthwhile investment of time!
Super Bowl Selfie: 29 Second Video, and ... GlennTremain 3 8 monthsArtisticConcepts (586): Love This!
Tips: How to Connect MP->GSV to Street View DanSmigrod 13 8 monthsMetroplex360 (8410): @advancehdr - The client used the Matterport tours :) I use GSV as a conversation starter to sell Matterport Tours. There's value in having it as an option, but Matterport Spaces are more valuable than GSV tours.
Great Light Tracking App rzphotoman 8 8 monthsimad (106): I came across an amazing product, i think you and many fellow WGAN's would like to try. Actually there is this product that instead of telling you what the right settings are, it'll take the best shot itself using AI so an amature photo can look professional .. however this is what the company is promising i hope they'er right ... its called ARSENAL. @rzphotoman Thanks for the advice, however if you tried the ARSENAL one day we'd love to hear...
IFRAMELY Plugin for Responsive Embed Code DanSmigrod 1 9 monthsDanSmigrod (16357): Hi All, Saw this gem in a related WGAN Forum discussion by @Metroplex360 ... iFRAMELY for Responsive Embed Code Got a tip to share? Please start a new discussion. Happy New Year, Dan
Tip: How to do automatic monthly billing DanSmigrod 3 2 yearsCKC (85): Thanks Dan .