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Topics tagged with Stats'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
How to Automate Sending Matterport Analytics Reports to your Clients DanSmigrod 7 1 monthDanSmigrod (18706): Grab from an email received by Dan Smigrod from CAPTUR3D on 11 June 2019. Hi All, I received another CAPTUR3D automated email with the viewing stats of my Matterport 3D Tour example that has only been posted to the WGAN Forum. I see that 140 people looked at this tour example 376 times for an average of 2:44 minutes between 11 May and 12 June 2019. The nice...
Dream Job at Matterport DanSmigrod 6 3 monthsWingman (421): They probably have seen your post Dan and changed it to 8% ;-)
Stat: 8 percent of all homes sold in the US in '18 had a Matterport 3D Tour DanSmigrod 8 3 monthsDanSmigrod (18706): Hi All, In this Matterport job posting, the percentage says 4.5 percent. ✓ Dream Job at Matterport/#1 I would save the stat got revised down, BUT, in this Matterport job posting on the same day - Thursday, 18 April 2019, the stat is 8 percent. ✓ Dream Job at Matterport/#2 Which is it? Dan
Video: Matterport 3D Camera - How It Helps Sellers Stand Apart! DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (18706): Matterport 3D Camera - How It Helps Sellers Stand Apart! | Video courtesy of Caitlin Davis Nashville Real Estate YouTube Channel Hi All, This video (above) is an example of a real estate agent "all in" to differentiate her business with Matterport to get more listings. "Instagram verse real life, we all gravitate towards those beautifully posed photos, and the same thing goes for...
NAR: "44% of buyers start their home search online" DanSmigrod 2 4 monthsHome3D (1011): The stat I refer to - and this is over two years old - was the NAR statement that 51% of buyers (think it was 2016) "found the home they ended up purchasing on the internet". Bottom line, Buyers search online, mostly without the help of an agent, then call on an agent to help make the purchase. Curb appeal is now a minor issue - Online appeal is everything as it is the "First Impression" buyers have of every listing. So...
Question of the Day: Do you target For Sale By Owner (FSBO)? DanSmigrod 3 4 monthsizoneguy (306): I knew this seller...he was asking me about taking photos of his FSBO and I said - I have even more I can do for you. This seller has only sold his homes on his own - never used a realtor. Of course this property is not a typically property.
Redfin: 20% of Homebuyers Make Offers on Houses They Never Visit DanSmigrod 16 4 monthsWingman (421): Thank you Dan for publishing that statement in the first place. It looks like with a very little awareness for their product in my area publishing statements like this in a Facebook post boosting format is the only way to tell potential customers why this product is so good. Short google and bing ad formats cannot do it.
Matterport Tours: "80% increase in enquiries"/"4x more engaging than video" DanSmigrod 1 5 monthsDanSmigrod (18706): Grab: Phoria Hi All, I noticed these stats on Melbourne, Australia-based Matterport Service Provider Phoria. "With Matterport, we have visualised more than 1,000 unique spaces across Australia since 2014. Leading portal demonstrates that listings featuring a 3D tour receive an 80% increase in enquiries and are 4x more engaging...
Source of Statistic: Matterport in 7 Percent of USA MLS Listings DanSmigrod 7 5 monthsDanSmigrod (18706): @immersivespaces Thank you for the insight with real numbers. Much appreciated. Dan
Matterport statistics report lacking..... mjstef 4 6 monthsMetroplex360 (9194): Yup.
Matterport Collaborators: Will This Enable the Client to See Analytics? eggardner 4 6 monthsShakoure (267): I think, however, there's a limit to the number of collaborators depending on your MP subscription level.
IDC Forecasts Double-Digit Growth for the 3D Scanner Market DanSmigrod 1 6 monthsDanSmigrod (18706): IDC Hi All, Good news from International Data Corporation (IDC) ... IDC (8 January 2019) IDC Forecasts Double-Digit Growth for the 3D Scanner Market as New Use Cases Emerge --- IDC Forecasts Double-Digit Growth for the 3D Scanner Market as New Use Cases Emerge FRAMINGHAM, Mass., January 8, 2019 – In its first forecast of the 3D scanner...
Matterport Statistics Pgrim 6 6 monthsHome3D (1011): All of Matterport’s muscle should be engaged to get to make a big deal of listings which include MP. The site’s tiny “3D View” button should instead be huge to incentivize agents to include MP. Realtor should publicly boast that they are the largest aggregator festuring MP 3D. Look at Zillow: listings with Video have a big clear “VIDEO” button begging to be clicked, and I suspect Zillow will do as much or more with their...
Is the interest in Matterport growing, flat or declining? DanSmigrod 8 6 monthsHome3D (1011): I concur with Fotoguy, even though i’m contradicting my own post from three months ago. Strong housing market = agents who see little need to invest in marketing. MP expansion is captive to the same forces as Cupix, Geo and all similar systems - Will the public demand it.(?) That’s the issue. The public now demands that listings have photos, so no agent dares to suggest listing a home without them. Any agent who proposed “no photos”...
Forecast: Global VR Headset Shipments DanSmigrod 2 7 monthsDouglasMeyers (856): This is why I started a VR business on the side...
How many Matterport cameras worldwide? angusnorriss 10 8 monthsmori (707): At they dropped from rank #26 (2017) to rank #378 (2018).
"86% look-up the location of a business on Google Maps" DanSmigrod 1 8 monthsDanSmigrod (18706): HubSpot Source: HubSpot @Moz @Moz Hi All, Thought these stats might be helpful as you pitch Matterport...
Odometer rolling over... Queen_City_3D 1 9 monthsQueen_City_3D (2418): We'll be topping 1 Million impressions in the next day or so, and hopefully 1 Million "Visits" soon enough. I took a screen shot as it reminded me of the time I stared at my car dashboard watching the odometer roll over from 99,999 to 100,000 km (yes, my car counts in kilometers, not miles) Of course... Would've been over 1 Mil a while ago if I hadn't...
CB Research: 62% will choose a real estate agents that offer VR (3D) Tours DanSmigrod 1 10 monthsDanSmigrod (18706): Hi All, "... 77% of survey respondents want to take VR tours of homes before visiting..." "... 84% want to see video footage. They don’t just want to get an idea of the layout and condition of the home. "... 68% said they want to use VR to see how their current furniture looks in the home.? "... 62% of survey respondents said they would go with a real estate agent who made VR technology...
Redfin Survey-45% of millennial homebuyers made offers sight-unseen in 2017 DanSmigrod 1 10 monthsDanSmigrod (18706): Hi All, 45% of millennial homebuyers made offers sight-unseen in 2017, according to Redfin in this Forbes article: ✓ Home Buying Goes High-Tech As Millennials Become Largest Real Estate Buyers (26 Sept. 2018) Plus, "... consumers aged 36 and younger represented the biggest share of home buyers, 34% of all purchases, [in 2017], according to the National Research Association as reported in the same article above. How might...
Google Data Studio FurnitureScanner 3 10 monthsFurnitureScanner (64): Visualize Uniques, Visits, Impressions over a time period. Data Studio does this in spades for our Analytics and Adwords data. I probably just need to sit down and see if I can pull something together. They document how to roll your own connector with their "Community Connector." The default analytical data that MP generates is meh at best.
NAR Study: Value of Virtual Tours and Floor Plans among Home Buyers DanSmigrod 7 1 yearHome3D (1011): For MSPs who are not professional photographers (not skilled in shooting RAW, Lightroom, Photoshop...) stills pulled from MP are a great option. I'd also propose that for very low budget properties, shooting MP and delivering its stills for MLS use are an upgrade over just mid-quality stills, without MP. That being said, MP stills do not compare with a skilled photographer's work with a DLSR. Maybe someday but not today. But I'm encouraging...
ROI of Dealership Matterport Scan? coulee360 2 1 yearShowcasePros (4): I always say, I can create an ROI argument, then I will charge a lot more. ROU is hard to convincr people of in digital. Just my thoughts. Some will. Some won’t. Where’s my next sales call.
Over 4% of US Homes on Sale use Matterport DanSmigrod 3 2 yearsDanSmigrod (18706): @JakeRees Thank you for the backstory. It would be nice to hear from Matterport on how they did this calculation. Dan
Marketing Model Statistics Queen_City_3D 9 2 yearsAcomeau15 (52): @DanSmigrod Our first scan was April 2015! We make sure we help maximize our clients exposure through a few different means, for one having a hand in placement and positioning of the tour is key. That along with digital marketing suggestions / social posting always helps drive a little extra traffic.
2.5%+ of all homes sold in the US had a MP DanSmigrod 10 3 yearsViewing (583): From a marketing/legal pov, Matterport made the 2.5% statement, not us. Use that stat to your advantage I say. For us it makes no difference if the figures are a lovely caramel fudged flavor. Up that figure to 20% next year please.
How to share Matterport Viewing statistics? Chadcloses 5 3 yearslisahinson (778): @DanSmigrod thanks for sending that sharing info!
Matterport Sold 5,000 Cameras>is that a lot? DanSmigrod 10 3 yearsgrmngrl (922): @Metroplex360 you can lead a horse to the water but you can't make it drink. Unfortunately!