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Topics tagged with Research'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Webinar: Actionable Insights from Matterport’s Top Service Partners DanSmigrod 5 3 daysDanSmigrod (19062): Grab from Matterport Webinar: Build A Thriving 3D Photography Business Hi All, Above is another slide from the Matterport Webinar. The slide says: ✓ Homes with Matterport sold for 9.7% more than homes with still photography and video only ✓ Homes with Matterport sold 24% less time on average than homes with still photos and videos only Source: ...
[R&D] Mashing up MP, GeoCV and Touch Screen interactions Tosolini 2 10 daysDanSmigrod (19062): @Tosolini Another way-cool mash-up! I :heart: the idea of a slider showing the "before" and "after" 3D Tour. I could imagine that would be helpful for: 1. Architect - before and after renovation 2. Builder - before and after renovation 3. Furniture - different style furniture 4. Virtual Staging - before and after virtual staging Best, Dan
[R&D] A comparison of GeoCV and Matterport 3D OBJ files Tosolini 8 22 daysConvrts (168): Home3D - we just used the OBJ from a HD GeoCV tour to create a model and it was much the same. Compared to creating the model from Matterport tours as he's done previously my mate (the one who's better at this stuff than me!) said he found it so much easier to work with. Thanks for the comparison Tossolini, really great!
Research: The Matterport 3D Tour likely pays for itself! DanSmigrod 5 23 daysbryanhscott (176): @Jwbuckl So long as the study specs do not lean towards a specific 3D/360 vendor, no issues with who funded it, though I would prefer a consortium of industry pioneers to collaborate on such a project (similar to the working groups that have developed specifications for technology like IEEE 802.3 & 802.11). As asserted in my last post, I do not believe that any knowledgeable buyer will overpay for a property solely due to the availability...
Homes marketed with 3D Tours sell for more in less time Jwbuckl 6 24 daysDanSmigrod (19062): @Jwbuckl Please see this WGAN Forum discussion for more on this stat, what it means for MSPs and a Google Sheet: ✓ Research: The Matterport 3D Tour likely pays for itself! Dan
"homebuyers spend 20 hours looking at 16 homes online before ...visit" DanSmigrod 1 1 monthDanSmigrod (19062): Screen Grab courtesy of Matterport Blog Post Hi All, "... on average, homebuyers spend 20 hours looking at 16 homes online before even scheduling a visit." How can you use this research to get new Matterport 3D Tour clients? I found this marketing GEM here: Matterport Blog (31 May 2019) Study reveals how long it really takes for each step of... - The Hottest Zip Codes of 2019 DanSmigrod 2 1 monthGhagendorf (176): If houses are selling fast realtors don’t value Matterport unless they see it as a selling tool to get the listing, which is not the majority of time. It might be better to look at homes that are not selling fast for 3-D tours.
Video: We Live in a Video-First World DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (19062): | Video: We Live in a Video-First World (4 June 2019) | Video Courtesy of Caroline Dunn YouTube Channel Hi All, If video is one of your services – and it should/must be – this video highlights stats about the use of the video. While the source of the stats ( 2019 Digital Summit Atlanta and Animoto) is old, it's likely that the importance of video - visual storytelling - is that much more...
[R&D] Visualizing Real Estate listings in Augmented Reality Tosolini 3 4 monthsTosolini (2919): @meshimages Take a look at Torch. It's pretty impressive to do AR without coding, although there is a learning curve.
[R&D] Lake Bill at Microsoft HQ: from 3D scan to VR Tosolini 2 5 monthsDanSmigrod (19062): @Tosolini Thanks for sharing. Cool to see the data view of the space. Best, Dan
[R&D] AR + Interactive digital signage Tosolini 1 6 monthsTosolini (2919): What happens when you combine Augmented Reality with interactive touch screen kiosks? We created this mash-up using best in class technologies to demonstrate how you can bring to life a #realestate showcase using digital signage and mobile #AR. Featured in this video: - touch screen kiosk created with Intuiface - 3D model extracted from a Matterport scan (OBJ) - AR experience authored...
May I get your help with this few-minute WGAN Forum Survey? DanSmigrod 19 6 monthsDanSmigrod (19062): @Kumar If you look at the search results of the Matterport website example, it is returning search results from August 20, 2016 and January 17, 2017. That does not look very helpful. We have been using Google for search because it returns WGAN Forum search results that are most helpful. Our current thinking is that Google does a better job doing search than we could do on our own. The trade off is that the results includes Google Ads. Any...
Free! 100 Starbucks Double Chocolaty Chip Crème Frappuccino® Blended Crème DanSmigrod 3 6 monthsDanSmigrod (19062): Hi All, You do not need to be a WGAN Member to complete this survey (and receive the $5 Starbucks eGift card. Best, Dan
[R&D] Magic Leap + MP + Google Earth Studio mash-up Tosolini 3 7 monthsTosolini (2919): @shakoure I asked our XR designer Michael Gelon to describe his workflow for this project, as I think it might help others learn what's behind the scenes. Tosolini - Magic Leap // Matterport // Google Earth Studio // Unity - Breakdown (1) Magic Leap Development with Unity3d and Lumin SDK: The first step was to understand how to export apps from Unity onto a Magic Leap device. Once I could export an empty...
IDC Forecasts Double-Digit Growth for the 3D Scanner Market DanSmigrod 1 8 monthsDanSmigrod (19062): IDC Hi All, Good news from International Data Corporation (IDC) ... IDC (8 January 2019) IDC Forecasts Double-Digit Growth for the 3D Scanner Market as New Use Cases Emerge --- IDC Forecasts Double-Digit Growth for the 3D Scanner Market as New Use Cases Emerge FRAMINGHAM, Mass., January 8, 2019 – In its first forecast of the 3D scanner...
Is the interest in Matterport growing, flat or declining? DanSmigrod 8 8 monthsHome3D (1255): I concur with Fotoguy, even though i’m contradicting my own post from three months ago. Strong housing market = agents who see little need to invest in marketing. MP expansion is captive to the same forces as Cupix, Geo and all similar systems - Will the public demand it.(?) That’s the issue. The public now demands that listings have photos, so no agent dares to suggest listing a home without them. Any agent who proposed “no photos”...
[R&D] Matterport OBJ meets Facebook 3D Photos Tosolini 3 9 monthsTosolini (2919): @dansmigrod Thanks. I think it's important to share knowledge and your forum is a great platform to reach the extended community.
[R&D] VR Business storytelling using MP and more Tosolini 1 10 monthsTosolini (2919): In this video, we combine traditional formats (like photos and PowerPoint slides) with 3D models and immersive media, in order to explore new ways of business storytelling in Virtual Reality. Special thanks to Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste in Italy for letting me 3D scan their fascinating research center. Original 3D Matterport virtual tour: Created in...
CB Research: 62% will choose a real estate agents that offer VR (3D) Tours DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (19062): Hi All, "... 77% of survey respondents want to take VR tours of homes before visiting..." "... 84% want to see video footage. They don’t just want to get an idea of the layout and condition of the home. "... 68% said they want to use VR to see how their current furniture looks in the home.? "... 62% of survey respondents said they would go with a real estate agent who made VR technology...
[R&D] Augmented Reality for Travel: A virtual portal to Italy Tosolini 12 1 yearTosolini (2919): Thanks @imad and @dannybasting Combining a portal with 360 streaming would be an interesting implementation. Good idea!
[R&D] The Augmented Reality Business Cube Tosolini 1 1 yearTosolini (2919): Everyone has a business card - Join Tosolini Productions as we re-imagine the classic card as an Augmented Reality cube. Envision a new way to communicate your business with impact and memorability. The #Unity3d prototype runs on modern Android phones, with augmented elements tracking to a physical Merge Cube object. It focuses on Tosolini Productions' three core business practices: - Touch...
[R&D] iBooks + Matterport mash-up Tosolini 4 1 yearHistoryViewVR (7): Sounds like a great platform for our lesson plans! We will try this out and get back to y'all!
Is a 22% increase in views week to week good, bad or ?? sbl110 6 1 yearjblythe (58): @sbl110 No problem, and happy to help! All we can ever do in a customer service oriented space is supply the client with the information they ask for. I agree every opportunity, good or bad, is a learning opportunity and what we do with that is up to us. I think there really is some value in the information you are able to provide, figuring out the "how" is always the tough part :) jason
[R&D] Happy Augmented Independence Day! Tosolini 1 1 yearTosolini (2919): Just in time for 4th of July, here is our latest R&D project (unrelated to MP, sorry). Explore this demo screencast of a pyrotechnic Android app created with #Unity3d and #ARCore. Users arrange virtual flags and boxes onto real surfaces, leveraging ARCore’s spatial tracking algorithms. Once finished, users are free to detonate and view their custom fireworks sequence. #Vuforia makes an appearance, allowing a virtual sparkler to appear...
[R&D] ARCore + Matterport augmented reality illusion Tosolini 3 1 yearDanSmigrod (19062): @Tosolini :heart: it! Dan
21% of Households with Kids have a VR Viewer DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (19062): Screen Grab: Source Hi All, VR is starting to become a thing. 21 percent of families with children under 18 own a VR Viewer, according to a national survey of 12,000 adults. ( Source) How might you leverage this statistic? Best, Dan P.S. The Study: Virtual Reality 101: What You Need to Know About Kids and VR
20% Make Offers Without Physically Visiting DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsVTLV (1816): My wife has received offers from clients in other states and countries. Everything listed has had Matterport and professional photos accepting an offer withing about a week. Although none of the out of state or country bids have one. The offers helped to drive a bidding war. The feature has also helped family members involved in the transaction like dad fronting the down payment or co-signing on the loan to get off his tail and make a move.
Matterport Camera Multi-camera mode??? lucadeal 15 2 yearsMetroplex360 (9206): @mori Content belongs to the photographer. Showcase and Processing belongs to Matterport. Matterport allows export of 360 Snapshots (4096 x 2048), HD Snapshots, OBJ Files, Point Clouds and Google Street View (Which you can extract and rebuild panos from - therefore, I'm not sure how they will police/monitor that). Matterport can be downloaded to the Matterport Showcase App for offline use. What more do you need concerning copyrights? If you...