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Paolo Tosolinix

'Paolo Tosolini' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Using 360 media to document a Black Lives Matter protest Tosolini 4 28 daysDanSmigrod (22104): @Tosolini Thank you for sharing this amazing experience. It looks more like a weekend street festival that the pictures on television. And, yes, thanks for the production notes and platforms used. Best, Dan
[R&D] Spice up your Microsoft Teams virtual meetings with 3D Tosolini 3 1 monthTosolini (3256): @dansmigrod good idea. I’ll keep that in mind when I’ve an opportunity
[R&D] MP tour + Virtual staging mash-up = Interactive video Tosolini 5 2 monthsahojman (144): I saw this once and I loved it: Matterport Google Earth mix
[R&D] Mozilla Hubs VR chatrooms meet Matterport Tosolini 2 2 monthsandreabortolot (181): @paolo your mesh up are always at the top for innovations. Congrats!
[R&D] Google Earth stories meet 3D virtual tours and AR Tosolini 14 2 monthsDanSmigrod (22104): For example (or show us a mash-up)? Dan
[R&D] How to use Siri to open MP models and control remotely a touch screen Tosolini 1 3 monthsTosolini (3256): In this exploration, I'd like to share how you can use Siri voice commands to remotely control an interactive touch screen kiosk or just open a MP model on your iPhone / iPad. iOS Shortcuts Shortcuts in iOS let you automate sequences of actions so that you can perform them quickly with one tap on a shortcut icon or with a voice command issued to Siri. Android users should have an equivalent...
[R&D] 3D and Accessibility: Using facial recognition to control a MP model Tosolini 1 4 monthsTosolini (3256): This prototype explores the field of Accessibility in relation to 3D environments. We mashed-up the following technologies: - Matterport to 3D scan the original space and extract the OBJ mesh file - 3ds Max to clean up the OBJ file - Spark AR by Facebook to author the final experience We used the following features in Spark AR: - Patch Editor to bind the movement of the 3D objects to a...
[R&D] Scanning a Chinook helicopter with MP and GeoCV Tosolini 10 4 monthsandreabortolot (181): MP model seems that had the advantage to be shooted while the helicopter was in complete shadow. Geocv was done with sun entering into the cabin. Anyway great work Paolo!!
Using Matterport to document a client booth at an event Tosolini 2 7 monthsDanSmigrod (22104): @Tosolini Excellent use case for Matterport. Plus, Ricoh Theta Z1 makes the capture faster and less intrusive. Congrats! And, thanks for sharing! Best, Dan
[R&D] Display.Land + Torch AR: from photogrammetry to AR with your iPhone Tosolini 11 8 monthsGarySnyder (1816): I eagerly await the next chapter :)
[R&D] Sharing the outcome of a multi-devices experiment Tosolini 5 8 monthsTosolini (3256): One last learning. Comparing the image quality of a tour done with the Z1 today with the same tour done three years ago with MP Pro1, the resolution of the Z1 seems superior than MP Pro1 (the dollhouse is not as clean though). Which makes me think that for regular spaces like a home, you can replace the Pro1 with the Z1 and travel much lighter.
[R&D] An interactive virtual portfolio showroom for Oculus Quest Tosolini 2 8 monthsangusnorriss (714): @Tosolini lovely work!
[R&D] Mashing up MP, GeoCV and Touch Screen interactions Tosolini 2 10 monthsDanSmigrod (22104): @Tosolini Another way-cool mash-up! I :heart: the idea of a slider showing the "before" and "after" 3D Tour. I could imagine that would be helpful for: 1. Architect - before and after renovation 2. Builder - before and after renovation 3. Furniture - different style furniture 4. Virtual Staging - before and after virtual staging Best, Dan
[R&D] A comparison of GeoCV and Matterport 3D OBJ files Tosolini 8 11 monthsConvrts (219): Home3D - we just used the OBJ from a HD GeoCV tour to create a model and it was much the same. Compared to creating the model from Matterport tours as he's done previously my mate (the one who's better at this stuff than me!) said he found it so much easier to work with. Thanks for the comparison Tossolini, really great!
My pursuit for bigger MP showcase screens - Part 2 Tosolini 3 11 monthsTosolini (3256): @vtlv The dynamics with such a big screen are interesting. When viewed at the correct distance, which is 20ft or 6m, the image looked very crisp and you forgot you were in front of a multitude of LED tiles that covered the wall. The screen had a very low Pixel Pitch, which is the density of the pixels. It makes me guess that this installation must be extremely expensive. As you approached the screen, you could see the individual LEDs. Another...
[R&D] AR Open House Tosolini 4 1 yearDanSmigrod (22104): @Tosolini Well done AR experience. Love it! Best, Dan
[R&D] Visualizing Real Estate listings in Augmented Reality Tosolini 3 1 yearTosolini (3256): @meshimages Take a look at Torch. It's pretty impressive to do AR without coding, although there is a learning curve.
[R&D] Lake Bill at Microsoft HQ: from 3D scan to VR Tosolini 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (22104): @Tosolini Thanks for sharing. Cool to see the data view of the space. Best, Dan
[R&D] Take a tour of the secret MP dollhouse factory Tosolini 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (22104):
[R&D] AR + Interactive digital signage Tosolini 1 1 yearTosolini (3256): What happens when you combine Augmented Reality with interactive touch screen kiosks? We created this mash-up using best in class technologies to demonstrate how you can bring to life a #realestate showcase using digital signage and mobile #AR. Featured in this video: - touch screen kiosk created with Intuiface - 3D model extracted from a Matterport scan (OBJ) - AR experience authored...
[R&D] Magic Leap + MP + Google Earth Studio mash-up Tosolini 3 1 yearTosolini (3256): @shakoure I asked our XR designer Michael Gelon to describe his workflow for this project, as I think it might help others learn what's behind the scenes. Tosolini - Magic Leap // Matterport // Google Earth Studio // Unity - Breakdown (1) Magic Leap Development with Unity3d and Lumin SDK: The first step was to understand how to export apps from Unity onto a Magic Leap device. Once I could export an empty...
[R&D] Matterport OBJ meets Facebook 3D Photos Tosolini 3 2 yearsTosolini (3256): @dansmigrod Thanks. I think it's important to share knowledge and your forum is a great platform to reach the extended community.
[R&D] VR Business storytelling using MP and more Tosolini 1 2 yearsTosolini (3256): In this video, we combine traditional formats (like photos and PowerPoint slides) with 3D models and immersive media, in order to explore new ways of business storytelling in Virtual Reality. Special thanks to Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste in Italy for letting me 3D scan their fascinating research center. Original 3D Matterport virtual tour: Created in...
[R&D] Matterport AR portal effect using MP OBJ Tosolini 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (22104): @Tosolini Thanks for sharing the magic! I want one in our backyard! Happy Thanksgiving, Dan
[R&D] AR with Matterport OBJ using Thyng app Tosolini 4 2 yearsTosolini (3256): @maxdemartino thanks! @dansmigrod I haven’t thought enough about monetization opportunities for AR, but I’ll think about it
MUG Member Paolo Tosolini Guest MP Blog Post DanSmigrod 2 5 yearsTosolini (3256): Thank you @dansmigrod for having created a community platform where we can share ideas and more