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'Pandemic' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
CNBC: "32% of U.S. households missed their July housing payments" DanSmigrod 11 8 hoursGlennTremain (2061): are you as a WGAN Matterport and 3D provider just pushing a button and delivering or are you teaching your agents and business owners how to use what you made them to the fullest so they are seen as the progressive marketer, innovative and the virtual real estate real estate agent. You are getting boatloads of business but are using this time where you have their attention to lock them...
Scans and COVID: Are you asking? briangreul 4 22 hoursMarkJohn (32): For Wales ...part of the UK (but different rules to England, Scotland and Northern Ireland!) Up to now legally we havent been allowed into properties which are still occupied even if the owners go out. The property has to be vacant for 3 days or have been deep cleaned. Those rules are just beginning to be relaxed now.... From now on ...homeowner not present. When we do enter all doors and windows are to be left open so theres a minimum we need...
Idea: Custom Face Masks with your brand? (Or, your clients' brand?) DanSmigrod 5 2 daysDanSmigrod (22098): @CrazeVR :heart: it! Thanks for sharing. Dan
Video: Matterport Digital Twin Meets Commercial Construction During COVID19 DanSmigrod 3 2 daysDanSmigrod (22098): @johnwheatley Thanks for asking. If you are interested in construction documentation, I highly recommend that you watch these three WGAN-TV Live at 5 shows: ✓ Transcript: WGAN-TV How Matterport Pros can $$$$$ Scanning for "As-Builts" ✓ Transcript: WGAN-TV-How to Make Money with Weekly Construction Documentation ✓ Transcript: WGAN-TV Matterport Digital Twins for Facilities Management ✓ WGAN Forum Discussions Tagged: ...
COVID-19 Epidemic: Matterport Virtual Tours Enable a New Age of Real Estate DanSmigrod 1 4 daysDanSmigrod (22098): PropTech Consulting LinkedIn post Commercial Observer (6 July 2020) In the Wake of the COVID-19 Epidemic, Matterport Virtual Tours Enable a New Age of Real Estate
Question of the Day: Has COVID increased your Matterport 3D Tour Revenue? DanSmigrod 13 6 daysrzphotoman (1422): To me its a simple formula. 1st, realize that the big market for home sales is millennials that are not wowed by slick brochures anymore. They need everything digital and 3D Tours with the video walkthrough is exactly what they want to see. If done right...It WOWs them! 2nd, create a few packages that realtors wish they could have, but can't afford, for a price they will jump at. For me, this is what my main package consists of...3D...
Question of the Day: Are Physical Open Houses happening now in your city? DanSmigrod 8 17 daysWingman (1312): Things are back to normal for real estate at least in Queensland, Australia. Open houses are back with a restriction to have no more than 10 people at a time in a property.
7 emerging real estate trends in the new normal (affected Matterport Pros) DanSmigrod 2 23 daysdave3d (28): I've spoken to some folks from the New York area who said there was a lot of movement out of the city going on. I imagine this might have some demographic tie as some groups (millennials?) won't give up city living when their morbidity rates aren't significant. A lot of other inner city factors at work right now too. I'd think there may be a financial impact felt unevenly across income groups with lower income folks hit hardest (fewer first...
Chart: Pandemic Effect on Worldwide Residential Real Estate Sales DanSmigrod 3 26 daysDanSmigrod (22098): Riding the Surge: Navigating Real Estate's Upheaval | Video courtesy of Mike DelPrete YouTube Channel | 15 June 2020 Hi All, Mike DelPrete gives an excellent overview of residential real estate during the pandemic and discusses virtual tours. From the Mike DelPrete YouTube Channel: Mike DelPrete presents clear insights and the smart strategies needed to navigate the massive changes occurring in real...
Inman: Why people are renting apartments by the hour>New 3D Tour Use Case? DanSmigrod 2 1 monthbriangreul (378): I thought motels were what people rented by the hour?
Inman: Real Estate Agents Pivoting/Adopting Virtual Tours powered by COVID DanSmigrod 1 1 monthDanSmigrod (22098): Hi All, Here's a discussion during Inman Connect Now online conference today (3 June 2020) related to virtual tours and related. I highlighted in case you want to skim. Dan Transcript Wendy Forsythe, Chief Brand Officer, Fathom Realty, Orange County CA Many trends that we've talked about here on the Inman stages across the country for a long time. And those are things like virtual tours, never had they been more important...
Compass CEO: Home Sellers are Asking, "How can you show it virtually?" DanSmigrod 1 1 monthDanSmigrod (22098): Compass CEO: Home Sellers are Asking, "How can you show it virtually?" Hi All, "... clients are asking more than ever before, " How can you sell my home virtually? How can you market it virtually? How can you show it virtually? Thousands of people can see my home without having to actually put their feet in my home," said Compass CEO Robert Reffkin at Inman Connect Now online conference now today (Wednesday, 3...
13% of CA REALTORS put a contract on home without buyer actually seeing it DanSmigrod 2 1 monthdenlee (61): Let's see what percentage of those transactions close before declaring virtual tour victory.
Brad Inman: Pandemic Ignites "Digital Spring" for Technology Transformation DanSmigrod 1 1 monthDanSmigrod (22098): courtesy of Inman Connect Now Brad Inman: Pandemic Ignites "Digital Spring" for Technology Transformation Hi All, The pandemic has ignited a "Digital Spring" for technology transformation - "probably more in two months than two years - said Inman Founder Brad Inman at Inman Connect Now online conference today. (Tuesday, 2 June...
It’s taken a pandemic for agents to see value of 3D tours 3dshowcaseuk 3 3 monthsGerhard (1132): @3dshowcaseuk I feel like Pickle Rick 😂😂😂😂