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'Museum' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
WGAN-TV: HomePlan Pay Per View Service for Matterport 3D Virtual Tours DanSmigrod 8 2 monthsHomePlanNZ (204): Thanks Dan for having me on the show!
Are Pay-Per-View 3D Virtual Tours a thing? HomePlanNZ 7 2 monthsDanSmigrod (22001): WGAN-TV HomePlan NZ Platform for Pay Per View (PPV) Service for Matterport 3D Tours with HomePlan NZ Director Scott MacKenzie (@HomePlanNZ) | Thursday, 14 May 2020
Largest Space Scanned - Largest Matterport Tour homefinders3d 19 2 months808virtually (119): @JMEPhotos I was pushing the limits of the camera. The person that hired me said to take as long as you need, so I could have spent a week there, if needed. I was a great learning curve with the camera. At the time I shot this was during the lava eruption here, and vog was crazy thick, blocking sunlight as though it was overcast. That helped. Thanks for the kudos. @homefinders3d thanks!
What's the best 3D/360 Virtual Tour Solution for a Museum? DanSmigrod 15 2 monthsDanSmigrod (22001): @gordons This likely will be very helpful to your museum: ✓ WGAN-TV: HomePlan Pay Per View Service for Matterport 3D Virtual Tours Dan
Transcript: WGAN-TV: Automating Exporting & Importing Matterport MatterTags DanSmigrod 11 2 monthsDanSmigrod (22001): Open thread to view post.
WGAN Member Receives Media Coverage for Matterport 3D Tour of an Art Museum DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (22001): 3D Tour by Maine-based Dave Clough with Dave Clough Photography. Dave is a WGAN Member. WGAN Member Receives Media Coverage for Matterport 3D Tour of an Art Museum Hi All, WGAN Forum Member Dave Clough received this media coverage for a Matterport 3D Tour of the Center of Maine Contemporary Art in Rockland Skirting the Line Exhibition (30 March 2020) Take a...
MatterTags: the text obscures the top of the image. Help please! Marshallartsmedia 3 5 monthsGladsmuir (184): Hi Paul, Good luck with your project. My solution to the crop on the Mattertags is to open the images in Photoshop. I set a crop like 900 px high by 600 px wide. Then I crop the image leaving a blank space above. Then I flatten the image and save under a new name. If the top area, which will be white has too contrast I fill the blank space with a similar colour to the image background. This is a tour that shows the effect Link To see an...
3D Capture and software questions newengland3d 10 1 yearWingman (1302): Here is a link to the model with the film development room captured. This space is big so to get to that room straight away just switch to the floor plan view and you will see a dark space in the middle. It is actually not so grainy in pictures quality as it has looked in scans.
Multi Story Large Space Tette99 8 1 yearscott_cupix (272): @Tette99, You can create an account on Cupix with your own data. Set the location here like shown below. Here's a tour stored in a workspace set for Korea. It will probably load faster for you than it will me, since I'm in the US. Best, Scott [cupix][/cupix]
Matterport on temporary access / pay-per-view ELAN42 16 2 yearsJuMP (1235): @ELAN42 @sbl110 Yes, you can click "dollhouse" , "floorplan view" and "highlights button", because I didn't disable them that I leave them there open for you to see inside. That I mentioned in my post: (We didn't disable them for DEMO the e-ticket function only, it is not a real e-ticket showcase.) If I disable the "dollhouse" , "floorplan view" and "highlights button" you can't...
80,000 SF Muscle Car Museum... gearheads enjoy Expertise 7 2 yearssbl110 (283): Wow, great job. Brings back memories of some of the 70's cars that I remember wanting to drive. Scott
Scanning a B52 Bomber with the BLK360 Tosolini 5 2 yearsTosolini (3256): @lisahinson I don't recall disconnection issues, I guess we were lucky. @angusnorriss your question about sunlight is probably better answered by @isabel who has more experience with the device. If the airplane would have been open, we could have combined Pro2 and exterior scans into one virtual tour. We have worked with the museum in the past and we got the interiors scanned. The issue has always been how to give a sense of the entire plane...
Matterport 3D Showcase on Mobile Phones Riaan 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (22001): @Riaan How about offering to do one floor or gallery at no charge to help move the conversation forward? Get them focused on the content rather than a thousand reasons not to go forward. I shot the first floor of this Museum at no charge. (It's a rotating exhibit.) Plus, there are five floors. Shortly after I delivered the 3D Tour, our champion at the Museum moved on. That said, we had a...
Multimedia Mattertags example needed jfantin 8 2 yearsjfantin (1730): @4dlegacyvision thanks in advance for sharing your project with us.
Business advice after news release VRimpact 4 2 yearsVRimpact (121): Sorry guys I'll repost link in a few minutes.
How to pitch MP to Museums / Tourism Venues Snap 8 3 yearsSnap (187): Thank you @Property3dNZ that is really great to know! If you have any links you could send me to use as an example, that would be very much appreciated!