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'MLS' Topics

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Publish Matterport to Partners ( is working. is not) Fmodjr1913 10 2 monthsFmodjr1913 (34): Yea, from what I understand, the ONLY way to get a Matterport tour on Zillow is by listing it on an MLS that integrates automatically. Otherwise, you can't include a link and there is no designated spot or way to include directly. I'm assuming this is Zillow's way of making sure thier much less impressive Zillow Virtual Tours get attention. I sure wish there was a way to get some answers or support. There's nothing on the FAQ's on any of the...
Matterport & Custom Tours on MLS and other Real Estate Platforms? JayInLA 7 2 monthshomefinders3d (191): That's interesting, we can't even put a branded tour on our mls. Our MLS also added several video and tour fields and I think some agents are a little confused at where to put the links.
Question of the Day: What size images does your MLS require? DanSmigrod 7 2 monthsDanSmigrod (21986): @Chemistrydoc @lilnitsch @GETMYVR @rzphotoman Thank you for your replies. Too bad the various MLS services do not standardize sizes across the USA and Canada. I could imagine that you already have your workflow for how you do your resizing. The following may be helpful to others ... ✓ RELA platform includes auto Image Resizing - RELA Website | RELA for Photographers Dan
Brokerage websites pulling tours not showing up in MLS. Help please! htimsabbub23 4 2 monthsjericreson (16): In our MLS (NOMAR - New Orleans Metro Area Realtors)- there is currently a new issue with tours input, and having to remove the https:// and simply link the www. Could that be the issue with your MLS also, possibly?
Professionally Created Video from MLS Listing; Ready within Minutes $29.95 DanSmigrod 3 2 monthsHome3D (2250): So now an agent can get a boring video slideshow faster than ever! How great is that? More spam for my inbox. Remember the adage - FAST, CHEAP, GOOD - Pick Two! This one picked the first two.
EyeSpy360 Questions homefinders3d 13 2 monthsBrokerBruce (227): @bbreish Thanks much for that clarification. Certainly helps in my decision making.
Video walk-through AND Matterport photosintheround 12 2 monthslilnitsch (1227): That is a "Virtual Tour" provider called TourFactory This was a new client but, I know the CEO of this company and worked with them to enable Matterport integration
Help MLS Northwest Photo settings. ron0987 9 3 monthslilnitsch (1227): Yeah, I provide full res and web sized at the 1800 x 1200
Putting Matterport Tours on,, Etc? tc3d 4 3 monthsjpierce360 (63): Costars is the company behind But Costars also owns the following company: Apartment Finder Loopnet - commercial advertising space for brokers Costars- CRE software with leasing and customer information for brokers - they also do virtual tours for cheap rates if a broker subscribes to a higher end subscription plan. I found out this information because I;m associated with a commercial furniture...
New MLS Virtual Tour Rules fotoguy 4 3 monthslilnitsch (1227): @Home3D I find myself doing some training with others
Inman: Northwest MLS halts open houses amid coronavirus crisis DanSmigrod 1 4 monthsDanSmigrod (21986): Inman (17 March 2020) Northwest MLS halts open houses amid coronavirus crisis - The Washington-based multiple listing service has disabled the open house feature in its tech platform, meaning agents won't be able to input, search or view open houses Hi All, "Northwest MLS (NWMLS), a Washington-based multiple listing service that serves more than 30,000 real estate professionals, announced Monday that it was disabling its open house...
Video: How to use WP3D Models Pixel Retargeting GlennTremain 6 5 monthsDanSmigrod (21986): @GlennTremain Great visiting with you by phone last week. Glad you are bouncing back from your health challenges. Thanks always for your helpful posts to help the WGAN Community succeed faster. Best, Dan
Pocket Listings: $5,000 Fine Begins 1 Feb 2020 DanSmigrod 9 5 monthsDanSmigrod (21986):
Brief overview on Syndication of Matterport tours lilnitsch 3 6 monthsDouglasMeyers (1010): Very nice thank you. Always nice to have reminder of what we can do for our clients. Happy Holidays
How accurate are Matterport 2D Schematic Floor Plans? Use SQ FT in MLS? DouglasMeyers 4 10 monthsJwbuckl (337): @DouglasMeyers To be clear, each room is measured from the inside of the wall to the inside of the opposite wall. However, the total sq footage at the bottom is from the inside of the exterior wall to the inside of the opposite exterior wall, which does include all the walls in between. It’s also possible to request the floor plan team provide a total that accounts for the 6" thickness of the exterior wall, which I think is the...
Why are 2D Schematic Floor Plans Not Being Accepted by Our MLS? ron0987 5 10 monthsron0987 (1357): @lilnitsch thank you for the info. All of this info was good
embed codes, video and MLS fotoguy 2 1 yearWingman (1299): It is html code that uses Iframe tag. Do you have a youtube channel? If you do, you can upload it on your channel and once it is there click Share under your video. Youtube will show a small popup window and there will be <> Embed in front of Facebook. Click on it and it will open another popup with an embed code. Vimeo probably offers the same feature. If for some reason MLS does not want it to be embed from youtube/vimeo you...
Which 3D Tour Platforms are compliant with this MSL Requirement? DanSmigrod 5 1 year3SevensStudio (67): @GlennTremain Thank you Glenn. I will reach out to the compliance department. I hope they will say that it is ok, but I could also see them being like no you cant use it because that stupid tiny, tiny little Matterport Symbol next to the help/terms in the bottom right corner can direct you to Matterports website to purchase their products. Fingers crossed. Thank you for the advice and for offering to let me reach back out to you should I get...
Any Way Matterport Will Fix Tags & Realtor MLS use Issue Soon 3SevensStudio 20 1 yearWingman (1299): Thanks for explanation about MLS systems but it still seems to be quite dogi on MLS system terms. Matterport tours are always being loaded from the Matterport cloud hence it is linked to "other website" anyway. They seem to be kind of ok with that but want all other links to be removed. I would try to talk with a higher level of support or some kind of supervisor at MLS. The problem they have created for the OP is ridiculous as he is...
My client wants to list his FSBO on the MLS izoneguy 3 1 yearahagert (48): Have him look up flat fee MLS. It is possible.
MLS Version of MPEmbed leonherbert 4 1 yearDanSmigrod (21986): Grab. Matterport Workshop. See MLS tab. Yes. &mls=1 Grab: WP3D Models. @leonherbert Glad that you are taking advantage of your WGAN Standard Membership benefits :cool: ... Hope these screen grabs help you (and others). Dan
Not Syncing: and BlueImmersiveMedia 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (21986): @BlueImmersiveMedia A workaround would be to duplicate your model. Matterport does not charge extra for the reprocessing. They do count the additional model towards your plan. I could imagine that if you use WP3D Models and/or MPEmbed, this creates an addition work for you. Hopefully, Matterport will step up to the plate with a solution. Dan
Source of Statistic: Matterport in 7 Percent of USA MLS Listings DanSmigrod 7 1 yearDanSmigrod (21986): @immersivespaces Thank you for the insight with real numbers. Much appreciated. Dan
2 realtors working together to sell a property Liam_Tayler 7 2 yearsDanSmigrod (21986): Wow! That's not only great, that's a feature Matterport should add.
Will MLS take an unbranded Matterport Tour for the listing? fotoguy 3 2 yearsBernardhhi (202): #fotoguy Here is an example of using the Unbranded tour on a recently sold listing. I wanted to the viewer to be able to use the Mattertag links I placed as elevator buttons to travel up and down floors. Because the MLS tour disables tags, Unbranded was the way to go. As I mentioned before, As long as you do not abuse the use of embedded links you should be fine. Click To View Example Bernie Timms President Hilton Head Island Real...
MLS Image Parameters leeverdon 3 2 yearsimmersivespaces (1121): MLS services vary on what they accept for image sizes. Your best bet is to contact your local MLS provider and ask to speak to the person who manages it. We have 6 different MLS providers in our area, and each is different. One of them here will not accept images larger than 720x680 (which I personally find ludicrous). In most cases, the MLS service will accept any file size for upload and they will automatically process the file to the size...
Why don't photographers lobby the MLS... Metroplex360 11 2 yearsimmersivespaces (1121): @Metroplex360 I have had that discussion with several MLS providers over the years. Their concern is that delivering larger photos will use up too many system resources and bandwidth. A rather copout answer I always thought considering nearly all of them use CDN delivery for most of their content these days.
Realtor Inst. for posting MP to Listings? reinspimg 1 2 yearsreinspimg (13): Does anyone have any good instrcutions to give out realtors in how to post Matterport to listings, including MLS, ZILLOW, Trulia. Thanks Robert
Posting to MLS from Tour Snaps / Work Flow? advancedhdr 5 2 yearsadvancedhdr (220): Seems like everyone is using Win exept for me! Thx again.
MRED MLS Posting: Midwest Real Estate Data? rzphotoman 3 2 yearsrzphotoman (1419): @immersivespaces Thanks for the quick reply. The agent hopefully will get it done on time, and great info to know the next time this comes up. I knew I could count on someone from the WGAN forum to come thru! Thanks again.
Tours on Zillow have the height shortened 3SixtyNow 8 2 yearsMediaTrends360 (19): I’m sorry you’re experiencing trouble with your shoot but it looks great on my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro2 10.5 inch. Great Job on the walkthrough. Btw, are you trying to view it in Landscape mode? If so it will shorten the height automatically. However you can sill pan up and down, and look in all directions to view the entire space.
mls listing and branded tour fotoguy 7 3 yearsfullpreview (163): Received this notification on Friday. This is from the largest MLS in Florida. Reminder: No Branding on Virtual Tours MFRMLS Compliance has noticed an uptick in violations related to branding on virtual tours. As a reminder, the rule regarding branding and virtual tours is: Article 4; Section 5; Item D: Photos, images or virtual tours may not contain company or agent logos, agent photos, commissions, bonuses, contact information for the...
Matterport Team Calling on MLS? DanSmigrod 9 3 yearsViewing (583): @srennick All your dreams are about to come true. I've said that to a number of ladies in the past and disappointed but this is different :)
Use of a Matterport Ad in Zillow MLS Photos Metroplex360 7 3 yearsjustinv (1031): I am waiting on someone to get back with me. It will probably be tomorrow before they get back with me but I will let you know when they do. I know they can log into Zillow, so hopefully they have an option to make a photo click to an url. If it is possible, I will do it as an example and post a link.
Switzerland MLS embedding issues>Help Please lucadeal 5 3 yearslucadeal (147): Thanks @DanSmigrod!
MLS example ThreeDImaging 7 4 yearsInvelop (121): Each state (or region in some multi-state metros) has multiple/many associations that control their own data, listings, formats, etc. They all provide commensurate information, however they all have different templates.
FMLS, MLS & Zillow leeverdon 1 4 yearsleeverdon (223): I know this topic has been covered numerous times on this forum but I need clarity please. Can someone outline step by step on how to insert a MP Tour into the FMLS, MLS & Zillow. The issue I am having is when the URL (http: or https:?) is put into these platforms, they work fine for a day or two then for some reason the 'View Virtual Tour' link in Zillow defaults to Branded and Unbranded? What info...
Realtors, MLS, Exposure MBell 7 5 yearsjessetutt (67): Hi @alx3D. I'd love to. Here is an example of a link that has two models (condo on the fifth floor and a garage/storage area in the basement they wanted to feature): And here is an example of a home that has both a video and a showcase: No I am not an agent. I offer 3D modelling/showcase creation services, floor plans, and online marketing. Have an amazing day! JT