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Topics tagged with Lead Generation'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Matterport uses MSP Program to Generate Lead for Camera Sales DanSmigrod 15 8 monthsRedRock3D (46): YEARS ago I was in the home fragrance business. It was an art and a science, perfected only by experience. It was soon taken over by rank amateurs and (very cheap) imports. Skill no longer played a role. Consumers were drawn to the new low prices and availability of the mass produced product but the quality was awful. It took only a few short years before consumers were convinced that ALL products coming from this particular niche were of poor...
In-Bound Matterport 3D Tour Introductions DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (18291): Hi All, What are you doing to nurture your network to generate inbound introductions like this (below)? I recommend the book: The Heart and Art of Netweaving Inbound leads from mutual trusted colleagues are golden. Best, Dan --- Hi Dan, Yesterday, I met the leader of a 10-person residential/commercial real estate team operating under the [Redacted] banner. [Redacted] has heard of MatterPort, has some higher-end...
Telemarketer Script for Matterport Pro reinspimg 4 1 yearangusnorriss (395): Poor grammar, what does this mean? ‘This is about the exploration of how Matterport 3D Photography imaging and other technology can help you increase marketable of obtaining obtain and sell listings and selling listing fast and for the highest price.’ 20 mins cheapens it and is way too short. Dramatise the benefit more. Time, talent, conversions. Prove it. Testimonials. Reference their website or make it personal.