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Ipad air 2020 vs ipad pro ? geemaps 6 7 monthsdndavis (43): @geemaps Multi-threaded apps can divide their processes between multiple CPUs (which includes multi-core CPUs and virtual CPUs) and run those processes in parallel. This can increase performance, as well as lower costs by allowing processes to share physical resources. It is extremely difficult to code, however. Some tasks benefit little if at all from multi-threading, no matter how well coded. Problems with such things as concurrency and error...
Testing Apple iPad Pro (2020) Wingman 28 1 yearWingman (2236): It must be their version called Mark I. They do say it does not work in Sunlight but with Mark II they say it works. Anyway with GeoCV system you look better as it is modular. If GeoCV was around I believe they could make some updates to swap their Mark I with Mark II.
Ipad pro 2020 model. Oboldyrev 16 1 yearOboldyrev (218): It has in betq right now
iPad Mini 5 and Madea works at Matterport Support briangreul 5 1 yearbriangreul (633): @leonherbert Which mini did you have? I'm finding the Mini5 to be pretty snappy.
Apple iPad Pro with lidar scanner AnjumDesign 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (25839): @AnjumDesign Please see: ✓ Testing Apple iPad Pro (2020) ✓ New Apple iPad Pro includes a LiDAR scanner for depth sensing and AR ✓ Video: iPhone 12 Leak Shows LiDAR Scanning Cameras Lenses Dan
What IPad features are you watching for your next? VTLV 1 2 yearsVTLV (2421): What iPad features are you watching for your next ipad? I started using Matterport with an IPad Air 2 years ago and the thing is dead. Apple won’t take it back as a core since I went to a non certified guy to replace some glass a couple times. What iPads have you upgraded to since starting? Are you eyeballing certain models with a faster core? I used an iPhone the other day and noticed slower loading times. I have also used a 12”...
Gear of the Week>BRAECN iPad AIR 10.5” 3rd Gen 2019 Case/iPad Pro 10.5 Case DanSmigrod 3 2 yearsron0987 (1796): I do have the you are showing Dan and love it.
Ipad Pro Users Matt19 7 4 yearsVTLV (2421): Order yourself a pack of these and hand them out to your clients when they look at you funny. https://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/0531d8fd2f434948b8a6142d577a53b0.jpg