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Google Maps’ Live View feature now offers more useful business information DanSmigrod 2 2 monthsWingman (2236): I made a blog post about it almost a year ago. My assumption it is going to be a part of AR on Google Maps. I am sure they will add something like "Get inside" if a GMB has Business Inside View. https://www.facebook.com/WingmanMediaAustralia/posts/974893972955257
How do I fix this connecting problem with Google street View please? LV360Tour 2 1 yearWingman (2236): I saw somebody complaining about a similar issue on local guides connect boards about 2-3 weeks ago. I think it is a problem with Google and they are aware of it. I know there are other problems there as well. I have published a tour for my kids school and it is not shown under their GMB listing and only shown on mine. I asked on the boards about it and I was told it is known issue and Google is working on fixing it. Other issue is that it...
Any Indoor Mapping /Google Indoor Maps Solutions?? Convrts 5 1 yearConvrts (240): Thanks very much for this info @Zebrajack this is brilliant.... way beyond my skillset but means I know what I need to be looking for! So are you using this?
GSV: Panos dumped by Google somewhere in the ocean Wingman 4 2 yearsWingman (2236): I have just checked my tour and it has been fixed. And the links between each pano also work so one can walk it from the start to the finish. What does not work properly is 360 icons for panos. Some of them are missing on google maps. Also still no score has been given to my account for these 31 pano tour. However I managed to do 2 reviews yesterday and I reached 7 level for local guides. Now it is a long road for me to the level 8 and even...
Matterport Spaces Tour vs Google Maps Tour alsangio 2 5 yearsUserName (586): Google's rules for Business View photography seem to say you can't photograph homes and apartments. @bCome posted great examples of a place scanned using Matterport and photographed for display in Street View. Matterport tours seem to have more navigation points than Street View tours. That may or may not matter to some users. ( link - see last post in the thread) Matterport PC models have dollhouses that help people explore a model...