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Topics tagged with Floor Plan'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Matterport Augmented Reality (AR) JamieSher 7 11 daysJamieSher (197): Hi guys, sorry for the slow response! Tosolini, great tutorial! MP .obj's are really nice in AR! Dan, yes I patched this mesh for a film but now moving the data into AR applications. I'm hoping to send you guys a .ipa (iOS) and a .apk(Android) file soon with more functionality. I will just post it here or in a new thread but would be great to share. Will update you all! J
CAPTUR3D Lets You Customize 2D and 3D Floor Plans: logo, colors, disclaimer DanSmigrod 1 1 monthDanSmigrod (20051): WGAN Forum Membership Benefit of the Week --
As built drawings using Matterpak from Matterport 3dvrwalkthrough 2 2 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): @3dvrwalkthrough I (just) made a introduction for you via email. Happy holidays, Dan
Matterport price structure, again, flogging the horse. leonherbert 3 3 monthsleonherbert (627): @Jwbuckl Thank you, somehow must have missed the significant value added services.
Matterport floor plans if theta is included with other scans. leonherbert 8 3 monthsVTLV (1889): @lilnitsch - go this route. Siva is Bad Ass!
Friends don't let friends use tax data in listings! Sara_iGuide 1 3 monthsSara_iGuide (33): It's pretty clear that accurate floor plans, square footage, and room dimensions will be the next big topic and trend in Real Estate, so we're encouraging all real estate photographers to jump ahead of the curve to understand how they're best positioned to provide a viable alternative to real estate agents! We've been working with Marilyn Wilson from WAV Group and RE Technology on a case study to demonstrate the dangers of using tax records...
Create full Schematic Floor Plans from Matterport 360 Scan SNFmarkerting 12 3 monthsbryanhscott (401): @SNFmarkerting Glad this turned out the way intended! Homes3DS did a great job on the floor plans and what a great lead by @newengland3d! Question: How accurate are the measurements to actual? Is this property close enough to wherever you are to measure even just a few rooms to compare? I, for one, would be interested in knowing the answer for future reference. Also, did Homes3DS access your MP space through workshop for the measurements? ...
Question of the Day>How to create an interactive floor plan from Matterport DanSmigrod 5 3 monthsWingman (718): Pano2VR can do it. See it at
Floorplans flying high mp2fp 2 4 monthsrzphotoman (1255): @mp2fp Creative thinking...good job!
Transcript: Matterport CEO RJ Pittman Announces SmartPhone Capture App DanSmigrod 2 4 monthsVTLV (1889): It's nice to see the term "Matterport" was used as to the last speech not mentioning the company at all "Buildings become data" - Having the word "data" up there in the word count (12 times) still has be a little weird to grapple with. "The software will tell you how many pieces of art are on the wall. It can tell you how...
"Virtual Site Tours: Should They Be Your Next Marketing Move?" bryanhscott 7 4 monthsbryanhscott (401): @johnwheatley So far as retail price, I think you have to get paid for your time. Speaking specifically about pre-move-in rentals (short or long-term), owners or property managers, if you normally charge $.10psf for a 3D tour, then I suppose it's worth that minus any of the usual add-ons you provide for a listing agent or seller. Part of the problem is that a 3D tour shows a lot, but won't always capture items that should be documented on the...
3D walkthrough of a digitally rendered small condo ftosolini 7 5 monthsbryanhscott (401): @ftosolini Thanks for the info. Yet another option for floor plans!
How to scan a floor plan in 5 minutes with an app (Matterport comparison) ftosolini 13 5 monthsftosolini (90): Thank you for the update! @bryanhscott
Software for pulling 2D Still Photos out of 360 Spherical Photos bryanhscott 9 5 monthsbryanhscott (401): @Wingman Thanks very much for this additional legwork. Very helpful!
It's WGAN's 5th Birthday; you get the gift: 1 Free 2D Schematic Floor Plan DanSmigrod 2 5 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): Hi All, Reminder. WGAN Forum turns 5 on Monday, 19 August 2019 and you get the gift! Please see details above. Dan
HELP-client says Matterport Floor plans [not nice]. MagnaShow 7 6 monthsmp2fp (424): Dear @MagnaShow have long experience and can deliver all styles and types and a most possible accuracy based on the input we get. We as well can help to advice what is the best way to co-handle depending on your need. * 2D Floorplans all styles and type of measures (metric or imp) * 3D Floorplans all styles and categories * With your own logo and full measurements without extra cost * Included editable files so you can change all...
How to receive 5 free 2D schematic floor Plans of Your Matterport 3D Tours DanSmigrod 3 6 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): Hi All, You get your choice of these CAPTUR3D 2D Schematic Floor Plans/Site Plans Styles (with or without your logo or Client logo. Dan ---
Four Companies to Order 2D Schematic Floor Plans from Matterport 3D Tours DanSmigrod 3 6 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): @rzphotoman Thanks for sharing ... CAPTUR3D includes a site plan - like this example below - with their pricing ... They also calculate estimated square feet. :cool: Dan CAPTUR3D 2D schematic floor plan and site plan.
MP2FP | Bespoke 2D/3D Floor Plans From MP DanSmigrod 8 6 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): Hi WGAN Standard and Premium Members, A related WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ 2019 WGAN Buy One Get One (BOGO) Free Program Are you taking advantage of this Membership benefit? I just had a WGAN Standard Member submit his invoice to be reimbursed for $50 via PayPay. Best, Dan
Help Please: Scanning a Large Venue over 12,000 SqFt - Need Advice 3dFlex 11 6 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): @3dFlex Just in case, please see this WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ Video>Matterport: Scanning Repetitive Spaces Dan
Cloud-based editable floorplan solution angusnorriss 1 6 monthsangusnorriss (598): Client is seeking a solution whereby floorpans can be annotated in a browser (Chrome). He asks: ‘We would have a need for software that can create fast, professional 2D floorplanning with unique markups to create job plan drawings for clients. (Similar to Bluebeam Revu) However, we would need this software to work on Chrome OS.’ Any ideas?
Hot to Clean a 2 story Dollhouse view walk360 4 6 monthsinmerso3D (7): I think that's how Dan mentions. That part is very high and the camera does not get to read it. It has happened to me on high exteriors or on walls that have an obstacle (canopy, overhang, etc.) that do not allow camera reading. Diego
Can a 1st Generation Matterport Camera Handle 100,000 SQFT? [HELP!] MagnaShow 11 7 monthsGerhard (916): @MagnaShow I have done 5 schools that are well over 85000 sqft each. Just make sure you are using the latest iPad as the app will crash and not be able to go over 250+ scans, trust me I have been there. When you do multiple floors that have to get stitched in. Do extra scan around each staircase on the top of the first model and again with the second one going down. This will help when the model gets stitched together. One model had to...
CAPTUR3D eBlast: Creating content has never been easier! DanSmigrod 1 8 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): Grab from a CAPTUR3D eBlast received today, Friday, 14 June 2019 Special Offer for WGAN Forum Members ✅ Receive one (1)...
First Post - 360 Newbie - Need Advice Theta Z1 and Matterport zacharysmiller 5 9 monthsJwbuckl (337): The 360 cameras do not have the accurate depth sensing that the Matterport cameras do. So a floorplan would only be within 4-10% accuracy which is why they are not offered with the 360s. The Matterport Pro cameras are within 1% accuracy and the Leica BLK360 is within .1%.
Matterport schematic floor plan for Yacht WayanMatt 4 9 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): @WayanMatt Try reaching out to: ✓ @PetraSoderling ( Blue-Sketch) ✓ @MP2FP ( I'm sure that either could create 2D schematic floor plans of a Yacht for you. Best, Dan
Question of the Day: Are you charging a minimum of $100 for 2D Floor Plans? DanSmigrod 3 9 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): Hi All, If you charge $100+ for 2D schematic floor plans that @mp2fp charges $22.50 (after WGAN 10 percent discount), you can see that 2D schematic floor plans can be a great Add On. Do this twice a week for 50 weeks and that's $7,750 more a year. Do this four times a week, and that's $15,500. Easy money! If you are not offering 2D schematic floor plans – or barely charging more than what your cost is – you are leaving money on the...
Tips of the Week: Charge (More) for Floor Plans (from Matterport 3D Tours) DanSmigrod 1 9 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): Screen Grab Screen Grab Hi All, 1. Offer 2D schematic floor plans 2. Charge more (than you think) for 2D schematic floor plans (client branding will get you more $$$) If you look at the rate cards of Matterport Service Providers, two things are obvious to me: 1. Many Matterport...
Which 360º camera to pair with 3D Vista Software? DarrylB220 5 10 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): @DarrylB220 You might look at Cupix for 3D tours. Cupix likely checks the boxes for: 1. Offline hosting 2. Privacy and Security with how/whom has access the models when they host 3. Various options for data output Best, Dan PS Cupix works with any 360 camera
Matterport (Quietly) Increases Floor Plan Rates to $14.99 per Floor DanSmigrod 8 10 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): Hi All, I posted this correction/apology as a new WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ Correction: Matterport Floor Plan Still $14.99 per Floor Plan Dan
Video: How to create Schematic Floor Plans with an iPhone or iPad 12.1 iOS DanSmigrod 1 10 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): How to create floor plans with an iPhone | Video courtesy of JRDNPWRS YouTube Channel Hi All, While ordering 2D schematic floor plans from Blue-Sketch, Matterport and MP2FP is way easier that using the app described in this video, if you are not shooting a 3D Tour with Cupix, Matterport or GeoCV and want to offer 2D schematic floor plans, this solution is likely easier and faster than other...
So the MatterPak includes a floor plan? izoneguy 2 11 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): Grab in Matterport Workshop @izoneguy The Matterport MatterPak does NOT contain a 2D schematic Floor Plan It does contain: 1. Color point cloud (.xyz) 2. Reflected ceiling plan image (.jpg and .pdf) 3. High resolution floor plan image (.jpg and .pdf) 4. OBJ file of the 3D mesh (.obj) You can download a sample within Matterport Workshop. See link in screen...
Make most of digital marketing for New Development PetraSoderling 1 11 monthsPetraSoderling (749): Newest Blue-Sketch Newsletter talks through a development project for 12 new units utilizing 2D, 3D Floor Plans, and Virtual Staging in different stages of development. This project was done in cooperation with TANSI Media
Virtually Staging From a Floor Plan Sketch Only - Anyone do this?? pixelray 13 11 monthsPetraSoderling (749): Blue-Sketch has a couple of services that may be helpful. The basic 3D Floor Plans from $259.95 will give you 5 still JPG images (2 floor plan views and 3 renderings from inside rooms). Architectural Renderings are more expensive but extremely realistic looking still JPG images (price can vary from $300 to $500 depending on complexity) ...
GeoCV 3D Tour Example That includes 3D Aerial (Spectacular) DanSmigrod 6 11 monthsDanSmigrod (20051): @808virtually @lucadeal @rzphotoman Contact: Can you ask your question a different way? Best, Dan
Cupix floor plan - Blue Sketch - How many photos needed tomjones2787 2 1 yearPetraSoderling (749): Hi Tom, congrats on a new move with your company. I'm the founder of Blue-Sketch, and I hope we'll be able to serve you well with Cupix. In order to create a floor plan we need the "blue sketch" (ha!) that is auto-generated by Cupix. Cupix platform will only generate this blue sketch if you upload enough scans. What's enough then? Cupix support says "One 360 photo for each 10~50 sqm (100~500 sqft) for open space or one 360...
Blue-Sketch 360 digital tours PetraSoderling 1 1 yearPetraSoderling (749): Here's something we've been working on lately, I hope you like it. Read the newsletter here Check out video (no audio) ...
GeoCV versus Matterport: Request for a modern showcase look PeterWolf 1 1 yearPeterWolf (38): I love the look of the GeoCV UI. So clean, modern and bright! Instead of the ugly black background, a nicely shaded gradient! And the perfect transition from dollhouse to floorplan with the sketched layer! Only this really makes sense and truly deserves the name floorplan. Makes the Matterport UI looking old fashioned. I would love to see these neat features on Matterport! I applied for the GeCV beta program to test it. But then I just read...
Best interface to provide floorplan with photo link WindyCityDrones 3 1 yearDanSmigrod (20051): @WindyCityDrones As a WGAN Standard Member, you can save 10 percent on Blue-Sketch floor plan services. Please see the WGAN Welcome Onboard Letter for the Promo Code Request Form. Best, Dan
360 pics to a PDF lucadeal 7 1 yearrpetersn (1892): Hi Luca... If you are embedding still images or PDFs into a Marker, you'll want to use Google Drive to host that content as an embeddable <iframe>. For 360 images that you want to place on top of the floorplan, you'll want to first create a "Tour" and then assign Floorplan as well as the various 360's to that Tour. I've gone in and gotten you started by creating a "Floorplan Test" tour for you that includes just the...
Camera Issues - Recalibrate?? Warped Floor Plans KenBanks 1 1 yearKenBanks (19): My camera has been getting very finicky in the last few months. Constant alignment errors, low overlap errors, sensor error issues, and now it seems like the battery is dropping quicker than ever. Scanning even a tiny house takes a ton of time because scans have to be almost right on top of one-another. Even the floor plans I've gotten back from matterport are warped so somethings gotta be wrong.(I'll attach an example). We've had the camera...
NEW: Blue-Sketch Digital 360 Walk-through service PetraSoderling 3 1 yearMetroplex360 (9215): Petra, The first version of this is pretty exciting. The full screen button loses all of the UI elements. In addition, I am not a fan of how the UI has elements centered just below the top as well as on the right - it's a bit crowded for my taste. I would hope that there will be continued work on the UI/UX as this is an excellent service to provide and there is a lot of demand for this. Will there be a pano only option? Does the bundle...
HW reqs to run SketchUp with large MP objs PetraSoderling 12 1 yearMontreal3D (202): @thor604 Suprisingly, while Quaddro card and xeon processor are sold to be the most efficient for CAD, the price difference is huge compared to the actual variation in processing time. Unless you are dedicated at CAD modeling and pushing the limit of a CAD software, investing into such graphic card is often a bad investment.
Blue-Sketch Cyber Monday Sale PetraSoderling 1 1 yearPetraSoderling (749): Check out this fantastic Cyber Monday sale from Blue-Sketch!
Asset & facility management for large municipal buildings, article Chris_iGuide 1 1 yearChris_iGuide (217): Ontario Construction Report published an article about using an interactive online experience (iGUIDE) as an asset management tool for public buildings. Construction Report Article If you are interested in that kind of business it's a pretty interesting perspective on what a client like that is looking for. -
Metareal- Dollhouse View Floor Plan View Virtual Tours Gerhard 2 1 yearCarlosFHdz (602): I smell a lawsuit coming, a la “Matterport vs GeoCV” as this may infringe on Matterpors patent for 3D photo stitching technology. Very similar to geo cv, experience is very similar to MP, specially the transition from stand point to standpoint. Very cool though, awesome to see other companies forcing innovation.
Matterport 2D Schematic Floor Plan versus Floorplanner versus Other? chdsi80 3 1 yearPetraSoderling (749): Hi @chdsi80 Many photographers in this forum use Blue-Sketch for very high quality, customized Floor Plans and other marketing deliverables. We are also the winner of Houzz in Customer Service both 2017 and 2018.
How do you create floor plans? CFster 11 1 yearPetraSoderling (749): Thanks for kudos @ron0987 and @Jamie MP2FP provided a great answer, nothing to add to that. Getting floor plans created for houses that have no blueprints available from when they were constructed can be tricky. As you can see from the many answers here, there are many options available. At Blue-Sketch we focus on high quality deliverables and great customer service from New Orleans with <3
3D VUE now offering Virtual Staging/Digital Renovation and 3D Floor Plans 3DVUE 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (20051): Hi Amreet, Super-exciting news! Thanks for sharing. Best, Dan
Create a floor plan with your smart phone with an app indoorreality 4 1 yearindoorreality (73): Hi, Here is the video that shows the data collection
Indoor Reality Launches IR-100 and IR-200: iPhone Based Reality Capture indoorreality 10 1 yearindoorreality (73): The pictures are purely for informational purposes. We have multiple products: IR-100 and IR-200. IR-200 is a rig plus a 360 camera plus a phone. IR-100 is just a phone. For both you download an app from Apple App store. For IR-200 you will have to order the rig and pano kit for $599. For both apps, when you fire it up, it asks you to indicate your preference regarding the frequency at which pictures are taken. For IR-100 pictures are taken...
Blue Sketch Collaboration osakadave 2 1 yearPetraSoderling (749): @osakadave Thank you for the shout-out. It was our pleasure to work with you. Looking forward to many more with you and your fellow MSP colleagues! Y'all have a great Labor Day weekend - with <3 from New Orleans.
Redfin presents Blue-Sketch Virtual Staging PetraSoderling 4 1 yearPetraSoderling (749): Thanks @c2astudio and @ron0987
Why can you buy MatterPak when the model is private, but not Floor Plans? DanSmigrod 4 1 yearMetroplex360 (9215): @PetraSoderling, @mp2fp - Pretty much :) Another thing to mention is that there may be legal jargon surrounding the 'Public/Private' button. 'Public' may be a legal agreement to share data with the 3rd party that provides the floorplans. What if Matterport allowed direct ordering of floorplans from multiple vendors that provided them the same profit margin? :)
Cupix pricing - more expensive than you think CFster 14 1 yearGarySnyder (1814): If you host Vista yourself and you learn how to use it correctly the transition between pano's is very immersive and quick. You will be surprised how many companies use Vista under their own name as you can completely white label the final product.
Am I missing something or is there no Floorplan Scale on the floorplans? Liam_Tayler 8 1 yearLiam_Tayler (215): Hello all, Sorry for the radio silence, sick children! I had taken a measurement in workshop and from that calculated the scale, I was just surprised at how little use the .obj files actually are to architects, I thought they were meant to make their life easier. But it seems that without spending $750CAD and up to convert the obj files to Sketchup (essentially manually), that the matterpak is pretty limited in its usefulness for...
Floor Plan over 10,000 sq ft Liam_Tayler 4 2 yearsQueen_City_3D (2476): @Liam_Tayler If you end up going through Matterport, they'll likely charge for 2 (or possibly more) orders of schematic floor plans for a property that size. If I recall correctly, they billed me for 2 orders for a model of mine that was just over 8000 sqft.
Agents back tool which claims to create "most accurate" floorplans GarySnyder 6 2 yearsGerhard (916): BLK takes way toooo long to scan, and home buyers don't care so much about dollhouse view etc.
NAR Study: Value of Virtual Tours and Floor Plans among Home Buyers DanSmigrod 7 2 yearsHome3D (1599): For MSPs who are not professional photographers (not skilled in shooting RAW, Lightroom, Photoshop...) stills pulled from MP are a great option. I'd also propose that for very low budget properties, shooting MP and delivering its stills for MLS use are an upgrade over just mid-quality stills, without MP. That being said, MP stills do not compare with a skilled photographer's work with a DLSR. Maybe someday but not today. But I'm encouraging...
2d Floor Plans made from 3d Tour Logan 9 2 yearsscott_cupix (269): Cupix can do this as mentioned Learn more here: Learn more here: Cupix AEC Pack Tutorial on Measurement tools from Cupix: Here is a related support article: @PetraSoderling is a great resource for doing this for you if you do not have the magic CAD hands. She's built a number of floor plans including the...
schematic floor plan in tour fotoguy 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): @mp2fp As a WGAN Standard Member, you can save 10 percent off ... See the Welcome Onboard Letter for the Promo Code Order Form. Best, Dan
Scanning of Staircase Problem geemaps 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): @geemaps About the examples that you shared above, do you know if the Matterport camera was parallel to the railing? I got to think that it was not ... Dan
iGuide alternatives? FrostyOfTheNorth 14 2 yearsIntegratedman (405): Not surprised...Good Group there at Planitar!!
Ceiling Problems samgaetz 8 2 yearsMetroplex360 (9215): With the integration with the BLK360, there is more interest in tools like this and an acceleration in feature development within Workshop. Stay tuned.
JUST Floorplans? Liam_Tayler 8 2 yearsMetroplex360 (9215): It should be noted that with Fast Capture, the cost of providing a Matterport tour is much less. If you're considering creating a very sparse tour for the purpose of schematic floorplans, I'd be open to scanning a space for a floorplan at a pricepoint much lower than you would consider for a professional 3D Tour. Offer the 3D Tour as a sample, covered if your own branding as a sample for the client to consider for the next time. We're...
Client Wants Floor plans, but not Matterport Chi3d 9 2 yearsLiam_Tayler (215): as an update,.. I see that Blue-Sketch is offering 60% off 2D floorplans for WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium members! That may even make the purchase of a Theta worthwhile in a few months.
Practical & Sellable Usage of MT Measurement MarkCantu 1 2 yearsMarkCantu (103): Newbie question here again, I was wondering if there is a target segment for Matterport's Measurement feature. I conceptually see the usage (Architecture-Engineering-Construction), but I was wondering what type of success others may be having? I viewed Dan's Forum on BLK 360 combined with Matterport last Friday [13 April 2018], and I was in awe of where the technology is going - I am just curious if any one is already using this feature with...
Labelling Grey areas (cupboards) in a scan Liam_Tayler 2 2 yearsLiam_Tayler (215): ok, resolved - you can just mark it somewhere else and then move the label to the grey area!! no need to click on the space!
Schematic Floorplans Added a Pool! Metroplex360 7 2 yearsJuMP (970): Maybe Matterport got some reference from Google Map for the shape of the pool.
Dollhouse/Floor Plan Deleted Scan Question Richierichks 11 2 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): @Richierichks Even though the 350 scans is now viewable, it is still at risk of crashing in webGL. Yes. Might be nice to post here to see if anyone experiences it crashing. Best, Dan
MP2FP pricing? rzphotoman 11 2 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): Hi All, MP2FP has a new landing page for WGAN Forum Members: Best, Dan
Before and after scan rzphotoman 8 2 yearsrzphotoman (1255): @kjoman Well done.
Recommendation for Floor Plans Chemistrydoc 3 2 yearsPetraSoderling (749): Hi @Chemistrydoc creates floor plans based on requirements. We can show beds and bed sizes and pretty much anything else your client wants. The price is $99.95 and as a Basic, Standard or Premium WGAN member you get a 60% discount. [Private Message me]
3rd. Party Floor Plans for Matterport Scans jerryran 5 2 yearsPetraSoderling (749): Thank You!
How Do I Make A Black And White Floor Plan? photosbyhopsing 4 2 yearsmp2fp (424): @photosbyhopsing also
Creating a 3D render of a sloping empty lot Liam_Tayler 4 2 yearsteamadcor (4): Hi Liam, I would map it with a drone and use software like Drone Deploy or Pix4D. BR Team Adcor
Advice for Monthly Hosting Prices photosbyhopsing 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): @photosbyhopsing Please see this WGAN Forum post: Tip: How to do Automatic Monthly Billing Best, Dan
Cleaning up the garage floor plan image Biggles 4 2 yearsQueen_City_3D (2476): @Biggles haha...yeah... I knew it wasn't a practical solution. I don't believe there's a way to edit after the fact, so it's simply a matter of training the client that the camera sees whatever is there and if they don't want it to be included they need it gone.
Out of the Loop, Can someone help? KenBanks 9 2 yearsimad (178): What is that about? you mean one can't download the Pro2 Panoramas with full resolution?
When Ordering Schematic Floor Plans From MP JMEPhotos 1 2 yearsJMEPhotos (25): Hi, Does Matterport use the already labeled rooms in my model or do they use generic room labels for the B&W Schematic Floor Plans/ Thanks,
Floorpans in colour frontcover 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): @frontcover WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members get special pricing from ... @PetraSoderling at Blue-Sketch. Details @mp2fp at MP2FP. Details These are 2 of 40+ WGAN Membership Benefits. You can Compare WGAN Membership Plans here. Best, Dan
Matterport follows iGuide®, again Alex_iGuide 11 2 yearsRichierichks (705): @Metroplex360 Hilarious! I had no idea Google had so many funny videos out there!
Floor Plan Options for Matterport Pros DanSmigrod 6 2 yearsPetraSoderling (749): Leon, thanks for asking: We don't. We just need Workshop.
Insidemaps - Keller Williams deal felicia 12 2 yearsMetroplex360 (9215): Agreed. This is a -1 for InsideMaps. helps property management marketing InteriorFloorPlans 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): @TristanBrotherton Great! I have reached out to you by email :cool: Happy holidays, Dan
Disable floorplan view? + Backup method bellyjelly 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): @bellyjelly About "... a way to disable just the floorplan view but keep the dollhouse view?" To the best of my knowledge, Matterport does offer a disable floor plan view AND keep the dollhouse view. You can hide both or keep both. For clarification, Matterport does enable treating all floors as one in the floor plan view. For clarification, imagine a three story house. You can see the dollhouse view, but when you click on floor...
3D Interior to Reflect Renovation Design Spencerlasky 5 2 yearsSpencerlasky (91): Ok thanks Danny I've sent the form, excited! This beta program and continued usefulness of this camera really opens up ways to use this camera and specifically for renovations and digital interaction, fantastic! Spencer
Exporting measured snapshots ratio GertJan 2 2 yearsnat_vanveen (595): @GertJan Hi Yes I have noticed this. I did the measurements for a floor plan we created inhouse and in metrics (we are in Oz) we are not convinced that they are as accurate as reported by Matterport... But we create and display floorplans online to give a visual overview and highlight where each room is in relation to eachother so we don't need accuracy and we have a disclaimer on our floorplans to state that they are for this purpose only. If a...
Different kind of 3D floor plan alirizacil 7 2 yearsmp2fp (424): @lisahinson Thanks, glad you like it :) Usually within 24h, with generic furnishing. The premium we spend more time on making furniture and materials more like the actual property, can usually be done within 24 h as well, but we guarantee 48h.
WGAN-TV>Blue-Sketch on Thursday (14 Sept 17) DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): Hi All, I visited with Blue-Sketch Founder @PetraSoderling on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET Thursday, 14 September 2017). Here's the newsletter Blue-Sketch sent today (Tuesday, 19 September 2017) about this episode of WGAN-TV ... Dan ICYMI: Watch recording of WGAN-TV with Blue-Sketch
Matterport knock off? justinv 7 2 yearsjustinv (1030): @Metroplex360 Are you making fun of my ADHD? I am driving down interstate in a 26ft box truck now!
how to rename a Matterport floor fotoguy 3 2 yearsfotoguy (354): You da best! Thank you!
Charge for 2D Schematic Floor Plans? Bundle? DanSmigrod 3 2 yearsmp2fp (424): The good thing about bundling is that there´s no need for transparent pricing - so the perception of value can easily be increased. Take for instance our $ 40 2D + 3D package - mark that up 3X and you´ve made an $ 80 profit. $ 120 for a 2D + 3D floorplan is not an unusual price, and I´m sure in some markets you could charge even more.
Labels Showing Up on Wrong Floor in Workshop DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsJC3DCX (823): It seems that the mesh is not "seeing" a floor or floors, when you place a label on a floor it just "drops" right through to the bottom floor... Maybe the MP Techies will have a solution. I have only had it with one of my models thus far. :-)
Indoor Swimming Pool Meets Matterport Stingo 7 2 yearsStingo (4): Our swimming pool turned out fine on walk through and no 360 needed. However half pool was black in dollhouse. We will look at the ways of eradicating that next time.
Remove "image link" from floorplan gallery? Lizzg 5 2 yearsrpetersn (1892): Hi all... Thanks for your suggestions @JonJ & @DanSmigrod. One can remove the "Image Link" button from WP3D Models using some custom CSS. If you want the button removed from ALL of your Models then you'd use the following: body.wp3d-skinned-crosby #floorplans div.btn-grey { display: none!important; } Alternatively, if you want to hide this button for just one particular Model, you can target it by...
Floor Plans samgaetz 8 2 yearsPauluploadabode (28): I can highly reccomend Robin and his team. A top class service at a very reasonable price.
Matterport Floorplan Font WindyCityDrones 7 3 yearshometakes (1089): Currently they are using Verdana
Blue-Sketch Official Blog Posts/Newsletters PetraSoderling 20 3 yearsPetraSoderling (749): Webinar registration here
Ceiling height from point cloud PetraSoderling 3 3 yearsPetraSoderling (749): Ha! That's exactly what I'm looking for. That would be awesome to have. You are right about our workflow, we use the flat measured floor plan view. Thanks for the update Danny.
Floorplan from Matterport scan Pauluploadabode 2 3 yearsmp2fp (424): @Pauluploadabode Wow! Thanks Paul, it´s a pleasure working with you! Cheers, Robin
2D to 3D Floor Plans 3DOgraphy 13 3 yearsPetraSoderling (749): @mp2fp That's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing.
JuMP-ME v2.0 result preview JuMP 6 3 yearsJuMP (970): @mori Thank you, we will send invitation to you when betatest begin.
Price vs. Quality PetraSoderling 3 3 yearsgrmngrl (932): @PetraSoderling Congratulations!
3D Virtual Planning app compatible with MP? Tosolini 4 3 yearsmp2fp (424): Maybe Archilogic ?
New free Square Footage measure APP online! JuMP 24 3 yearsJuMP (970): @arielgrasso It works as usual. Some Mac system with Safari can't use it. We recommand you try latest Chrome under Windows system.
How does Real.Vision measure floor plans? khaled 2 3 yearsJuMP (970): @khaled I am not a user of RealVision, can't answer your question. But I am working on how to measure floor plan for Matterport space. If you are Matterport user you can try our measure tool JuMP-ME at We use the OBJ result file from Matterport which include a real value of dimension in it. After loading it into Chrome browser we calculate the projection area for the measurement. BTW "Magic...
Floor Areas in iGuide Alex_iGuide 6 3 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): Matterport killed MP2SQFT+ Dan
FREE Webinar on Floor Plan measures PetraSoderling 7 3 yearsPetraSoderling (749): Thanks @DannyBasting I'll check it out. I also attended a Immoviewer/KoaWare webinar yesterday and they used something called QlickMeeting. It was pretty nice as well, no need to download separate clients and attendees remained anonymous which I think people will appreciate. But there were some technical challenges, as I suppose every platform has. (content of that webinar was 100% great though!)
X-Ray style Floor Plan, do you like it? JuMP 7 3 yearsnat_vanveen (595): @JuMP Very cool, thanks for sharing! :)
possible to get measurements from scans BenHolmes 3 3 yearsBenHolmes (31): Thanks for your help Dan
Immoviewer Pro Needs Floor Plan Solution ORESHOOTER 4 3 yearsKate_immoviewer (1): Hey @ORESHOOTER! immoviewer will be launching a floor plan add-on in the coming months. Stay tuned!
Tip: How to Calculate Matterport Space SQFT DanSmigrod 4 3 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): @AaronS Thank you ... And, a big thanks to @PetraSoderling with Blue-Sketch for introducing a solution for measuring Matterport Spaces to do client billing. Dan
Matterport: Metric-Chinese-Japanese-Spanish DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): Matterport sent the following eblast 6:30 pm ET today (Thursday, 16 February 2017) to its clients. [Newsletter] Go Global with Matterport Feel free to comment. Best, Dan ----
2D/3D Floor Plans, Virtual Staging, and ... DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): Promoted Post --- Blue-Sketch is the We Get Around Network Forum 3rd Party Solution Provider of the Day. ( We Get Around 3rd Party Services Directory) Blue-Sketch services include: ✓ 2D Floor Plans ✓ 3D Floor Plans ✓ Smart Tag Floor Plans ✓ Virtual Staging About Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plans 1. Your choice: your logo / your client's logo / no logo 2. Disclaimer language of your choice 3. Four choices for...
Recreate Floorplans WindyCityDrones 2 3 yearsdavemckean (52): I use Visio for a simple floor plan program. You can export to .svg or .dwg. It has pre installed furniture etc. Not as detailed as some dedicated programs but a quick learning curve and simple to use.
Matterport Floor Plan view not horizontal? PetraSoderling 5 3 yearsPetraSoderling (749): @ArchimedStudio Thank you Matt. Great advice.
Converting 2D to 3D!! abalkhail 2 3 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): @abalkhail Archilogic Dan
Dollhouse - Floorplan Tourspace 5 3 yearsPetraSoderling (749): Is that a bug or a new feature? It slows me down when I'm drawing floor plans and I need to wait every time I toggle between the views. I wish it was the way it was before.
Bad quality of dollhouse and floorplan views DmitriyReev 3 3 yearsJamie (1848): That's how it works. Try taking more scans to help clean it up, or alternatively use a 3D rendering company to make a 3D floor plan
Calculating Square footage of Matterport? Radie842 6 3 yearsPieroBortolot (218): Hi Dan, could you send it to me as well? Thank you
Hi! Question regarding floor plans polygon_imagery 6 3 yearspolygon_imagery (1): Ahhh I would have never known to go into my account settings to allow that. Thank you! Also thanks for the links Dan, I'll read through them.
Best Method for Calculatig SQFT of a Scan plorenz 4 3 yearsPetraSoderling (749): I haven't done a comparison but it would be interesting to do. I add a 6" outer wall around the scanned area, plus 4" inner walls. I can get the total sqft outside of outer walls, just floor area excluding inner walls, or area inside of outer walls including inner walls. Floor plans cover unscanned closets etc. Anyone in the forum who has ordered a floor plan from me plus ran their scan through MP2SQFT ?
How to do a floor plan without a scan? Rootsyloops 7 3 yearsfrstbubble (593): I bought a Bosch GLM 50 CX for this it has blue tooth to an app that makes the plans for you. It is not a quick and done process, though. It still requires some time to get everything. I think I would do the minimum number of matterport scan route. Seems the quickest and easiest. And price for that. I would reduce the price of the scan based on a reduced number of scans and not provide the model to client just floor plans.
What ever happened to Matterport 3D Studio?? sstarkey 30 3 yearsmatthew (25): @JonJ This is a great platform!
Before and After Blue-Sketch Virtual Staging DanSmigrod 5 3 yearsPetraSoderling (749): Great question. We try to stage the rooms with neutral tones and furniture that both fits the style of the house but is not too extreme so it appeals to as many home buyers as possible. If you don't like what we chose we'll change the furniture free of charge. If you have a certain style in mind you can also send us pictures that we'll emulate as far as our furniture selection allows.
Comparing Matterport and Blue-Sketch Floor p PetraSoderling 7 3 yearsPetraSoderling (749): @ThreeDImaging Thank you @RenderingSpace Thanks, I had not seen your page. Very stylish! @frstbubble Thanks, pleasure to work with you @StevenHattan Hahah, thanks.
Why is the wall bending in? Dolloff 5 3 yearsDolloff (121): Hi Everyone, Thank you for the wonderful feedback and advice. After making copies and deleting some scans, I went back to the space and just re-shot that area. Matterport explained it as "Loop Closure"- It is a very large space, so if each scan was just a touh off, by the time you close the loop, the scans are a lot off. It is a very large space, so I was thinking about starting with the walls first and then filling in the...
iStaging LiveTour - Anyone Used It? ChrisH 10 3 yearsChrisH (55): Please let me be clear I still promote and film most of my stuff with Matterport. I was just looking around online for ideas one night and came across this product. For the money it was worth playing around with. Essentially its a web based software platform you enter all the info into. Nothing too difficult or complex. If you read there website and watch their YouTube clips you will see. The $60 literally gives you access to login to the...
Going to NAR in Orlando Kevin_iGuide 23 3 yearsExpertise (167): I just figured that out. :(
Matterport staging video 3Dwalkmethru 4 3 yearsfranmts (175): It's on its works... we shouldn't expect any deadline... from my 3D experience, expect to get chairs and tables before changing walls colors/finishings. Meanwhile you can import the 3D models on ArchiLogic to do the The Sims styling
Matterport Versus Blue-Sketch Floor Plans DanSmigrod 8 3 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): @GoneCoastalSC Great story. Thanks for sharing your experience. Basic, Standard and Premium Members of the We Get Around Referral Network receive their first Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plan free (via rebate). Best, Dan
Scan location numbers Noel 3 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9215): @bonduell did this with howner workshop. I tried months before he opened his platform and completely failed to get it right. Problem is. The color map floorplan that Alexander used is no longer available to play with. It came from the same place as the colored floorplans seen in mp2sqft
Floor Plan Square footage hometakes 5 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9215): MP2SQFT shows the visual map of the tour with regions color coded. It then shows the SQFT and M2 for each section and allows you to toggle each of them on and off. I've done many real world comparisons to make sure the data is correct - and it's very close. If we are using this to bill a client based on SQFT scanned, it's 100% correct. If we are using this to measure a building, then we can use the data and remove rooms that were not...
Snapshots from Matterport Acomeau15 4 3 yearsAcomeau15 (52): @Rootsyloops @GarySnyder Thank you both these are great responses! Alex
to scan a propery or a photo 360 tour? skycamguatemala 4 4 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): @skycamguatemala How much is "look around" worth to your client? How much is "get more students faster with more pre-qualified parents and students touring the school in person" worth to your client? Dig deeper about what problem you are helping solve for your client and you will know which solution to recommend. Dan
How would you improve my Matterport Space? BabluN 9 4 yearsBabluN (49): Hi Guys, Sorry, but I was travelling, therefore, the delayed response. The issue was that this model was blotched with colours scattered all over the dollhouse and floor plan, some how, it seems to have fixed itself....and to address the comments, yes, I understand that my trim lines are way too close, but that was cause I was under the impression that they were supposed to be done that way, figured it out a couple of days ago that I was wrong....
20 Questions: How to Create 2D Floor Plans DanSmigrod Jump to first page35Jump to last page 4 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): Here are examples of recent floor plans that Blue-Sketch created for us for one 14,000 sf house. It's a great service to offer as an optional extra or bundle in a package. Dan
3D space blotchy and messed up BabluN 12 4 yearsJonJ (1541): Here is something i wrote in a previous thread about windows. There are a number of reasons to mark windows that are apparent in the final product. 1) If you mark the window, in the dollhouse view, the image on the window will be fixed. It will not change as though you are able to look through the window into the yard or patio space. This would be the desired effect if there are no scans on the opposite side of the window. If the window was...
Floorplan missing floor Jake 5 4 yearsron0987 (1189): Jake, I have had this same issue before and the problem I had was my trim lines were not applied correctly and the software merged part of one floor into another. You might check and make sure they are all in place and as tight to the wall as possible so the software is not trying to merge the floors. Ron
Anyone making floor plans cheap? alx3D 10 4 yearsPetraSoderling (749): Haha :) thank you Gus it was my pleasure. It's 92 degrees down here so the party night is a hot one!
Square Footage Off On Floor Plans, MP Issue? tydowning 7 4 yearsccctucker (154): This was talked about in a thread a long time ago. The scanner isn't designed for fine measurement in inches, but in feet. Most of the things that can alter the number is based on the infrared. If the light is bright, the points are collected at different distances, causing the mesh to take an average of distance over several points. If they are off on both opposite edges, that could double the error rate. I tell people you can measure for...
IVRPA: 2D Schematic Floor Plans for $500? DanSmigrod 3 4 yearsArchimedStudio (478): "Fun" fact: in Quebec (and maybe in the rest of Canada, I'm not sure), nobody uses floor plans in their listings... Matt
Schematic Floor Plan Dolloff 11 4 yearsDanSmigrod (20051): Hi All, For more about Blue-Sketch, please see my 20 Question Live with Blue-Sketch Founder @PetraSoderling ... Dan
Schematic Floor Plan Example tommy_1800 7 4 yearsPetraSoderling (749): Hi, yes it is. Usually I need both the link to the scan AND a screenshot of each MP Workshop floorplan measured (see here ) However if this is not your scan you may not have access to its Workshop. If you can get me at least one measurement from somewhere in the house I can scale the floor plan from that. The longer the measurement the better for accuracy. You can email me at Looking...
Matterport Launches Schematic Floor Plans Maria 15 4 yearsProperty3dNZ (613): @Noel WOW! That's ridiculous! I have worked closely with MP for at least 8 months before metric measurements were released - the ridiculous thing is that the very first release of MP had metric measurements! I have actually been told during a skype meeting by Katharine Nevins (who works in the Product Management team) that it automatically creates in metric and they have to convert it to imperial! So frustrating!
RoomSketcher: Fast/Flexible Floor Plans DanSmigrod 16 4 yearsCutrer (7): Really great service. Quick, good communication, and quality floor plans. I plan on using Petra for any future floor plan needs.
Need a floor plan Aghachi101 19 4 yearscrullier (16): I can help with floor plan creation. Let me know guys