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'Editing' Topics

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Color correction for Oak Cabinets with Matterport snapshots Queen_City_3D 3 27 daysQueen_City_3D (2767): @rzphotoman Thanks... that helps. I was playing with the Orange and Red panels, but I see that I was adjusting the luminance, not the saturation, so I wasn't getting it to where I wanted. Adjusting the saturation is definitely more effective.
Video: insta360 Studio 2021 Beginner's Tutorial DanSmigrod 1 2 monthsDanSmigrod (25184): insta360 Studio 2021 Beginner's Tutorial | Video courtesy of Eat Sleep 360 YouTube Channel | 22 February 2021 From the Eat Sleep 360 YouTube Channel: A beginner's guide to insta360 Studio 2021 - this tutorial takes you step by step through the desktop editing software so you can start to edit. Time Stamps: 00:00​ - Intro 00:20​ - Overview of layout 03:30​ - Photos 04:21​ - 360 Video...
inside outside color temp correction thereal360 1 6 monthsthereal360 (266): Hey.... It's been a few days. But there are still more questions to be had!!! So on of the bigger problems I am running into doing 360 tours is the color temp. Never thought that would be a issue, but it is. Inside and through windows. The color temp inside is warm the color temp outside is cooler, and it's a pain to get the outside to match to the inside and then to match to the WHOLE tour. Is there some voodoo magic I am not aware of....
Denoise with AI - Topaz Labs DeNoise AI thereal360 6 6 monthsironwills (29): That was Topaz Denoise. I tried the trial for 15 min and was blown away - bought it straight after that. I love it as a workflow in Lightroom. Check out this eagle - I couldn't believe how it retained detail in the little feathers. ...
Shooting homes in less than Ideal conditions lilnitsch 21 7 monthslilnitsch (2836): This has a minimal stitch line that I could easily correct
Asteroom Virtual Tour Platform Automatically Edits 360s for WGAN Members DanSmigrod 1 8 monthsDanSmigrod (25184): Grab: Asteroom Before-After Slider Example | Try It Here [asteroom][/asteroom]Asteroom Virtual Tour[/url] by We Get Around Atlanta Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod |...
Question of the Day: Should Matterport Enable Editing/Replacing 360 Photos? DanSmigrod 5 9 months3DVirtuallyThere (103): I agree being able to adjust the photos/panos would be next level. I don't understand why Z1 imagery looks worse inside Matterport and high quality on its own.
WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Fri, 14 June 2019: Matterport Workshop 3.0 Part 5 of 5 DanSmigrod 5 9 monthsDanSmigrod (25184): Hi All, If you are just getting started with Matterport, Matterport Workshop 3.0 Part 5 of 5 - with Matterport Content Marketing Manager Amir Frank - will help you succeed faster. Best, Dan
Any service that can remove me from a Matterport pano? Wingman 16 11 monthsGerhard (1209): @Wingman we need to apply for the SDK from Matterport n figure out how that company in the UK is doing the editing of the panos, because they charge wayyyyyy to much for this. With GEOCV it cost around $3 per pano and then you have Color Correction, Sky Replacement and also logo on television screens for that. Also it is much faster workflow as edits take between 12 - 24 hours then you aha your panos back. Sp if w can do it ourselves seeing...
Matterport Editing/Photo capture ron0987 6 1 yearron0987 (1778): @leonherbert I am not familiar with the incognito mode. Please explain if you got a chance. Thank you
Video: Matterport Academy Edit Scans (Lesson 11) DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (25184): Matterport Academy Edit Scans (Lesson 11) with Matterport Content Marketing Manager Amir Frank | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel (28 September 2018) Hi All, If you are just getting started with Matterport, here is Lesson 11 of 11 from the Matterport Academy Edit Scans (above) with Matterport Content Marketing Manager Amir Frank. Video Transcript Hi, I'm Amir from Matterport and...
3rd Party partner required for large contract - 360 image manuipulation 3dshowcaseuk 11 2 yearsWingman (1902): You can blur or even remove logos in Pano2VR but it will work for GSV only. If you want to edit 3D scans for a Matterport model you can try to do it though those that claim they can stage a Matterport tour. I asked recently here on the forum if anyone could virtually stage a Matterport tour and found none. Then in about two weeks time after my question some company from UK contacted me and offered virtual staging for Matterport tours. They have...
Captur3d for editing photos and single property websites? RayV 21 2 yearsEyeMazing (15): Thankx Dan. Have an EyeMazing weekend yourself! Rick
How to Edit the Matterport Virtual Reality (VR) Experience in Workshop 3.0 DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25184): WGAN-TV Matterport Workshop 3.0 Part 4 of 5 Short Story #691- Virtual Reality (VR) Path WGAN-TV Matterport Workshop 3.0 Part 4 of 5 Short Story #692- Tips For VR WGAN-TV Matterport Workshop 3.0 Part 4 of 5 Short Story #693- VR Hardware And VR Path View Discussion Hi All, Editing the "walk around" experience of a Matterport 3D Tour in Virtual Reality (VR) is very different than editing the "walk around"...
Question of the Day: Do you Provide Matterport Camera SnapShots to Clients? DanSmigrod 3 2 yearsrzphotoman (1600): @June, I use Aurora HDR 2019. It does a great job with single images as well as multi mage shots. I also use Photoshop CC occasionally.
Question of the Day>Do you charge extra for image editing? "Premium Photos" DanSmigrod 3 2 yearshtimsabbub23 (904): I do charge extra for Photoshop editing images. My price for the client is $15 per Item per image. So for instance if they want the power lines removed from the photo I can do that for $15. But here's the catch it has to be done to all images that showcase that item. That way everything is consistent for the MLS. I no longer worry about what the MLS has to say about me photoshopping images because I work for the realtor and not MLS. If they ask...
photoshopping 360 shots 3dshowcaseuk 5 2 yearsizoneguy (468): You would still see the original panos in the tour.
Video: "Using DaVinci Resolve vs. Premiere to Edit Video for Real Estate" DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25184): Using DaVinci Resolve vs. Premiere to Edit Video for Real Estate | Video courtesy of JRDNPWRS YouTube Channel Hi All, "I started using Davinci Resolve as a means to solve my horrible color grading habits, but quickly discovered that this is actually a powerful and super easy to use program that I think will be replacing Premiere for me." Source: JRDNPWRS YouTube Channel Are videos like...
Camera In Mirrors... HELLO It's 2019 3dVuz 13 2 yearsKumar (499): @Home3D, Which tripod is that? Thanks
WGAN-TV 7 BOXBROWNIE.COM Services for Real Estate Photographers | #ICNY19 DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsGlennTremain (2260): item removal is cool and useful
Nodalview: How to Create a Teaser Video from a Nodalview Virtual Tour DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25184): Video from this Nodalview Virtual Tour Hi All, I created this teaser video (above) of this Nodalview Virtual Tour - all within Nodalview. How to Create Teaser Video within Nodalview Virtual Tour Content Management System Select Panoramas --> Select Make Video Step 1 of 3: Select Digital Media (I selected 5 of the 360º panoramas) Step 2 of 3: Set the Start Point/End Point/Amount of Time (Tip: Zoom in/out - Mix up pan...
CUPIX versus Matterport: Color Adjustments and Editing in Lightroom DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25184): @Chemistrydoc Thanks for your okay to publish the following: --- @Chemistrydoc Writes to Matterport Support I just reviewed a recently processed model, [redacted] in my account. I am so incredibly disappointed with the results of this processing. Each room looks washed out, overexposed and the colors completely unsaturated. This is a premium property, and the results are so bad that I don't feel like I can even present it to my...
New-Outsource Editing of Matterport Tours in Matterport Workshop to MP2EDIT DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25184): Screen Grab: MP2EDIT editing a Matterport 3D Tour for We Get Around Network -- New! Outsource Editing of Matterport 3D Tours in Matterport Workshop to MP2EDIT Hi All, Would you like more time to scan, develop new business or spend time with friends and family? Outsource editing of Matterport 3D Tours in Matterport Workshop to MP2EDIT. For as low...
WGAN-TV Live at 5: for Power Users with Colin Forte DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25184): WGAN-TV for Power Users with Founder Colin Forte. Colin is also the Founder of West Palm Beach, FL-based Matterport Service Provider business, @Hometakes Hi All, Above is the recording of WGAN-TV Live at 5 show: ✓ for Power Users with Founder Colin Forte Colin covered the following: ✓ demo and discuss tips for power users of ✓ discuss why switch to...
New! Photo & Video Editing Service for MSPs DanSmigrod 23 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25184):
WGAN-TV> - Best Practices Shooting Real Estate Photos DanSmigrod 7 3 yearsDanSmigrod (25184): Hi All, @PhotoAndVideoEdits - and @Hometakes – Founder Colin Forte will be my guest again on today's (Thursday, 23 August 2018) WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EDT | GMT -4) to help you succeed faster with: ✓ WGAN-TV Pricing for Matterport Service Providers: Bundles and Add Ons oin the WGAN-TV Virtual Studio Audience to ask questions live on the show ... Best, Dan WGAN-TV Best Practices Shooting Real Estate Photos with...
Video: Real Estate Video Editing on the Fly Technique (Workflow) DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (25184): WGAN-TV Short Story #24: @Hometakes / @PhotoAndVideoEdits Founder Colin Forte Hi All, In the WGAN-TV Short Story video clip, @Hometakes / @PhotoAndVideoEdits Founder Colin Forte explains why to shoot video clips in order and keep ONLY the clips that you will want to use in the edited video. This will save a ton of time in post production. If you do not follow this Real Estate Video Editing on the Fly workflow, why... - My First Batch! Metroplex360 14 3 yearsDanSmigrod (25184): WGAN-TV | Best Practices Shooting Real Estate Photos and Workflow with Founder Colin Forte (@Hometakes) Hi All, Above is today's WGAN-TV Live at 5. Best Practices Shooting Real Estate Photos and Workflow with Founder Colin Forte (@Hometakes) Special thanks to @ChemistryDoc for joining in to ask questions ... Even Pro...
How to I respond to this!? 3SixtyNow 5 3 yearsjasondavidpage (199): I'm guessing there was a misunderstanding between what the agent thought he was getting and what he actually received. I don't know how many times I've had an agent call asking about virtual tours only for them to just mean a slideshow of still photos. That being said, try to appease this client and then fire him. Anyone who comes back the way he has is not someone you want to work for and will ruin your day every time you work for him (plus...
2d from Matterport 360 Outside Scan? fotoguy 6 3 yearsJuMP (1463): @fotoguy Sorry, I didn't understand what is your requirement? Did you mean that you want to get a higher resolution snapshot from the 360 photos in matterport showcase? I will PM you a DEMO of the pano out from our JuMP-POP v1.0