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Topics tagged with Door'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Trouble with doors [HELP] mikerodin 6 2 yearskellysuesharp (31): If you shoot with the door open and then closed and it messes up and won't let you navigate back thru the door (which happened to us), here is the cut and paste from tech support on how to fix it: Fortunately there is a trick to fixing this that you can use in the Capture app: Return to the Capture app, open the space up, place 2 Trim Markings on either side of this door frame, Arrows facing one another, then reupload the space. You'll have to...
Doors: New Trim Tool for Permeable Boundary? DanSmigrod 6 2 yearsDanSmigrod (19545): @maire Glad you found Dan's Tip of the Week helpful about scanning with doors open and closed. Dan
Problem with doors in a corridor. michelg 8 3 yearsmichelg (49): @DanSmigrod Yes I will try to access again to the space Have a good day Michel
My tip of the week: How to Open/Close Doors HarlanHambright 4 4 yearslisahinson (784): thanks for the great tip! @HarlanHambright
Messed up continuity with door closed/open Dennis_N 11 4 yearsron0987 (1178): I have never used it as I have showed in the diagram but if you attempt to use four lines just to in close just the door it might work, if you try it it wont cost you anything to process it again. Ron
Cant Walk Thru Front Door DaveFahrny 14 4 yearsNoel (94): @mefederau Great capture. I am new to this too and wishing to learn as much as possible, how did you create the Video walk through? Thanks for any help/ideas. Regards Noel
invisible doors Showcas3D 7 4 yearsmikeE (34): I think the trick the distance at which you transition.
Doors that must be opened/closed pixelray 6 4 yearspixelray (394): awesome. thanks Jamie. This has been driving me crazy.
Door Issues (URGENT) 3DListings 7 4 yearsCarlosFHdz (602): 3Dlistings, deleting a scan and uploading is different than disabling because of what Dan said, it changes the mesh and will chenage the ability to walk through places.
Door Strategy RenderingSpace 8 4 yearsDanSmigrod (19545): Yes. 😎 It should work. Sometimes I can walk into the pantry (and can not walk out. Manage clients' expectations. This is art: not science.) Worst case, if you can wal-in, but not out: keep these scans for the dollhouse and floor plan views; and deactivate from wal-around view in 3D Workshop. Dan