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'Critique' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
My first Matterport Scan: Feedback? Advice? (Much appreciated) DanSmigrod 2 4 monthsHome3D (2301): Very nice work. Most of my career was spent as a TV commercial director so I always enjoy walking around a studio and reminiscing, which you made very easy this morning. Wish I could stop by for a visit but it’s a bit far from Los Angeles. But I wish you the very best!
Matterport Tour for Critique DougMagners 2 9 monthsDougMagners (40): Well, this is embarrassing (but in a good way, if that's possible). While checking that my link worked, I discovered that somehow issue #2 is no longer an issue! Just an hour ago while I was working on the tour, I could not move from the main space to the entry hall, but now that I tried it again, it works the way it is supposed to! Not sure how that magically started working properly, but it did. I'll take it. Best, Doug
Question of the Day: Critque This Matterport 3D Tour: $40,500,000 Listing DanSmigrod 14 10 monthsBillRobinson (85): Thanks for the feedback as it is always helpful to get input from other professionals. I did the scanning, but not the presentation. Mirrors - When I first started scanning 7 years ago with the Beta 'egg' scanner, I had to cover all mirrors with white paper before scanning a property. The early software couldn't handle a mirror. So my 'relationship' may come from another point of view. Also, my background prior to MP was interior design,...
Matterport Newbie Seeks Feedback on First Matterport 3D Tour DanSmigrod 2 1 yeartresdepro (272): @DanSmigrod @SNFmarkerting I would disable the 360 from the garden, also disable 2 from the other side just leave one. You can try scanning when the sun sets or sunrise so you can catch the big wall with more detail, also extend your tripod as much as you can and add a few more scan points. Also, try making a few scans at night. hope that helps
First Matterport scans to Critique sidcam 4 1 yearKumar (438): middle level lens of MP at 4' to 4'5" is max preferred height for me for most cases.
Matterport Model review request Joelbcollins 4 2 yearsHelloPado (121): is an amazing 3rd party overlay with some color connecting options. I use it on all of my tours Edit: it's a good looking tour. Props for perfect floral arrangement in the bathroom. Maybe i don't have the eye for it but saturating the other colors would only intensify the white... there's a lot of white.
Constructive Criticism Please... Queen_City_3D 4 3 yearssbl110 (283): Hi Queen_city_3D, Not sure what the client is unhappy about. Your scan points are more frequent and closer together allowing the viewer better angles of the art. In the Mirus Art Gallery sample, it seems like there are large gaps between scans. While I've never scanned a venue like this, I think that it would be interesting to have lowered the camera for some of the views of the statues. Other than that, I prefer yours over the Mirus Art...