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'Church' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
My Backstory to this Matterport 3D Tour of MLK's Ebenezer Baptist Church DanSmigrod 6 26 daystoddwaddington (140): Lovely, inspiring. I was there just last Spring, 2019. The whole area is a very moving experience.
How to do a Matterport scan of a church? Publish to GSV? Atriux 7 1 monthbriangreul (418): I would also scan the space progressively as opposed to linearly if I did it again. The camera had alignment challenges with the pews. So just imagine a video game where you "discover" the map. The camera does the same thing. It seems like alignment challenges come in when you scan the perimeter and come back to fill in the details on large spaces. :)
Question of the Day: Matterport Tour Examples with Livestream Link? DanSmigrod 1 2 monthsDanSmigrod (22401): of Saints Peter & Paul in Ennis, Ireland | Matterport Digital Twin that includes a Livestream link. Tour by: Oliver @Gladsmuir Hi All, The WGAN Forum Question of the Day for Thursday, 21 May 2020: Matterport Tour Examples with Livestream Link? This Question of the Day was inspired by the (beautiful) Matterport Digital Twin (above) from this WGAN Forum...
My First Repetitive Repetitive Repetitive space issue. briangreul 8 2 monthsbriangreul (418): Here is the re-processed space. Based on everyone's feedback I'm going to roll-forward with pushing this to Streetview. I have hidden several scans in the tour that don't need to be there for Streetview. I'll still circle back and recapture the space for my own learning purposes. @Jump - the view above reiterates that MP lost count of the number of pews. The green line is the lower ceiling and...
Matterport Digital Twin of the Week DanSmigrod 1 6 monthsDanSmigrod (22401): Matterport Digital Twin of the Week --- [wp3d][/wp3d] Matterport Digital Twin of Christ Church, Taita | Lower Hutt, New Zealand by HomePlan 3D Walkthrough | @homeplannz | Captured December 2019 Hi All, This Matterport Digital Twin - by HomePlan 3D Walkthrough (@homeplannz) in New Zealand - is a great example using: ✓ Matterport ✓ MP/embed ✓ WP3D Models WordPress...
#MLK50 | 3D Tour of Ebenzer Baptist Church DanSmigrod 3 2 yearsDanSmigrod (22401): @frstbubble found the dog. How about you?