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How to Receive 6 Free Floor Plans from CAPTUR3D in Your First 30 Days DanSmigrod 1 12 daysDanSmigrod (22001): received 23 June 2020 Hi All, To receive six free floor plans from CAPTUR3D All-in-One Content Management System for Matterport Service Providers, create a CAPTUR3D account using this WGAN Affiliate Link...
WGAN-TV Live at 5: MatterVids: Matterport 3D Tours to HD Video Service DanSmigrod 5 17 daysDanSmigrod (22001): MatterVids: Matterport 3D Tour to HD Video Service with MatterVids Founder Chris Fraser | 18 June 2020 Hi Chris Fraser @MatterVids Thank you for being my guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 Thursday (18 June 2020) to give the WGAN Community a deep-dive into MatterVids: buttery smooth HD video from Matterport digital twins using the Highlight Reel to create them. For under $20 each - and under $12 each in...
Convert Matterpak to DWG or DXF for AutoCad CS_360 2 28 daysmp2fp (430): Dear Christian Yes we can do and we are sorry we not have registered your email earlier but we checked our junk filter and probably because it was a link attached it was gone there but see it now and are answering you within few minutes. See as well earlier article with example.
Interactive and 3D Floorplans Service Provider? pixelray 6 2 monthsDanSmigrod (22001): @pixelray What did you decide to do regarding interactive and 3D floor plans for your real estate agent clients that what to go beyond "normal" floor plans? Dan
Editing Matterport Stills jacobpmac 8 2 monthsAlexHitchcock (84): Hi @jacobpmac CAPTUR3D provides photo retouching for just $1 USD per photo. We can provide a wide range of retouching, including: - Day-to-dusk conversion - Object removal - Reflection removal - Sky/grass enhancement - Perspective correction - Lens flare removal - Stitching error removal Feel free to create an account via the following link to get started: ...
Looking For A New Image Editing Service BrianM 11 2 monthsDanSmigrod (22001): @BrianM WGAN Forum Related Discussion: ✓ WGAN List of 3rd Party Service Add Ons You Can Offer Without Leaving Home From this discussion: ✅ Photo Retouching for Real Estate ✓ Baezeni (@mp2fp) ✓ CAPTUR3D (@Steven_Kounnas) WGAN Forum posts: captur3d ✓ (@Hometakes) WGAN Forum Posts: ✓ Photo Sparc (@JonJ) WGAN Forum Posts: Photo Sparc Best, Dan
Video: Intro to RELA Platform Features for Matterport Service Providers DanSmigrod 1 2 monthsDanSmigrod (22001): WGAN-TV RELA Booking System and Billing Platform for Matterport Pros #1223-Intro Hi All, In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1223, above), RELA CEO Mike Land gives you an overview of the RELA platform for Matterport Service Providers, real estate photographers (and related), including: ✓ Single Property Websites (branded, unbranded, 20+ templates) ✓ Booking platform ✓ Scheduling platform ✓ Seamless integration with Matterport...
How your clients book a Matterport shoot with you using the RELA platform DanSmigrod 1 2 monthsDanSmigrod (22001): WGAN-TV RELA Booking System and Billing Platform for Matterport Pros #1227-How Simple Can Scheduling With RELA Be Hi All, ✓ Seeking a solution for helping automate booking of your real estate photography services? ✓ Want to maximize the leads-to-orders workflow? ✓ Seeking a simple scheduling tool that gives you control over your shoots per day? The RELA platform for real estate photographers makes it super-easy, super-fast (and...
Show & Tour Feature Update: Now Easier to Set Up Custom Domain Names sherpa_media 2 6 monthssherpa_media (160): Here is how I have personally used this feature. 1) My Show & Tour admin dashboard is set to You will notice my logo and branded background color. This will match your branding as well once you have it set up. 2) My default domain name is set to Since I am located in Kansas City and is short, easy to remember, and somewhat descriptive of my projects. Here are a few example projects I have under...
2D Schematic Floor Plan for Vacation Rentals DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (22001): Dwell Hotel, Chattanooga, TN - Suite 32 - 2D Schematic Floor Plan by Blue-Sketch Dwell Hotel, Chattanooga, TN - Suite 32 - 2D Schematic Floor Plan by Blue-Sketch Hi All, Hotel Rooms and Vacation Rentals can benefit from enhanced 2D Schematic Floor Plans with some...
MAtterport to Video 3rd Party Service? htimsabbub23 3 2 yearsVRimpact (121): @ArtisticConcepts Sorry to jump in on someone elses post chris, but can you PM a demo of the video you can create as a matterport tour? Do you have example? Also, if i wanted to take this one step further - Im thinking a drone video of the area, that comes up to the front door, which then goes into the house(matterport footage takes over) can you do this if i provide the content and also could you PM what fee that would be? My mind is in...
Matterport Training Academy Videos DanSmigrod 3 3 yearsDanSmigrod (22001): Hi All, I updated the list (above) today (31 October 2017) to include additional WGAN-TV Live at 5 episodes. Dan
Floorplan from Matterport scan Pauluploadabode 2 3 yearsmp2fp (430): @Pauluploadabode Wow! Thanks Paul, it´s a pleasure working with you! Cheers, Robin
40+ WGAN Standard Member Benefits: One a Day! DanSmigrod Jump to first page34Jump to last page 3 yearsDanSmigrod (22001): Wednesday, 5 July 2017 Standard Membership Benefit #35 Free! We Get Around Matterport Mentor Listing We Get Around Matterport Mentors are an elite group of Pros that are Matterport experts as a result of either: 1. scanning for more than a year 2. creating more than 100 Matterport Spaces (formerly known at 3D Showcases) 3. offering a Matterport 3rd party solution such as floor plans, virtual staging, CMS, videos from scans or single...
Matterport versus Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plans DanSmigrod 8 3 yearsDanSmigrod (22001): @Metroplex360 Good to know. Thanks, Dan
VR Changing How Buyers Shop for New Homes DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (22001): The Washington Post (24 March 2017) Virtually changing how buyers shop for new homes This is a "must read" in-depth article. I found this article on the @immoviewer Facebook page. :cool: Excerpts “Technology is changing rapidly, but we think the use of virtual reality will reshape and transform how new homes are designed, marketed and sold,” says Tim Costello, founder and chief executive officer of Builder Homesite Inc....