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DOJ to NAR: "cease misrepresenting that buyer broker services are free" DanSmigrod 19 2 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Inman (20 November 2020) The DOJ-NAR lawsuit is good for us all - These changes don't spell the end of anything. They provide consumers with information. Transparency, protecting your clients' interests and codifying best practices are all good things -- Save $20 with WGAN Affiliate Link for Inman
Is a new Matterport camera coming in 2021? dave3d 12 2 monthsbriangreul (593): @DanSmigrod I think the camera is a price point product, not a margin product. I think they picked a price that people can stomach. The challenge is all the negative noise being created by the broker out of California coupled with the stark reality about not letting anyone new into MSS/MSP. The argument about not enough volume only holds a little water as most of the established MSP's are subbing the work out to photographers. In effect...
Example MSP websites with Matterport tours? BIGNAIZ 2 2 monthsdave3d (137): Unless I misunderstand your question that should be pretty simple: Maybe type Matterport and any major city name...go to the top 3 companies listed that are MSPs...and look at their tours?
Video: Why this MSP charges $135 for 25 photos & posts this on his website DanSmigrod 3 2 monthsExpertise (625): Ok, you solved one problem and created another one. This is an honest question for Eli- When Chucky Cheapskate (under)orders 25 photos for a 5000SF, million dollar waterfront pool home and then wants to know why you didn't shoot 2 angles of the master bedroom... how do you handle it?
Video->Matterport Weekly Construction: How the Bidding Process Works DanSmigrod 1 2 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): WGAN-TV How MSPs can Make Money with Weekly Construction Documentation #1330-How The Biding Process Works Video: How MSPs can Make Money with Weekly Construction Documentation #1330-How The Biding Process Works Hi All, In this WGAN-TV Short Story (above, #1330), IFTI/PROvision Solutions Vice President of Business Development James Duffy helps Matterport Service Providers understand how the biding process works within the context of...
Question of the Day-->MSPs: Will you be running a Black Friday Sale? DanSmigrod 1 2 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Hi All, The WGAN Forum Question of the Day for Thursday, 19 November 2020: Matterport Service Providers: Will you be running a Black Friday Sale? If so, please post an example of how you are promoting. If not, why not? Happy holidays, Dan
WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin-Essential Tool for Matterport Service Provider DanSmigrod 8 2 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Hi All, Save 10 percent on WP3D Models WordPress Plugin using the WGAN Discount Code. Plus, when you use the WGAN Discount Code, you will receive the first 12 months free of WGAN-TV Training U in Matterport Membership Two Way to Receive the WGAN Discount Code for WP3D Models 1. Join the WGAN Forum ( free) and automatically receive the discount code (and 50+ other free/discounts) 2. Private Message me @DanSmigrod with the...
Nadir placement for 100's of 360 images. BlueImmersiveMedia 6 2 monthsWingman (1627): +1 to Pano2VR I have used it to batch patch 100s in one go. It does not apply logo immediately and you will need to wait till software go through each and patch it However you only need 1 minute to apply it to a master node and all other panoramas will be patched automatically.
Why Matterport is Creating a Spatial Data Moat (& Why That's Good for MSPs) DanSmigrod 9 2 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): What is a Data Silo? | Video courtesy of Intricity101 YouTube Channel | 16 November 2020
Video: Why offer Photos Before You Offer Virtual Tours DanSmigrod 2 2 monthsChemistrydoc (1464): @DanSmigrod I can only affirm this strategy. I languished for about 6 months stubbornly doing only Matterport. Once I started offering high-quality photos, things took off like a rocket. I don't do Matterport on every listing, but do on most. Unlike Mr. Jones, I do bundle photos and Matterport (at discounted prices). Keith
Video: This MSP charges a flat fee for Matterport and no bundling DanSmigrod 6 2 monthscgraft (56): Seems like he's leaving money on the table. Are people happy collecting sub $250 for a 3,000 SF space?
50+ Free and/or Special Savings - When You Join the Free WGAN Forum DanSmigrod 10 2 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): LitraTorch 2.0 Reality Capture Lighting Kit In Use | Video courtesy of Litra YouTube Channel | 3 November 2020 1 - LitraTorch 2.0 Reality Capture Lighting Kit mounted to Matterport Pro2 3D Camera --- Special Offer for WGAN Forum Members Save 20 percent – and free shipping over...
Questions regarding MP 2 accesories. rodrigocastillo 11 2 monthsrodrigocastillo (42): @Gladsmuir Thank you for your kind response. Looking forward to add Virtual Tours of our properties. We have that Dolica dolly tripod so I will test it out! Cant wait to share our tours, Rodrigo
COVID-19: Examples of eBlasts/Newsletters from Matterport Service Providers DanSmigrod 23 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): received Monday, 2 November 2020
Transcript: WGAN-TV: MSPs' Class Action Lawsuits Against Matterport, Inc. DanSmigrod 5 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Grab fron Class Action Lawyer Tom Zimmerman expressed interest in commenting this Thursday, 5 November 2020 following the motion to dismiss. Hi All, If you would like to virtually attend the motion to dismiss this Thursday, 5 November 2020 at 8 am PT: Dial In: (888) 684-8852 Access Code:...
The latest filing for the Matterport class action suit Axis360Media 6 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Grab fron Class Action Lawyer Tom Zimmerman expressed interest in commenting this Thursday, 5 November 2020 following the motion to dismiss. Hi All, If you would like to virtually attend the motion to dismiss this Thursday, 5 November 2020 at 8 am PT: Dial In: (888) 684-8852 Access...
Matterport & Ricoh Theta Z1 work well together? jpierce360 11 3 monthsHome3D (2690): @jpierce360 - no, completely different, Z1 vs a Pro 1/2. The Pro cameras us IR to actually gather precise measurements on every physical surface within its range of about 10-12 feet. The Z1 captures no depth data at all. Cortex takes the Z1's 360° photo and uses AI to 'guess' (nothing more than guess) where in space the objects it photographs actually are. It then creates 3D mesh based on these guesses. If you're shooting an unfurnished...
Matterport on Apple iPhone 12 LiDAR News (& Matterport Capture with iPhone) DanSmigrod 3 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Grab of a portion of an eBlast received from Matterport on Friday, 30 October 2020 -- Matterport Link goes to: ✓ Matterport Blog (13 October 2020) The Verdict: iPhone Users Embrace 3D with Matterport Capture app @Integratedman Matterport Capture App + Apple iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR will increase the demand for...
Matterport>Momentum 360 Grows its Business to 30+ Locations with Matterport DanSmigrod 3 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): @dave3d I enjoyed your discussion about Matterport photographer aggregators and building a business where you can make more money than the aggregators pay. I can imagine if the aggregators are 10-15 percent of your business - and fill-up unsold time - then that likely makes "cents" ... Best, Dan
Percentage Sales: Photos, Video, Drone, Matterport, Twilight and Other DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Grab: Real Estate Photographer Pro Course by Eli Jones | Save 70 Percent with this We Get Around Network Affiliate Link. | Exclusive: get 12 months FREE of WGAN-TV Training Academy when you buy ...
Transcript: WGAN-TV How MSPs can Make Money with AgentRelay as an Add On DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): WGAN-TV How Matterport Service Providers can Make Money with AgentRelay as an Add On with AgentRelay Founder and CEO Dan Cattermole | Wednesday, 21 October 2020 Transcript: WGAN-TV Live at 5 | How Matterport Service Providers Can Make Money with AgentRelay as an Add On: Deep-Dive Demo and Discussion of the AgentRelay Reseller Program Hi All, Below is the transcript ... If you are a busy and successful Matterport Service...
Are Matterport Capture Technicians™ actually Matterport Employees? DanSmigrod 7 3 monthsAxis360Media (200): I believe not only are these technicians employees, the whole situation is unfair business practices. It’s part of my lawsuit.
Lawsuit: Matterport, Inc. versus GeoCV, Inc. - All Legal Documents DanSmigrod 74 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): @Convrts Well said. We'll see if Matterport can hold back the tide of Innovation displayed by GeoCV. Dan Hi All, ( A day after reported by WGAN Forum :cool: ) Inman (22 October 2020) Matterport and former rival GeoCV settle 2-year patent dispute | GeoCV began winding down operations in October 2019, but the lawsuit between the former 3D tour technology rivals continued on for another year Dan -- I encourage you to subscribe to...
Charts: How much Matterport Capture Services Program Pays Photographers DanSmigrod 12 3 monthsMeshImages (1137): I guess Matterport could be facing more heavy legal problems (competition, copyright and labour) with international rollout. Such problems can blow out the company.
WGAN-TV Live at 5: How MSPs Can Make Money with AgentRelay as an Add On DanSmigrod 4 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): WGAN-TV How Matterport Service Providers can Make Money with AgentRelay as an Add On | Wednesday, 21 October 2020 Hi All, Much thanks to @AgentRelay Founder and CEO Dan Cattermole for giving the WGAN Community a deep-dive demo and discussion about how Matterport Service Providers can make money offering Asteroom as an Add On. (Video above) Receive free - a 12 months Membership to the WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport) Course when you: 1....
Suggestions for filming a camp (indoor + outdoor) Virtour 6 3 monthsEaglePrecision (136): Why wouldn't you be able to capture the entire campus in one aerial model? Pix4D, DroneDeploy and MapsMadeEasy all have capture apps that enable planning and executing large area flight plans with multiple individual flights (and battery changes) and their processing software, whether desktop (Pix4D) or cloud (Pix4D, MapsMadeEasy, DroneDeploy), can handle very large datasets. There are many examples in their sample galleries of large area...
Matterport alternative 8643d 5 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): @8643d WGAN Member @GlennAronwits used ThreeSixty Tours mashed up with Matterport and WP3D Models WordPress Plugin in the (top) Tour above from this WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ ThreeSixty Tour Examples Dan
Question of the Day: Will Matterport Offer a Rotator for iPhone 12 Pro? DanSmigrod 13 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Matterport's Brand New Blur Brush Tool | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 15 October 2020 Hi All, Matterport Vice President, Product Marketing & Platform Indy Sen in the video above (starting at 39:02) [ Q]Is there a product that will rotate the iPad Pro or iPhone Pro on a tripod to capture spaces? [ A] Yeah, a fantastic question. We are evaluating right now. I think there...
WGAN-TV Live at 5: Schedule for October, November and December 2020 DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Text Reminder: Text Me 5 Minutes Before Air! WGAN-TV Live at 5: Schedule for October, November and December 2020 Hi All, WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EDT | GMT -5) October, November and December 2020 ✓ Wednesday, 21 October 2020 - How MSPs Can Make Money with AgentRelay as an Add On with AgentRelay Founder...
Matterport Blog: You Don’t Have to Wait for iPhone 12 to Capture in 3D. DanSmigrod 6 3 monthsMeshImages (1137): I see Matterport getting stuck in the middle. If I want superfast and very precise 3D meshing of small spaces and objects I will probably be using apps like polycam or canvas for iPad pro and soon for iPhone 12 pro. For large spaces I have to use the BLK360 anyway. And there is also And if I want to create professional 360 tours with endless design possibilities and hosting flexibility I will be using professional 360 photography setups...
10 Tips for How Matterport Service Providers can get off the Hamster Wheel DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Hi All, Are you so busy that your head is spinning? Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel and can not get everything done? Are you so busy that you are turning away business? (Many in the WGAN Community have told me that COVID-19 has dramatically increased their business.) 10 Tips for How Matterport Service Providers can get off the Hamster Wheel 1. Charge more (at least for new clients) 2. Double your income with 15...
Necessary? chamberlain 9 3 monthsVTLV (2326): I like to leave a couple surprises for bathroom reading later in the day. It's been a great replacement for Uncle John's. We Get Around - An Abundance of Positive Reading Material During Election Years. Route Your updates to a folder and study up when time allows instead of wasting time sifting...
MSP? Got a Sample Client Proposal for Matterport Tours that you can share? DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Hi All, A WGAN Member would like to see sample client proposals for Matterport tours. While we have an example in the WGAN Sample Forms Library, we could use some more. In exchange for your sample form, you get a free, all access pass to the WGAN Sample Forms Library. Please email your sample client proposal to:...
Matterport Space of a hotel: 1,000+ Scans of 100,000 SQ FT HarlanHambright 5 3 monthsExpertise (625): Very cool, Harlen. Two questions for you: 1- how many days and man hours would you estimate this took? 2- how did you get this job? Did you pitch them? Did they call you? Are you acquainted with mgmt? And a question for MSPs who have done these types of spaces: Is this something that you think owners/management are now ready to consider?
MSP? What would you differently if you were launching your MSP biz today? DanSmigrod 3 3 monthsron0987 (1676): After debating for several weeks I would have done like @3SixtyNow said, which is not believe the hype and gone with Iguide. I think that would have been over all better. I would have also jumped on with GeoCV when they started up as a secondary system.
Weekly Construction Documentation meets Matterport Video Chat on Steroids DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): AgentRelay Video Showcase | Video courtesy of AgentRelay Weekly Construction Documentation meets Matterport Video Chat on Steroids Hi All, If you are using Matterport for Weekly Construction Documentation, you might find integrating video chat on Steroids within the Matterport tour via AgentRelay super-helpful. I could imagine that adding AgentRelay features to a Matterport digital twin...
Tip of the Week: "Why you must focus on a niche market" DanSmigrod 11 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): How to Niche Down and CRUSH Your Competition (Entrepreneur and Business Advice) | Video courtesy of Pat Flynn YouTube Channel | 8 October 2020 Hi All, I found this video super-helpful. It may not be obvious, but it DOES apply to: 1. "photographer" 2. "real estate photographer" 3. "real estate photographers that offer 3D/360 photography" 4. "real estate photographers that...
Matterport Channel Partner: Will Matterport share revenue with me? lucadeal 9 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): @lucadeal Thanks for keeping us posted on what the minimum commitment is. Please give me a warming before you post so that I am sitting down and am not in the midst of eating or drinking ... Dan
Matterport proving to be a hard sell sandhun 8 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): @sandhun Is there an opportunity for you reach-out to Giraffe360 - not presently available in USA - to see if they have agents that want tours, BUT want a real estate photographer to shoot the tour? Your competitor might be a great referring agent to you! In the United States, I estimate that half of all real estate agents that want a 244/7 Open House Virtual Tour want a real estate photographer to shoot the tour. Would offering video chat...
Nice virtual platform for Scanning Exterior Locations with a Theta Z1? SpencerLasky 9 3 monthsHome3D (2690): Each MP model should launch to display in a 'lightbox' style overlay window, dimming the background tour. Near the upper right should appear an "X" to close the MP model back to the underlying 360° tour. Note: These have been designed principally for use on desktop and tablets used in Landscape mode. Some of them work on phones in portrait mode, but this use has not been tweaked fully.
Matterport Pros can save General Contractors Save Money Creating As-Builts DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): WGAN-TV How Matterport Service Providers can Make Money Scanning for As-Builts #1286-When Is An As-Built Needed? Matterport Pros can save General Contractors Save Money Creating As-Builts Hi All, As a Matterport Service Provider, it is super-easy for you to help general contractors create an "As-Built" from the Matterport MatterPak. It's likely that you can do a Matterport digital twin for far less money than it takes for...
AgentRelay Coupon Code / AgentRelay Promo Code DanSmigrod 3 3 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): @Integratedman What's been your experience so far with offering AgentRelay to your clients? Best,
Got clients that would like Video Chat on Steroids within Matterport Tours? DanSmigrod 4 4 monthsAgentRelay (43): Just a follow up on my post above, if any MSP wants to see AgentRelay in action or wishes to discuss how we can help grow their scans per client/make opening doors to new clients easier, please book in a Zoom call here: AgentRelay helps move Matterport from marketing to a day-to-day operational tool for managing initial agent-accompanied viewings, which should result in higher scanning...
WGAN-TV Live at 5: Asteroom Virtual Staging: a Deep-Dive Demo & Discussion DanSmigrod 6 4 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): 79-WGAN-TV Asteroom Virtual Staging with Asteroom Co-Founder and CEO @EricTsai Hi All, Above is the WGAN-TV Live at 5 show that aired 5 pm EDT today (Thursday, 1 October 2020): Asteroom Virtual Staging: a Deep-Dive Demo and Discussion To help you get started ... Two free offers for Asteroom 24/7 Open House Virtual Tours incentive taking Asteroom for a Spin: Offer 1 by Asteroom: 1st Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle is Free for WGAN Forum...
Interactive sales presentation for real estate showrooms Tosolini 7 4 monthsTosolini (3506): @dansmigrod @skeeter @harrycayman thanks!
Matterport Service Provider Remark Visions Featured on Boston TV Station DanSmigrod 1 4 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Grab to LinkedIn post Hi All, Boston-based @KoaWare sister company, Remark Visions, is featured in this WCVB-TV news report (starting at 2:56) on house hunting during the pandemic. Congrats Alex @KoaWare and his Remark Visions team! What are you doing to get your MSP biz covered by local TV news about how...
Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle: 1st Free for WGAN Standard & Premium Members DanSmigrod 5 4 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Hi All, The price of the Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle for WGAN Forum Members decreased to $50 from $60, effective today (Thursday, 24 September 2020, per @EricTsai Plus, as Eric writes (above), the Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle now also includes 2D Floor Plans. Free for WGAN Standard and Premium Members ✓ 1st Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle. Please use this WGAN Form. Private Message me for the password. Best, Dan P.S. For a WGAN...
Asteroom Analytics Page includes Top 10 Referring Sites & Most Popular 360s DanSmigrod 1 4 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): WGAN-TV Live at 5 Deep-Dive Demo of Asteroom Desktop Editor Features- #1544-Analytics [asteroom][/asteroom] Asteroom virtual tour created from this Matterport Digital Twin shot with a Matterport Pro1 3D Camera by We Get Around Atlanta. Images were lightly retouched by Asteroom (automatically...
Free Nadir Logo Patch to Replace Tripod View DanSmigrod 38 4 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Unfortunately, Matterport does not offer the opportunity to individually - or globally - add a nadir logo patch. These WGAN Members do enable global replacing of the nadir: ✓ Asteroom ✓ EyeSpy360 ✓ iGuide ✓ Metareal Stage ✓ Nodalview ✓ Panoskin ✓ ThreeSixty Tours Best, Dan Dan
9 Reasons to Join as a WGAN Standard Member (Succeed Faster) DanSmigrod 2 4 monthsDanSmigrod (24331): Hi All, Since my post (above), we also added to WGAN Standard and Premium Membership benefits: (I added these two to the above list.) 8. Free use of Asteroom Professional Subscription Plan 9. 1st Free! Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle Best, Dan