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Image missalignment artifact941

Dennis_N private msg quote post Address this user
Have you ever run into one of these issues before?
Seems like in one scan, the two ends of the 360photo don't align properly.
I'm not sure what caused this but I have to find out before I scan a whole house and hours afterwards (when I get the model processed) I see the problem and I have to re-scan a whole section just because of this.

It could be the cheap old tripod I used for my first test. I now ordered the one recommended by Matterport to see if it will fix all problems.

It is concerning though that I can't see the problem until I go back to wifi at my office and wait for hours every time. I wish there was a 360 panorama preview after each scan, to quickly check for problems like this.
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Is your camera level?
It may have moved like you said. Stand and watch it spin and see if you notice anything
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
How close were you to the item where there is an alignment issue. Like Jamie said it could be a level issue, maybe a wobble in the tripod, but most tripod issues will come up with an unstable error message on your Ipad. You will get this if your close to the wall, in a door way, it is approximately 18", as I was told by Matterport support. Some times I over scan on properties I cannot easily return to so I can turn off unused scans or scans that have this issue. It is easier to turn scan off then go back. But I will always keep it under the 100 scans to avoid additional cost.

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Dennis_N private msg quote post Address this user
@Jamie I'll have to wait for my new tripod to come on Wednesday before I test. No point to troubleshoot with the old one!
@ron0987 Yes I was getting unstable camera errors on almost every scan. I bet the tripod is at fault. Its not the right one for the camera anyway, it has a long tilt handle that shows up on the scans.
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Or the quick release bracket (if you have one)
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