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Usage of Matterport Stats935

immersiveprop private msg quote post Address this user
Does anyone have any stats on a listing that used the Matterport (number of days on market, etc...) vs a listing that is in the same neighborhood or similar comparable?

I want to use it to communicate with agents as a value add to their listing.
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RobV private msg quote post Address this user

Here is an article with a decent stat in it from Australia's main real estate platform.

We use it when talking to seems to help.

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DoyleRealtor private msg quote post Address this user
I had a great conversation about this idea with my friends at 10k research (the leading real estate/association data company in the US) The hypothesis is that homes with professional photography, virtual tours, digital showings etc. should have shorter days on market then homes with out. However in order to look at this objectively we'd need to have a large enough sample size, and a control group.

Some challenges would be;
-Determining which listings have real virtual tours vs. same photos set to music
-Determining which listings have digital showings, as some could be inputted using a or other shortened URL
-Need to look at an entire year compared to itself to eliminate market seasonality and year to year changes in the market.
-New construction, short sale, and foreclosures could skew data

Their program (infosparks) allows us to analyze many of these factors however currently there is no ability to only show stats from homes with a certain type of virtual tour. Within our MLS here in MN (Northstar MLS) I'm able to do a wildcard search in the "Virtual Tour" fields to find listings with Matterport, Toursler etc.

All of the indications are there that digital showings dramatically decrease the amount of time to sell a home, however no one has done an independent study yet.

My personal findings definitely prove this, but again it's too small of a sample size and there are too many other variables.
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DoyleRealtor private msg quote post Address this user
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