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Glenda private msg quote post Address this user
I disagree with a couple of your points ...

First, floor plans not only show the layout but, more importantly, the room dimensions. Unless the dimensions for each room are listed in the MLS, buyers have no way of knowing whether their massive dining room table or king-size bed will fit.

Second, providing agents with yet another way of achieving mediocrity (via Matterport-quality photos) doesn't do them any favors.
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DavidH private msg quote post Address this user

Almost every listing in our local MLS includes room dimensions already, at least here in St. Louis. I am offering room measurements as an added feature with the Matterport tours.

To your second point:

As an agent I still choose to use professional photography, even though I own a Matterport camera. That is because I see the benefit to it. I do not think that photos taken from the 3D Models will ever take business away from professional photography.

I am simply stating that Matterport photos are a step up from the iPhone pictures I see some agents still posting.


St. Louis 3D Tours
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DoyleRealtor private msg quote post Address this user
Anyone who is using Matterport 3D tour for their listing should also hire a professional photographer. (They should actually hire the professional photographer first)

Currently the images captured with Matterport camera just don't cut it
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Glenda private msg quote post Address this user
Most MLSs have the capability to store room dimensions but, in ours at least, it's not required. And even if the agents enter that information it's not syndicated to the sites where buyers are looking (zillow, trulia, etc.).

As for the iPhone photos, if agents are unwilling to spend money for decent photos, why would they spend money for a Matterport tour?
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UnrealerAleksi private msg quote post Address this user
We are doing Matterport, Photos, Video and Floorplan, and combining them all to our "Unrealer Showcase" player, which is a fully responsive & brandable visual content player that can be put on any page in any size. Our aim is to provide "The best possible visual real estate marketing experience in all digital channels"

It is clear that even with Matterport model, there is demand for professional photos and professional marketing video. By offering all of this with one visit, you can easily reach a much lower price point, compared to buying photos, matteport and video separately etc.

Also, with our player we can provide protection against brokers buying matterport themselves. They will not be able to deliver the whole package in one nice looking player.

We are starting discussions to licence our system to matterport service providers in the US. Our cloud based software allows easy upload&managing of all visual content for real estate marketing.

Please feel free to shoot questions! I'm also happy to give a demo via skype etc.

Example on our client's site:



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Tim private msg quote post Address this user
Doesn't seem to work on an iPhone 6 with ios8
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UnrealerAleksi private msg quote post Address this user

Good point. Our client has not yet attached a CSS-line that makes the iframe resize properly in mobile.

Here is the same player on another site, where the CSS line has been pasted.
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Tim private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah right, that's cool mate...good job
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DRKNorth private msg quote post Address this user
This is really cool. How is the floor plan generated and how much will this cost per property?

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UnrealerAleksi private msg quote post Address this user

Glad to hear that this seems interesting.

We use outside providers to draw the floorplans out of construction plans, hand-written drafts or matterport models. The price to us per floorplan varies by input and size, but in any case it is no more than about a hundred dollars per property. The accuracy of the plan is enough for all kind of marketing.

In our admin portal the user is easily able to upload floorplans (for multiple floors) and then tag photos to the right spots.

If you (or anyone else) is interested in using our software, please contact via private message. We are thinking about getting partners to collaborate with us software and maybe even concept-wise in US and in other countries.

We are getting very good traction in Finland now with interest from all major real estate brokerage players. We've also seen very strong demand for our solution in rental spaces segment.


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