Hello all Matterport 3rd Party Solutions Providers,

Today (31 October 2015), we launch the Matterport User Group Forum Promoted Posts to:

1. help reduce the number of comments to thread posts that are ads
2. enable you to have a way to promote your 3rd party solution to our Members (and non-Members that read the Forum)
3. help pay the costs of operating a free and public MUG Forum

The challenge is the balance between too much marketing to our audience by Forum members that offer (great) Matterport Third-Party Solutions that are helpful to our Members (and their Clients) and constant barrage of advertising.

For Members that are experiencing thread post bloat resulting from posts that are advertising for 3rd party solutions, this "toll-road - limited access highway" approach will help reduce:

1. the number of posts about 3rd party solutions
2. the frequency of posts about 3rd party solutions
3. the length of posts for 3rd party solutions

If you run a SurveyMonkey.com - or similar survey - within the Matterport User Group Forum, it must be a paid Promoted Post. Plus, you must disclose how the survey results will be used and if they will be available to Forum members.



P.S. Buy Promoted Posts here ...