Hi All,

Good news about the Matterport User Group Forum:

1. 660+ Members from 40+ countries
2. 90 new Members monthly
2. 55,000 page views monthly
3. 8,250+ thread posts among 870+ threads
4. Daily viewership typically has 3 times as many non-Members

When I started the Forum on 19 August 2014, my vision was – and is – creating a community of Matterport Members getting help - and helping others - with the Matterport platform.

That includes helping Forum Members – and Referral Network Members - increase revenue for their Matterport Service Provider business and from solutions that Members provide in service to other Members.

The challenge is the balance between too much marketing to our audience by Forum members that offer (great) Matterport Third-Party Solutions that are helpful to our Members (and their Clients).

Matterport User Group Forum Advertising Guidelines

To help keep that balance in check, if your provide a 3rd party solution, please be sensitive to:

1. the number of posts about your solution
2. the frequency of posts about your solution
3. the length of posts about your solution


1. create one thread about your solution
2. one obviously advertising comment posted for every 20 helpful posts such as tips, best practices, answering Member questions and critiquing Members 3D Showcase models.

Additional Advertising Opportunities include:

1. Banner Ad in the Matterport User Group Forum Monthly Newsletter
2. Banner Ad in the We Get Around Referral Network of Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographers and Real Estate Agents Monthly Newsletter
3. Bundling your solution with our Referral Network Membership Plans
4. Join the We Get Around Referral Network of Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographers and Real Estate Agents with the Premium Plan which we created for third-party solution providers
5. Sponsor our Workshops such as Boot Camp Basic Training and 3D and VR Scanning Masters Class
6. Write a guest We Get Around Blog post
7. Have me write a review of your solution | example
8. Have your Company Profiled in a We Get Around Blog post
9. Leverage We Get Around social media to help promote your solution
10. Provide me with free use of your service
11. Get listed in our Matterport 3rd Party Solutions Directory
12. Join a MUG Forum Promoted Post Plan and include "Promoted Post" so Members know that you are helping subsidize the free and public Forum while you are promoting your solution

Additional Guidance

Though I am still sensitive about the number, frequency and length of posts, I tend to accept your advertising plugs without buying a MUG Forum Promoted Posts Plan if you:

1. freely - and frequently – share your Matterport expertise in the Forum; including helping, critiquing and posting useful tips and best practices
2. if you are a We Get Around Referral Network Premium Plan Member (Join)

Your Thoughts

1. are you in agreement with my thinking above?
2. suggestions for MUG Forum Advertising Guidelines?
3. other ways to keep the number, frequency and length of obviously advertising posts in check?

Your Matterpeep,


31 October 2015