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Why was a new Floor Created??789

KenBanks private msg quote post Address this user
Ive had this problem before and I don't know how to fix it. After uploading a model, a new floor was automatically created. I attempted to go outside, which was only one step down to the patio. But in the final product, it made the patio a 4th floor?? Can anyone suggest anything?

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Rik private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Ken

Actually this is not bad. I have had many even worse cases. The only thing you can do about it is make a new upload for processing. Just change a little thing, move a window a bit a reprocess it. It might help. Maybe you have to do it more then once because you can get a showcase back with a nsituation you don't like. Keep persistent, I did sometime a reprocess 9 times to get it right. The floor assigning in capture doesn't help for this. This is only for your capturing convenience. Hope this help

Grtz Rik

I thought that MP solved this problem. Probably not.
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Daniel1977 private msg quote post Address this user
I only see 3 floors.
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KenBanks private msg quote post Address this user
@Daniel1977 There are only physically 3 floors in the house. However in the showcase model, over on the bottom right where you can select the floors, the software created 4 floors for some reason. Standing out on the patio is floor 1, then a step inside the basement is now listed as floor 2. That should all be Floor 1.

I had this issue once before but there was an obvious bad scan. I don't really notice anything strange in this model.
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