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Are you turning down Matterport projects over project fee?7236

Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Are you turning down Matterport projects because your potential client is low-balling you?

We Get Around NEVER turns down work. We always provide a quote and let the client be the one to turn us down.

For example, a potential client that called me - inbound lead - for a quote said we were too high. He tried to counter and I let him know that's what we charge and (attempted) to shift the conversation to why We Get Around. He ended the call. Ten minutes later, he called back and placed an order.

What do you do when a potential Client says you charge too much (and why)?


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hometakes private msg quote post Address this user
I ask them where or who it is that is cheaper and I will look to see if we can beat their price. How about this..... I am running a promo that if you spend $349 with us on a tour package (photos, videos, aerials, etc.) then we will give you a free Matterport tour with 90 days of free hosting (up to 4000 a.c.). So after 90 days our hosting renewal email goes out to the client and they tell us that they dont want to pay the $55 dollar hosting fee for 6 months. They said that they just didn't want to pay it even though they were aware of the offer as they thought that shouldn't be there. They told us that she knew of another company that was cheaper. LOLOLOLOL. How can you get cheaper than free? The client knew the terms!

Cheapness is just built in to 90% of agents. Most just dont want to pay. I just sent a 'Dear John' letter to a client this week.... Basically because the partners weren't on the same page when it came to 'who authorized' an additional $10 photo and one of them didnt want to pay for it. This has happened many times before, late to appointments etc. My advice to a client that wont listen to your terms: when its not worth the stress, do yourself the favor and relieve yourself of them......
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