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Is it possible to extract ALL of the images717

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Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to recover ALL of the images that make up the panospheres in the 3D showcase? For example, if I have a showcase that has 100 scan points and each scan point is comprised of 6 images, is it possible to extract all 600 images (as opposed to screen grabs provided in the workshop application)?

If this is not currently possible would this be something people would be interested in taking advantage of?

Thanks in advance,
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There is more like 18 photos per scan location, I do not know of any way at this point to extract the individual shots. Each time the camera stops it takes atleast three shots and off the top of my head I am not sure if it has 6 stops per scan or 8. I am not sure if there was interest in this this because you could not import them back in. What were thinking about on the reason you would want to, just wondering

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I just want to mitigate the risk, to me, if something should happen to the viability of Matterport as a company or their ability to host our models. Having the photos would at least give me a chance to reconstruct the photospheres if that need ever arose.
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I don't think you have to worry about the viability of Matterport. They're hiring like crazy, receiving tons of VC, and partnering with large firms across the world.

In the end of the world scenario, if they were to go bust, I'm more than willing to bet a 3rd party application would be released allowing existing models to be hosted.
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