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Matterport's long-term aspirations705

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It's good to know, specially for those looking to get into the service provider business.

Nasdaq.com interviewed Bill Brown (MP CEO)August 31st, 2015.

What are Matterport's long-term aspirations? Is the company thinking about going public?

Brown: We think we've got a huge opportunity. We split our business into professional 3D solutions and consumer 3D solutions. The consumer solutions are more [about] mobile capture for VR and AR.

The professional business, we think that is something that pretty quickly could be in the hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue. It will be a very profitable business. We think that could be the basis of a public company. Plus, we think there is this bigger opportunity in the consumer [space].

We think this is a standalone company in and of itself -- a very valuable and sizeable company. Probably the most likely course would be an IPO a few years down the road.

When will smartphones be ready to take advantage of your software?

Brown: Based on the things we're seeing, I think first half of next year you'll start to see the first devices. I think they'll be very good quality from a capture standpoint. I think from that point, over the next two years, you'll start to see adoption and a lot more penetration of these types of devices.

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Matterport's long term vision is very exciting, great article Carlos
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